New Age GM – Part 1

Written by: Paul Burke

The talking heads, “analyst”, local and the national media have begun their bombardment of lists of possible candidates for the vacant GM position. Instead of wasting your time with whom they may target, which is anyone’s guess, we will lay out what qualities the new age GM or front office should possess.

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A Day of Overwhelming Sadness – Eli Manning Benched.

Written by: Glenn Warciski

November 28, 2017 = June 16th, 1994.

Like Phil Simms’ unexpected unceremonious departure in 1994,  the Giants announced Eli Manning will no longer be their starting quarterback.  Yesterday, a teary eyed and shocked Manning could not believe the Giants had dumped him for Geno Smith. History repeats itself, so let us compare what happened to Simms and Manning.

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