Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Tampa Bay-Preview & Prediction

Bleeding Blue’s Justin Penik with today’s starting quarterback for the New York Football Giants

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Prophet had last week’s game called right almost to the exact score. I had predicted the Bills game to be in favor of the Bills 27-16. The actual score was 28-14. The Giants could not do what I said was one key to the game. They did not keep Allen in the pocket and he did run for a touchdown also. The Bills did not torch the defense like Dallas did. However they did not have to when they mounted 21 unanswered points by halftime after the Giants scored on the opening drive. That drive was all rushing and all Barkley. He had over 100 yards rushing in the game but it does not matter when the rest of the team is a mess. The Giants are 5-13 with Barkley. The Bills shortened the contest with the run game amounting to 151 yards and almost 33 minutes of time of possession. Over 9 minutes of that came in the 4th quarter where they salted the game away. Giant’s defense did give up a 51 pass play to Beasley in the second quarter on a scoring drive. They were not blameless in the loss. 

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Bills 28 NYG 14-Giants Stink Up MetLife Stadium

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Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

Home field advantage? The Giants do not have an advantage at home. After yet another ugly loss at home, losing to the Bills, the Giants stunk it up and, fall to 0-2 on the season. Over the last two plus seasons, the Giants have a record of 4-13 in the dull, drab, and gray confines located in northern New Jersey.

Speaking of stinking things up, in the offseason, prominent NBC football reporter Peter King characterized the Giants as “having a dark cloud” around them. The takeaway: whatever the Giants brass do to ameliorate their wretched mess, it does not seem to get better. In fact we asked King on Twitter about the Giants which we have coined a franchise in crisis.

Like last week, the Giants offense got off to a fast start. With 5 running plays, culminating with All-World Barkley’s 27 yard scamper, the Giants took a 7-0 lead. Then, the suspect Giants defense stopped the Bills on their first possession- a 3 and out. Subsequently, on the Giants next possession, Barkley gained 5 yards on first down. Then, inexplicably, Giants head coach Pat Shurmur removed him from the game. The Giants went three and out. We believe this was the turning point of the game. Because the Bills scored 21 unanswered points. What is going on with Shurmur? Why did Barkley leave the game?

The past 7 years we’ve heard about execution, play better as a team, practice better, I need to do a better job, tighten things up, execute our assignments…….on and on.  Here’s a novel approach, start playing better.  Own that you are not a good team.  Own that you lack talent and flawless execution isn’t going to help you in W column.  Eli is lead spokesperson (insert tweet)
Let us bash Eli more.  He’s 116-116 in regular season.  He’s a HOF candidate? No, he is not a HOF candidate.   We love Eli.  He brought us 2 Super Bowls, but please walk away in grace. Please, we want to remember you for the glory not the gory.
Saquon is on an island.  He was shipped out and isolated.  At one point in game he accounted for 55+ percentage of yards for Giants before Bills clamped down.  Their secondary was signed for Engram from sidelines all game and stacked box.  The safeties and CBs were communicated from Bills sideline on were Engram was positioned.  Great game planning by Bills as he was the only WR threat.  
Shout out to Tony as I thought it would be a toss up.  You nailed it.
We are sooooooo tired of losing.  Really tired of losing.  Please help us and Saquon from our island!

Prophet’s Pulpit-Bills vs NYG Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Giants looking for their first win of 2019

Dave Gettleman’s arrogance by ignoring to create a pass rush in the off season has bit the Giants in the butt! They could not get to Zak last week and he had a field day carving up a Giants defense that looks worse than last year! I’m talking about the defense that was without Snacks Harrison and Eli Apple. I don’t know how that is possible. The defense is very young. The DB’s are also young. First round pick Baker got burnt for a TD and Bethea looks like a slow 14 year veteran. He may have hit the wall and not being able to catch up. 

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Monday Morning Giants- Dallas 35 NYG 10

Super Barkley

Written by: Glenn Warciski and Paul Burke

Ugh! The more things change with the Giants team the more they remain the same. The arch rival Dallas Cowboys mauled the Giants 35-10. We are not counting the garbage touchdown scored by the Giants late in the game. Another Sunday and yet again another Giants loss. Chew on this Giants fans. 4 losses in a row dating back to last year. Going back to 2012, 47-67 overall record and 16-27 record in the NFC East. This is a franchise in crisis! To make matters worse, this 2019 Giants team, clearly overmatched, could not stay toe to toe with a much better Cowboys team. With so much optimism entering this season and a proclamation made by Giants GM Dave Gettleman, “Check the Resume” and “Trust Me”- blew up like an imprecation in his face. Albeit, we are not surprised, because if you read our prediction post; well, we think this is a 5 win team. We were surprised they played this poorly on offense and defense.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Cowboys Week 1 Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony "The Prophet" Yantosca

Prophet Bleeds Blue

This is the 5th year that I am embarking on previewing and predicting Giants games with “The Prophet’s Pulpit”. I want to thank Glenn at for giving me the opportunity. I have been a Giants’ fan since 1960 when I started watching them as a 7 year old. That was also the first year of the AFL. This is my 60th year of watching the NFL and I am grateful for that. I have witnessed “real” football and not the watered down product of today. I also do not want to see anyone get hurt. I have seen every Super Bowl and every big game like: The Immaculate Reception, the Ice Bowl, The Catch, The Fumble, The Tuck Rule, The Sea of Hands game, The Heidi Bowl, The Holy Roller, Miracle at the Meadowlands 1&2, The Fog Bowl, The Hail Mary, The Epic in Miami, (that was the best game ever until the Rams/Chiefs game this year), Music City Miracle, The Comeback, Ambush at Mile High, et. al. So I try to bring some history to this post. 

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Monday Morning Giants-(MMG) Giants and Pythagorean Theorem


Written by: Glenn Warciski

Last season, the Giants posted a dismal 5-11 record.  Although they won 5 games,  the Giants had a 4-8 record in one score games.  In other words, their overall outcome of total wins could have been better.  On the other hand,  we have pointed out here on the,  the Giants were able to make games closer by scoring points in garbage time.  And,  in four out of their 5 wins,  they defeated teams playing backup quarterback. (49ers, Bears, Bucs, and Redskins).  Perhaps, the Giants record could have been worse.  Furthermore, we have suggested Eli Manning is the main reason for the offensive struggles.  However, on the contrary,   Giants GM Dave Gettleman bristled at Eli Manning being the problem for the offensive woes, calling it a crock.  In turn, Gettleman blamed his defensive unit for being the culprit.  This message has been parroted by some of lemmings who cover the team.  Is this true?  Or is it propaganda spewed by Gettleman?  Is all the aforementioned reasoning anecdotal?  This got me thinking.  So what can we learn about 2018 Giants and this upcoming season? Continue reading

Monday Morning Giants-MMG- Daniel Jones Quandary.

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is all the rave.  Deservedly so with his impressive performances in his first two preseason games.  With Jones exceeding expectations thus far, albeit against back ups,  the Giants are in the midst of a quarterback quandary.  Couple Jones’ play with  recent comments made by Giants owner John Kevin Mara,  whether they like it or not,  Jones is making a push to be the starting quarterback. Continue reading

Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants Manifesto

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


Prophet with LT.

I thought  on 12/4/17, one of the greatest days in New York Football Giants History, the Giants’ road for the future would get better. That was the day that the Giants, after a decade of bad draft picks and personnel moves, finally fired Jerry “Reach” Reese. I could not have been more wrong.  I thought highly of Gettleman because he was with the Giants before, and would be able to turn things around.  It is my belief, he has turned out to be a disaster.  Now, I can see why he was thrown out of Carolina. He is very arrogant and pompous. He has made moves in his short tenure that rival the mistakes of Reese. I know that there is a lot of “coach speak” before the draft, but it seems like whatever Gettleman said, the opposite was true!

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