38 SPECIAL! NYG 38 TB 35


Written by:  Glenn Warciski

Two wins in a row!  The Giants  defeated the  turnover prone Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-35 in front of a jubilant home crowd.   In a game in which the Giants led the entire way,  it was their first home victory in this  2018 season. (1-4 at home & 2-3 on the road)   So  dejected Giants fans had something to cheer about with an exciting win.  And the last time the Giants won back to back games,  December 11th and 18th of 2016.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-Tampa Bay vs NYG Preview & Prediction


Written by:  Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca”

The Giants finally win a game vs a 49ers team that was decimated by injuries. Garoppolo, McKinnon, Tartt, Foster, Mostert, and Colbert were out. Goodwin and Ward left the game when they were injured. It was not easy but a lot of positive factors were responsible for the win. Eli was only sacked once. This was the big key to the game. The 49ers sacked Carr from the Raiders 8 times the previous week. Eli was also just hit 4 times. The 49ers just decided not to blitz and that was a mistake for them. The Giants had their starting field position at the 34 yard line. This was only the second game where they averaged over the 30 yard line. The Giants also scored all 27 points in the red zone.
The secret weapon was Jaron Brown, RG. He was a savior who came over from the Rams, who are used to winning. He replaces Omameh, who was horrible! This was a terrible addition by Gettleman. The one thing he does that Jerry wouldn’t is cut his mistakes. The Giants have an astounding $43M+ in dead money against the cap this year!

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Prophet’s Pulpit-49ers vs NYG Preview and Prediction


Written by:  Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

What a 180 degree turn the Giants season has been if you consider the optimism of training camp in July. The Giants had a new GM, after a decade of an inept one, and a new coach who took his team to the NFC Championship. How did the chance of a better team get dashed like a small boat in a tsunami?

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Redskins 20 Giants 6

Written by:  Alexander George & Glenn Warciski

Time to blow this thing up!

So many warts popped up.  All THREE major warts stood out.  Giants offensive line allowed  Eli Manning to be sacked SEVEN times.  The defense recorded ZERO sacks.  Embattled Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw TWO crucial interceptions.  What does this mean?   Giants need to overhaul both the offensive and defensive lines.  More importantly,  make a change at quarterback.   For the third consecutive week, the Giants offense led by Eli Manning cannot score points.  13 points vs the Eagles,  12 points vs the Falcons, and 6 points vs the Redskins.  Yes, we are omitting the meaningless touchdowns versus the Falcons and Redskins.  The point is the Giants cannot get out of their own way.  Another embarrassing effort at home against a weak opponent.  With this ugly loss, the Giants fall to 1-7 overall  and 0-3 in the NFC East.  In back to back seasons, the Giants are at a dismal 1-7 record.  Last time the Giants were this hapless:  The 1970s.  1973:  1-7-1 and 1974: 2-6.  The hyped up 2018 season is over.  Time to turn the page.  2019 cannot come soon enough.    Continue reading

Prophet’s Pulpit-Redskins vs Giants Preview & Prediction


Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Falcons game was the turning point game in the Giants season. It resulted in showing that the “Emperor has no clothes” (Shurmur) and started a fire sale. I have been watching the NFL since I was 7 years old, and I have never seen such bad coaching from a coach as I saw from Shurmer on Monday night. How can you go for 2 when you need 14 points????? His explanation is BS. He said he wants to be aggressive and had a good play. Even high school coaches know that if you EVEN were going for 2 you do it on the next touchdown so you can go ahead. However, with a 14 point deficit, there is no going for 2!

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Slipshod Shurmur

Written by: Glenn Warciski @nygunderground

Even with a new coaching staff,  inexplicably, the Giants struggle to score points.  For two and one-half years, the Giants are averaging 16 points per game.  ( This is our adjusted average.  We throw out the garbage touchdowns.)  To make matters worse, Shurmur continues to make bone-headed game management decisions.  We gave him a pass in the New Orleans game.  Giants had all three timeouts remaining in the first half, and he left them on the scoreboard.  What is important here, if he would have used his timeouts, the Giants would have had an opportunity, to get the ball and possibly score.  But now,  we are putting him on notice.

The Atlanta Falcons had the 29th ranked defense in the NFL.   So with the Giants facing a crappy defense, one would have thought the Giants would have been able to score points.  Not the case again.  In the above video,  the Giants trail 10-6 in the third quarter.  Instead of kicking a field goal to get within one point.  Shurmur goes for it on 4th down. Failed attempt.  Instead of designing a play to get the ball to Barkley or OBJ, the pass is thrown to some decrepit stone hands third string tight end.  What the heck is going on?  Shurmur’s Giants are 29th in the league in red zone touchdown percentage.   A putrid 43 percent conversion rate overall.  Against the Falcons, in five trips and two scores.

Here are the things most mentioned as components to being a successful red-zone team (in no particular order):

1. A mobile quarterback — The threat to also run the ball in for a score can break down a red-zone defense.
2. An athletic tight end — Teams need a player who can open up his alignment and take defenders away from the line of scrimmage to open up the running game.
3. A tall receiver — With size, there is always the threat of a fade route in the end zone.
4. A power back — Pushing the pile and moving the chains can keep defenses honest.

The Giants do not have a mobile quarterback. They have an athletic tight end but Engram was mysteriously not involved in the aforementioned play.  The Giants do not have a tall receiver but have athletic ones.  They have a power back but nobody can open a hole for him.  This supposed offensive genius cannot get this offense out of first gear.  They were able to move the ball against this 29th ranked defense but could not score touchdowns.

As for the two point conversion decision,  Shurmur did not consider his defense.  In the entire second half, the Falcons were able to move the football.  Falcons QB Matt Ryan completed 18 passes in a row.  Yes, 18 straight completions.  And you are going to tell me, the math tells you to go for two points down 20 to 12?   The traditional two point conversion chart tells you to kick the PAT in the Giants situation.    Now for a team who scoffed at analytics,  Pat is hiding behind them.  He claims the correct move was to go for two points.

From the article,  author Jacob Herlin: I’m here to tell you that going for two after the first touchdown was the correct choice, even though it didn’t work out. After the Saquon Barkley

 touchdown, the Giants needed three things to happen to win the game in regulation:

  1. another touchdown after this one.
  2. the Falcons not to score any points for the rest of the game.
  3. three points between the two extra point attempts they had left.

Problem with Shurmur and Herlin’s thought process,  the Giants defense stinks!  They do not have a pass rush.  And as I stated,  the Falcons were moving the ball efficiently in the second half.  So this reasoning is flawed.  The Giants scored another garbage touchdown to make the game close, but this is not the case.  Another ugly loss in front of the whole country.

Even in this interview with Francesa,  Shurmur is not taking responsibility.  He continues to blather on about execution.  This is New York not Cleveland.  Tell the fans you stink and the whole team stinks.  And 2018 is a year in which we will evaluate who we have and focus on  putting out a better product in 2019.

Finally, Shurmur is not a first year head coach.  This is his second and final stint as an NFL head coach.  The decisions he is making is unacceptable.  The fact the Giants cannot score points is unacceptable.  The losing is unacceptable.  Especially since, he was going to fix things.  Fix Eli and this nondescript dysfunctional offense.  He has nine games to make things right.  Let us hope the team plays hard and does not give up.  Because if the Giants finish poorly again, Patch Mara has to reconsider his choice as head coach.  Right now, Shurmur, in my opinion, does not have the chops to get the Giants on the winning track.


Giants 2018 Season Flames Out in Atlanta: Falcons 23 Giants 20?

Giants fall to 1 – 6 for 2nd Consecutive Year

Written by:  Alexander George

Despite Eli Manning throwing for nearly 400 yards and wide receivers Sterling Shepard (5 REC 167 yards, Long – 58 yards) Odell Beckham, Jr. (8 REC 143 yards, 1TD, Long – 51 yards) accumulating more than 140 yards each, the New York Giants lost to the Atlanta Falcons 23 – 20. The Falcons were able to create a few game changing plays that made the difference in their victory. Giants head coach Pat Shurmur also decided on a few risky play calls which cost Big Blue critical points down the stretch of the game and contributed to the loss. Continue reading

Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Atlanta Preview & Prediction


Written by:  Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants had some momentum coming out of the prior game vs. Carolina. They should have won the game against a team that looks to be playoff bound. They lost on the last play of the game by a miracle 63 yard field goal. So you would think that 4 days later as the home team on a short week that they would come out stronger. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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