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Lambasted in Lambeau-GB 38 NYG 13


The New York Football Giants let one slip away Sunday in their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. After dominating the first 27 minutes of play, the Giants held onto a precarious 6-0 lead. Then what could have been for the Giants turned into a nightmare. This playoff game was reminiscent of the 1989 Giants playoff against the Los Angeles Rams. On that afternoon 28 years ago, the Giants dominated the first half but found themselves down 7-6 at the half. In Sunday’s game, the Giants dominated those first 27 minutes in each category except the score. Two key dropped touchdown passes-one by OBJ and one by Sterling Shepard-cost the Giants touchdowns.

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Motown’s Musing-After Thoughts about the Giants

Written by: Motown Blue

The Giants defense terrorized Cousins and it showed as he appeared rattled. He was quick with his progressions and missed some open receivers. The game clinching pick by DRC he flinched when Kennard tried to grab him while blocked and then rushed his throw. I did notice that Skins had more success throwing when JJ was on the bench in 2nd half. He is officially a true lock down corner and he HAS to stay healthy for the D to remain dominant. He allows Spags to rummage through his tool box and get aggressive with blitz packages. Continue reading “Motown’s Musing-After Thoughts about the Giants”

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Good Times are here again, but it is up to Eli Manning.

Written by: Motown Blue

Many of us prior to the start of the season had more lofty expectations from the collective talent on the offensive side of the ball. The last 2 seasons Eli and the offense put up some decent to very good offensive numbers, including averaging in the mid to high 20s in points per game over the previous 2 seasons. This year is a woeful 19.4.

Every season there is turnover to the roster with some years being greater than others. The one constant has been the presence of Eli Manning. He is the engine that drives a significant part of the offense. We can discuss how Paul Perkins is utilized, formations, usage of certain packages of plays etc. but the one constant in every year since 2004 is Eli.

This season has not been one of his finest, yet it has not been one of his worst. As a matter of fact since 2007 it has been an average season for him statistically.

Average TD/INT ratio since 2007: 26.5/17.1

Average QB Rating since 2007: 86.02

Average Completion ratio since 2007: 60.93%

2016 TD/INT ratio: 26/16

2016 QB Rating: 86.2

2016 Completion ratio: 63%

We have seen how teams have utilized 2 high safeties to take away the deep ball and force the Giants to rely on short to intermediate. These numbers are pretty revealing as when he throws it over 21 yards he has amassed 13 of his 16 interceptions. But in addition to the coverage this can also be attributed to the shaky OL protection and poor decision making by Eli as a result.

The numbers that are most concerning are the number of interceptions he has thrown in the 4th quarter. He has thrown 9 of his 16 interceptions in the 4th quarter alone. That trend will not win many games in the playoffs.

Historically, December has been one of his worst months statistically. Since 2007 he has had a negative or even TD/INT ratio. In 6 of 10 seasons he has had a completion percentage below 60%. But a December stat that is eerily similar to 2 of the years they made into the playoffs is as follows:

2007 2011 2016

TD/INT ratio: 7/5 6/6 6/6

QB Rating: 71.2 76.5 76.1

Completion %: 50.6% 53.2% 62.7%

If the Giants are going anywhere in the playoffs it starts with the play of Eli. Many have specifically pointed out that they are not believers in the Giants specifically attributing this to their QB play. They are ignoring his career numbers. Let’s hope that we start seeing the January Eli of 2007 and 2011 season this coming Sunday.

Other note:

Pete in his recent post brought up a very good fact about the offense that you have to question. The Giants are using an offense that they are so good at stopping. Back in 2000 John Fox the DC and Sean Payton each week would meet over dinner. They would scout their opposing units and specifically address how they would game plan. We would love to see McAdoo and Spags do the same.

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It is the Defense, Stupid!

Written by: Peter Furman

The Giants are in the playoffs!

Last Thursday, the Giants lost to the Eagles. I want to elaborate more about the Giants defense.

It’s Spags again and this is why! We mentioned that the short passing game
has replaced a solid run game for the past few years. The fact is no less
game changing than the Tampa Two defense was for a few years and other schemes on
offense and defense which have changed the way the game is played. There are
few great coaches and fewer great coordinators who have the genius to change
the game, the way it is played and even fewer who can move up to head coach
and succeed .Spags was a bust his first try as a head coach but as a
defensive coordinator with the Giants twice he has demonstrated that he is
at worst a very good D.C.  and at best one of the greats.

It was apparent that the Giants went for defense in free agency and mostly
in the draft. Even the best coordinator must have the horses to dominate.
The Giants got Spags some horses and he did the rest. The Giants went from
one of the 4 worst defenses in the N.F,L. to a Super Bowl contender based
solely on their defense and how Spags adapted the Giants defense to negate,
eliminate the short passing game better than anyone else. The Giants have an
excellent D.L. We think that at least two on the Giant defense (Harrison and Hankins) should have
been named  Pro Bowl players.These guys shut
down the opponents run game while a better than expected
performance by the linebackers aided and abetted the effort and were an
important part of why the Giants shut down most everyone.

As we mentioned the 5-10 yard pass is used by every team to move the ball.
The running game throughout the league has devolved into a tool rarely used
these days. I submit that Stafford mentioned by some as an M.V.P, candidate
has made his name on the 5-10 yard pass. Detroit has No running game as seen
against the Giants. So Spags is the ONLY D.C. who has built a defense to
shut down the short pass as witnessed by the tackling stats of the defensive backs
which are immense. Spags uses his defensive backs as much as he used the D.L. to win the
Super Bowl as they pressure, play the short pass like a blanket which is why
the Giants are playoff bound.

Let us point out the teams that beat the Giants like the
Steelers, Skins, and Packers did it with the long ball, the way to beat the Giants if
you have a q.b. who can throw it accurately and wide receivers who can get
open and catch the rock. The Eagles, their D.C. Schwartz out Gianted the
Giants as the Eagles came out used a version of Spags defense against Blue
which resulted in two quick scores and won them the game.

We are surprised that few have figured out what Spags is doing which with
a bad running game, a bad passing game, deep coverage issues and whose
strength is the defense against the short pass and the run is why the Giants
are 10-5 along with the mediocrity of today’s N.F.L. By the way, the Giants
have been using the same offense they are so good at stopping yet few have
used a similar defense to neutralize teams.

Spags is the Giants game changer and we are playoff bound