Prophet’s Pulpit-Dolphins vs NYG Preview & Prediction

A Giant Implosion today?

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was another disgraceful game for the Giants who find new ways to throw games away. Along the pantheon of bad losses under the Gettleman/Shurmur administration, this has to be near the top. We know Shurmur is dead man walking but hopefully this put the last nail in the Gettleman coffin for this pompous, incompetent know it all. For a full analysis of Monday’s night game go back and look at my week 14 Prophet’s Point After. I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version here. 

The Giants build up a 14-point lead by the half 17-3. They took advantage of the Eagles weakness, their secondary. Eli was able to get 2 long touchdowns to Slater at the expense of overmatched cornerback Darby. In the first half, Wentz was terrible with only 97 passing yards and a lost fumble. The Eagles come out after half time as a new team. They dominated the time of possession 25:15 minutes to only 8:55 for the Giants in the second half and overtime. The Giants had 6 3 and outs in the second half!

The Eagles were mentally tough. They control their own destiny because if they win out, win the division. The Eagles were decimated by injuries in the game and still pulled out the victory! Jeffrey (now on IR), their only deep threat to stretch out the defense, went down early in the second quarter. Nelson Agholor was out this week. Pro Bowl left tackle, Lane Johnson went out at the 4-minute mark of the second quarter. In the 4thquarter Arcega-Whiteside went down and left the game. The Eagles had one wide receiver left, Greg Ward, 2 tight ends and the running backs. Boston Scott had the game of his life when he got a chance to play more because of the injuries.

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Prophet’s Point After-Shurmur’s Folly! Eagles 23 NYG 17 OT. Shurmur is Toast!

Pat “Choke” Shurmur. 7-22 record. Second worst in Giants history.

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was the tale of two halves for the New York Football Giants on Monday night football. It was the best of times in the first half and the worst of times in the second half. Once again in the second half and overtime, the Giants give away another game to the Eagles who were decimated by injury during the game. However, they had a mentally tough Super Bowl coach in Pederson who made the necessary adjustments at halftime. The Eagles were booed off the field at the end of the first half. They faced a must win game if they want to make the playoffs. All they have to do is win out versus an easy schedule where the 4 remaining teams were 13-39. It just shows that how mentally tough the Eagles were and how good they were making adjustments. To make it even more unbelievable, the conditions were terrible with a driving rain and wind gusts all night long. Some teams would have fired their head coach on the bus trip back home. However, who on the current staff is even worthy of being the interim coach??? It was just another example of how incompetent the current staff is. There is a total lack of leadership and football intelligence to throw away a game away that the probability of winning had to be over 80% given the conditions and Eagle injuries.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Eagles Preview & Prediction- Eli Returns

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Dust off the 1969 song from the Three Dog Night, Eli’s Coming. Yes, Eli Manning is back. After just starting the first two games of the season with two losses, it was time to give “Danny Dimes”, a chance. Eli makes his 233rd start. He is 116 and 116 for wins and losses. He just needs just 8 yards to pass Big Ben for 7th in all-time passing yards. Eli has been an Iron Man, never missing a game for injury. There was the McAdoo debacle for sitting him a game. Roethlisberger has missed many more games than Eli.

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Prophet’s Point After- GB 31 NYG 13

Gettleman”s Plan? A lot of empty seats.

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

What we saw in week 13 from the Giants was just more of the same that we have seen all year. The Giants have lost their 8th game in a row. Just as I said in my Pulpit piece from this week, the Packers after getting toasted by 29 points the week before were going to have a big game vs the Giants “get well” defense. I said Davante Adams was going to have 100 yards and at least 1 touchdown. He had only 64 yards but he had 2 touchdowns. Lazard had over 100 yards receiving and it only took him 3 plays to achieve it. The Packers were so efficient in scoring that the Giants had more time of possession than the Packers, 31:17 vs 28:43. The Giants who lead the league in giving up big pass plays continued the trend in this game. There was a 43-yard pass to Lazard in first quarter followed by a 37-yard touchdown to Lazard. Adams had a 25-yard pass and Lazard had a 23-yard catch in the third quarter. On 4 pass plays they got 40% of their total yards, 128 of 322. Last week Trubisky picked on Ballentine making him look like Dan Marino in the process. This week he left the game early with ba concussion. So, the Packers found this week’s patsy in Grant Haley. 

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Eight is Enough? Packers 31 NYG 13 Monday Morning Giants

Written by: Glenn Warciski

EIGHT consecutive losses. FOUR consecutive losses at home. The hapless New York Football Giants continue to lose football games. In front of a sparse crowd at a frigid and snowy MetLife Stadium, the Giants lost to the Packers 31-13. With the loss to the Packers, the Giants fall to 2-10; they are the second worst team in the NFL. The worst team? The 1-11 Cincinnati Bengals.

Meanwhile, rebuild while winning? I think not bombastic General Manager Dave “Check the Resume” Gettleman. Losing has become the norm for the Giants. It has gotten so bleak, I do not foresee this team winning another game this year. A loss next week to the Eagles would make NINE in a row. When they do lose, this will tie a franchise mark shared by the 1976 and 2003 teams.

This epidemic of losing will engender changes in 2020.

  1. A home crowd devoid of Giants fans in December. This is a tell tale or measuring stick for the Maras.
  2. The aforementioned losing streaks in 1976 and 2003. As a result of deplorable football, changes were made. Bill Arnsparger was replaced by John McVay. And Tom Coughlin took over for Jim Fassel.

As John Mara begins to dissect his team, nothing has improved. Offensive line, the quarterback, running back, the entire defense, and the kicker. The only bright spot has been the punting of Riley Dixon. This is a call back to the 1970s when punter Dave Jennings was the best player on the team.

In addition to nothing has improved, collateral damage has surfaced. This is due to the frustration with avalanche of losses. Veteran defensive back Janoris Jenkins is fed up with the losing.

This is the start of the dissension. As more losses pile up, more players will get frustrated. Then, they will not listen to their coaches. The only cure for the frustration is winning football games. Will Shurmur be able to win another game this year? We shall see. According to Peter King as of last week’s FMIA column: Pat Shurmur, N.Y. Giants. He probably returns, but John Mara’s angry at the development of his team, and New York has lost seven in a row. Merits watching.

As a blogger, I have seen enough. It is time to make changes.

Note: Tony will provide a recap tomorrow. His Point After.

Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Packers Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I knew the Giants would be bad this year but in my wildest dreams I didn’t think they were going to this bad. Vegas has them at 6 wins and I said in my Preseason Manifesto that at worst they were a 5-win team and at best a 7-win team. Gettleman, Shurmur, Shula, and Bettcher have managed 2 wins with prospects for only 3 wins based on the current evidence. Even if they get 4 wins it is 12-36 for the past 3 years for one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Let’s look at the Chicago/Detroit game on Thanksgiving. With 24 hours’ notice David Blough as a third string quarterback was called to start vs the Bears 5th ranked defense. The Giants the week before struggled to score points vs this same defense. Daniel Jones who already has started has started 9 games only completed 22 of 36 passes for only 150 yards for a pathetic 4.2 YPA (yards per attempt)! Jones also had his 10th fumble (0 interceptions this game). Blough in his first NFL start ever threw for 280 on 38 attempts with 22 completed passes. He had 2 touchdowns and had 1 interception which came at the end of the game as a desperation heave with 29 seconds left. His YPA was a very strong 7.4. The only possible explanation is that Shurmur, who is purported to be a quarterback guru, did not have a game plan to handle the Chicago defense. The Lions had schemes to give Blough time to throw knowing that he had never started a game before. John Mara who has always been too patient in letting people go but may have choice after this year’s debacle!

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Prophet’s Point After-Bears 19 NYG 14

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

After yesterday’s brutal loss, I may ask Glenn to change the title from the Point After to What is the point?

The Giants lost to a team in the Chicago Bears that tried to give the Giants the game multiple times. However, the Giants were not able to capitalize on their opportunities which has been the-theme all year. I said in my Pulpit piece this week that the Giants have to do a few things to win. They had to establish the running game so it would open up big plays later in the day. The Giants did run for 109 yards but Barkley was basically taken out of the game by the Bears defense. He only ran for 59 yards on 17 carries. The other yards came from Jones with 27 yards on busted plays and a reverse for Sheppard that went for 22 yards. I also said that they have to get off to a fast start. The Giants have only scored 27 points in the first quarter in 11 games! They have been outscored in the first quarter 81 to 27. The Bears also have only given up 18 points in the first quarter all year. They had 0 points in the first quarter. Jones only threw for 150 yards and had 4.2 YPA which is horrible. He did have the 2 TD’s.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Bears Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Before I preview this week’s game, let’s take a look at the Giants season so far after coming off the bye week. In my Preseason Manifesto that I finished in mid-August, I said the Giants would win 5-7 games. As it stands now, the Giants will win at most 4. The two teams they beat have a combined record of 4-16. The Giants are on a 6-game losing streak that will be 7 this week.

The Giants have allowed 289 points second only to Miami at 305. Miami has done better since week 5. They gave up 163 points in their first 4 games! The Bettcher defense has been a joke. Seven of the eleven Giants’ 2019 draft picks have been on defense and they have had very little impact. Dexter Lawrence has been good not great with 2.5 sacks. Connelly at inside linebacker was looking very good but he got injured at the beginning of the season. Deandre Baker, GM Gettleman moved back into the first round to get, has been a bust so far. I would have taken any one of these offensive linemen; Taylor, Little or Ford, who were all on the board at the 30th pick. This team desperately needs offensive line depth. Ballentine who was a 6th round pick has been okay. Bethea and Jenkins are getting beat deep. After a good 14-year career, Bethea is done. This team gives up way too many 30- and 40-yard plays. Julian Love was drafted in the 4th round as a nickel corner has only had 3 defensive snaps. They use him on special teams. He must really suck in practice if they won’t even give him a chance in an already beleaguered secondary.

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Prophet’s Point After-NYJ 34 NYG 27

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Jets was called the Snoopy Bowl, the Landfill Bowl, but for the Giants it was the Toilet Bowl. Like in the Vikings, Patriots, Cardinals and Lions games, the Giants got down big. It was 14 -0 Jets at the 1:35 mark in the first period. The stats against the Giants in the first quarter were staggering! Yards; Jets 121 to Giants 2 (Rush 5, Pass-3), Time of Possession, Jets 11:44, Giants 3:16, Plays Jets 22, Giants 6, and first downs, Jets 9, Giants 1. How do you come out flat week after week especially in your own building, even though you were the visitor?

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Monday Morning Giants-A New Low! Giants Lose to Jets in Landfill Bowl.

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

New York Giants since 2012.

Dear John:

As of 2012, there has always been an allegory of where Giant fans are becoming.  Enough losing! Yesterday’s game against the lowly Jets is a watershed moment in Giants lore. It can be characterized as dreadful loss to a team which scored a record low 96 points coming into this game. With such impotent offensive firepower, the Jets had a 1-7 record entering what we called the Landfill Bowl. Ahem, it was the Jets and not the Giants who prevailed 34-27. These two teams who occupy the same building, now both share a common thread. Losing. Takeaway 1968, the Jets have been synonymous with losing. Sure, they have had winning seasons over the years, but only one championship. Conversely, the Giants were an iconic franchise accumulating FOUR Super Bowl Championships and FOUR NFL Titles. Since 2012, the Giants have played 123 games which includes the one playoff game- a loss versus the Green Bay Packers. They have amassed a wretched 49-74 record.  Progress? The last 42 games a 10-32 record. Worst record in the league over this span. What does this mean, John? The putrid Jets and pitiful Cleveland Browns have posted better records than your Giants. Where are we headed? Another SIX game losing streak. Your team is now 2-8. And since 2012, a six game losing streak to begin the 2013 season. A SEVEN game losing streak in 2014. After allowing the Jaguars to make an improbable comeback, you thought about blowing things up. But you did not. In 2017, the Giants had FIVE straight losses to start the season and another 5 consecutive losses toward the end of the season. Culminating with an abysmal 3-13 record and the dismissal of the head coach and general manager. You made changes but half measures. You did coin it as wholesale changes. Despite some gussy upped changes, (the Shurmur and Gettleman hires), unfortunately, the Giants have a dismal 7-19 record. The common denominator in this mess is you.

John, do you remember when your Dad fretted about those dark years in the late 70s when it peaked with a plane flying over Giants Stadium, “15 years of lousy football- We have had enough.”  We are at that point Johnny boy.  We are at that point when you storm off from a simple question from a reporter.

Face the music, John. We want you to own it.  Your team blows.  You need an intervention.  You have no clue how to run it.  You possess an endowment bias the size of Mars.  Your culture is outdated.  Besides the seismic shift to analytics in the league, you keep going back to the old well of who you know.  Why is your brother still in the front office?   Who is going to challenge him in your stodgy culture?  Who are we kidding?  What current successful money making organization runs this way?

The old tired mantra of the Giants organization is patient and methodical in decision-making is frankly bullshit.  What process are you following?  What proof  do we have about your management process is logical?  Your Dad was bailed out by Rozelle in hiring George Young.  Accorsi was a disciple of Young and even worked with him in Baltimore.  Reese failed yet you go back to the well with “Trust me” Gettleman.  Again, your Endowment Bias is glaring.

Sincerely from all Giants fans, who really enjoy winning and competitive football: Please consult with someone who knows what the fuck they are doing, and you have to get the fuck out of the way.

This is an intervention.  It has gotten to this point.


The NYGunderground