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NYG 12, KC 9 – Giants Squeak Past Chiefs in OT

Written by: Paul Burke

The Giants had many off-the-field and in-house therapy sessions this past week. The team meetings of “brutal honesty” and defensive-unit players only were the centerpieces.

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Prophet’s Pulpit – KC vs. NYG Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants have suffered worst losses than the one at the hands of the 49ers last Sunday. The 44-3 loss to the 49ers in 1993 in the divisional playoffs and the 34-7 loss to the Ravens in Super Bowl 35 are just two examples. There are certainly many more that can be mentioned, but I have never seen a game in my over 50 years of watching the Giants (I started at age seven) that there was less effort put forth.

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A Day of Despair – Giants Sink to a New Low – Winless SF defeats Giants 31-21

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Incompetent Giants head coach Ben McAdoo will be dismissed from his role as head coach of the New York Football Giants. McAdoo’s record as an offensive coordinator is 12-20 and 12-14 as head coach, which includes the playoff loss to the Packers.  This last loss is the flash point. Giants owner John Mara has to stop the hemorrhaging. His team did not show any effort and passion against the then-worst team in the NFL: the San Francisco 49ers. This once-promising season has turned into a badly acted situational comedy. With a 31-21 unacceptable loss to the 49ers, the Giants are in the same classification as the Cleveland Browns: a futile organization.

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Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. 49ers Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

What a complete beating the Giants suffered at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. The wheels have come off, and the fruits of bad labors of the GM, Jerry “Reach,” manifested themselves in the disgrace that we viewed in the last game. The defense that was the strong point of this team was torched for 51 points and 476 yards. It was the most points that they have given up at home since 1964! They had just two QB hurries all day as Goff sat there baking a cake and throwing for four TDs.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Rams preview & Prediction. 

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca 

The Giants could not parlay their 1st victory vs the Broncos into future success. Now it is looking with the Broncos current play that their first win may be downgraded over time. The Giants kept the Seattle game close at the half but got dominated in the 2nd half. With only Engram playing from the season starting 4 pass receivers, Eli could not pass against the Legion of Boom. He threw for only 134 yards. Eli is only 186 yards from throwing for 50,000 in his career. This is a great accomplishment but Eli’s greatest accomplishment is his durability. He has started in 208 consecutive games! However, if you divide it out it is only 239 yards/game passing in the passing era. This is an essay for another day to see how he stacks up against other greats. He is very good but not great.

The Giants could not run the ball either against the Seahawks. They managed only 46 yards. Once again in my major premise over the past few years is that the offensive line has no depth. Every year the Giants lose at least 3 starting linemen for at least a month. What a surprise! Pugh is out this week and Richburg is out again! The Giants are 3 for 9 on 3rd and 1’s, 0-1 for 4th and 1. The 3rd down conversion was 16% vs 46% for the Seahawks. The Giants are 27th on offense. They are at 33% on 3rd down conversion this year. The Gmen were at 38% 3rd down conversion last year. I get the injuries this year. But this is a trend that McAcan’t can’t correct.

The Giants were missing DRC who was suspended for this game. They gave up 334 yards to Wilson and 3 TD’s. The defense was gassed being on the field for over 35 minutes. The Giants could not generate a consistent pass rush against a slippery Wilson who has the ability to get away. They really miss Vernon who is always hurt. We found out after last year ended that he played with a hurt hand all last year and he has missed as many games as he’s played this year. That’s not what we are paying him $84 million dollars for. 

Looking at this week’s game, you have the surprising 1st place Rams who are an offensive force led by Goff, the highly maligned QB who based on last year was being called an all-time bust. With McVay, Gurley like Goff is reborn. He is a legitimate threat. Snacks Harrison will have to handle him. If he can, then Goff has options. With braindead Jenkins getting suspended, Watkins can come back from the dead in this game. The Rams have passing options this year. They can go to Woods and the rookie Kupp, who is vs Cockrell in the slot. He can beat him. Then like all teams tight ends, Everett and Higbee can exploit the open Giants middle of the field. I believe the Giants have given up a TD to a tight end for 8 consecutive games!

When the Giants have the ball, thankfully Sheppard will be back this week. They will have to use him Engram. Together they are the only experienced weapons. The key to the game is if the Giants can establish the run game. The Rams are 26th against the run giving up 126 yards/game. So If Darkwa and Gallman can get 100+ yards rushing and get the time of possession back to 30 minutes plus they have a chance. Perkins is back but so what. What they really have to worry about is Aaron Donald. Ansah in the Lions game went through the OL like a knife through butter.

When you look at the history of this matchup the Giants enjoy the recent success being 7-0 vs the Rams the past 15 years. Eli is 5-0 lifetime vs the Rams. However with free agency these stats lose their meaning over time as there is just too much turnover on these teams. Oddly enough the Giants are the only team not to allow points on the first offensive possession of the opposing team this season. When you look at the Rams they are the healthier team that has a top offense and a very good defense. That spells trouble for a Giants team looking to find its way after a bye where in recent history the Giants have lost more than they have won off the bye. It won’t matter; the Giants find themselves on the short end again and lose to the Rams 27-17.

Next week’s game with the 49ers will be the most important game of the year. The Giants with a loss could cement the #2 draft spot assuming that the Browns lock up #1. That means they would have a shot at 1 of the two premier QB’s in the draft. They could lock up Eli’s replacement for a decade.

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Move the Chains? Unloading High-Priced Free Agents

Written by: Paul Burke

In the last post, I mentioned a third-down percentage of 16%, another statistic that Reese and company have their heads in the sand about. They were fifth from last in third-down percentage with 36% last year. Their TOP was fourth worst at 28 minutes per game.
It’s not much different this year with a third-down percentage of 33% to date and TOP of 27:30.

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