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Betting on Reese-Giants sign Brandon Marshall

The Giants and GM Jerry Reese took the first step toward improving an inept and nondescript offense. Newly signed WR Brandon Marshall is a playmaker the Giants desperately needed. Marshall inked a two-year deal reportedly worth $12 million dollars.   Despite being 33, he is a talented guy who can make plays. As of now, Eli Manning has two playmaking wide receivers. This is so important because the Giants struggled to score points in 2016, averaging only 16 points per game. The situation got worse in their last six games when the average dropped to 13 points per contest.

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Redskins Sabotage?

Written by: Peter Furman

Are the Redskins sabotaging their general manager, Scot McCloughan?

The fact is, McCloughan did have a serious drinking problem. He is the son of an outstanding defensive back for the Raiders and was a scout for the Al Davis boys for years. He was and is acknowledged as a top football mind but was out of the game until the then-hapless Redskins called. I have not heard these rumors or seen them anywhere before this as the Redskins have drafted and played significantly better with him as GM.

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Super Bowl Thoughts

Written by: Peter Furman

Here we are just a few days before the Super Bowl after an NFL season we otherwise could easily forget. Yes, It’s the Falcons vs the Patriots. After all the smoke cleared, this is the best the NFL could provide. This game is interesting as the Falcons were the surprise team of the year. I live in Atlanta and watched this team evolve from a defenseless team, which either won on offense or not at all. The interesting part of the process is to observe which team(s) are “peaking” at the right time and how they got there after the season’s end.

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Lambasted in Lambeau-GB 38 NYG 13


The New York Football Giants let one slip away Sunday in their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. After dominating the first 27 minutes of play, the Giants held onto a precarious 6-0 lead. Then what could have been for the Giants turned into a nightmare. This playoff game was reminiscent of the 1989 Giants playoff against the Los Angeles Rams. On that afternoon 28 years ago, the Giants dominated the first half but found themselves down 7-6 at the half. In Sunday’s game, the Giants dominated those first 27 minutes in each category except the score. Two key dropped touchdown passes-one by OBJ and one by Sterling Shepard-cost the Giants touchdowns.

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Motown’s Musing-After Thoughts about the Giants

Written by: Motown Blue

The Giants defense terrorized Cousins and it showed as he appeared rattled. He was quick with his progressions and missed some open receivers. The game clinching pick by DRC he flinched when Kennard tried to grab him while blocked and then rushed his throw. I did notice that Skins had more success throwing when JJ was on the bench in 2nd half. He is officially a true lock down corner and he HAS to stay healthy for the D to remain dominant. He allows Spags to rummage through his tool box and get aggressive with blitz packages. Continue reading “Motown’s Musing-After Thoughts about the Giants”