Studs, Duds, and Buds

by Andy Furman

I hung up my blogging cleats in December 2018 after a 12 year run because of many factors. I love the Giants. But after warning of so many problems in the franchise for so many years (along with friend and previous blogger cohort Glenn Warciski), it just became too much of a ball and chain. It was bad enough watching games which were pure torture, but then regurgitating the misery in a recap too?! Enough was enough.

So you would be fair to ask, what am I doing blogging again? Well, call this a strobe light flashing. I love the draft. Hope springs eternal. Watching the draft with verified insight is much better than stumbling around making wild guesses about the future success of so many prospects. My analyst (Wonder) has been proven to be better than the GMs, so I like to get his views. Sharing them is not lot like recounting yet another loss to the Eagles. There is hope we can draft good players. Last year, as an example, Wonder eyed Will Hernandez well before the Draft, and specifically said this was one time the Giants masses would be correct to want this guy (at 2.34). When the pick came in and the Giants took this guy, it was Christmas in April. It is great to have that kind of clarity.

Wonder is also wrong. He missed on Flowers and Mahomes. But anyone who is any good will tell you they are not perfect. He loved a Strong Safety who no one heard of named Kam Chancellor, ranking him 55th overall when he was taken 133rd by Seattle. 5th round! Think about that when we talk about value. THE DRAFT IS ALL ABOUT VALUE. Anyone can select a good player in Round 1. It’s about getting more than 2 starters per year out of your draft. This year, with multiple Round 1 picks and 12 total selections coming, Gettleman needs hopefully 4 if not more to hit. We’ve got some guys here that provide an answer…. Continue reading


First Look At Giants First Round.

Written by: Glenn Warciski

The Giants have the 6th and 17th picks in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. What do they plan on doing? Will it be grabbing two guys to bolster the maligned defense? Will they obtain Hog Mollies to bolster the offensive line?

I asked MMQB’s Breer the following question:

From Glenn Warciski (@NYGunderground): A lot of talk about @giants going defense with one or both of their first round picks. What about offensive line? Do you know who they like? Need another tackle. Continue reading

Giants Spin!

Written by: Glenn Warciski

During the owners meeting last week, Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch elaborated on the teams decision making. Furthermore, embattled GM Dave Gettleman came out of the woodwork with an appearance on GMF on NFL Network. And even superstar RB Saquon Barkley chimed in about the firestorm of criticism the team has received from media, bloggers, and fans. Without question, the Giants are doing their best to control the narrative.

But is it working?

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What is Gettleman doing?

Written by: Glenn Warciski

We started off the week with a shocking OBJ trade. After this blockbuster trade was announced, the NYGunderground thought this was the beginning of a total rebuild. Meaning the Giants were going to purge the entire roster. Unfortunately, much to our chagrin, this has not been the case. On Thursday, the Giants inexplicably overpaid for a wide receiver? Haven’t these knuckleheads learned. Why did Dave Gettlemole (his new moniker here on the NYGunderground: he is a coward who avoids conflict. Burrows himself in the basement of 1925 Giants Drive). sign WR Golden Tate? Tate, an aging journeyman who will be 31 years old, will receive 23 million dollars guaranteed. What a joke. No it is not funny. Again, Gettlemole did not make himself available to answer this question and other troubling developments. Continue reading

OBJ Trade: Did the Giants Get Fleeced?

Written by: Paul Burke

After our post this morning more news, whispers around the league and reports have slowly emerged as it relates to the trade of OBJ.  We like to be fair and objective in giving their executives the benefit of the doubt when reviewing the information we receive.  I would like to retract some of the praise I wrote in the post from this morning based on some information that has been reported.

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Good Riddance Vernon; Our take on Collins

Written by:  Glenn Warciski,  Andy Furman, Paul Burke

Wag the Dog!   After the Giants allowed former safety Landon Collins to become an unrestricted free agent,  Giants GM Dave Gettleman was facing a firestorm of criticism.  Outcry from many fans,  How can you let go of your best defensive player?  What is wrong with Gettleman?   Well, ahead of the new league year which begins on March 13, the Giants leaked the trade of  embattled defensive end Olivier Vernon to the Browns in exchange for guard Kevin Zeitler.   For now,  the Collins story has shifted to good news about getting rid of Vernon.  In addition,  in this trade the Giants and Browns swapped draft picks.  The Giants will send a fourth-round pick (No. 132) in exchange for a fifth-round pick (No. 155) from the Browns to complete the deal.

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Giants Still A Mess!



Written by: Glenn Warciski

New York Football Giants management continues to behave badly. It is March 1, 2019. Incredulously, we still do not know who will be under center when the new season begins in September. This is a slap in Eli Manning’s face. Mara, Tisch, Gettleman et al. What are you thinking? As I wrote in January, it is about money. Will Eli Manning be willing to take a pay cut to stay on?  This is the delay.  It is time to declare whether Eli will be the starting quarterback.  Stop dawdling already!  The Giants have to do the following:

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