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Sidelines Ep. 15 Glenn Warciski Returns by The Sidelines Podcast on #SoundCloud

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Why Matt Patricia Chose Detroit over NYG


Many of you who visit our site know we do not sugar coat our opinions or perspectives  as it relates to the Giants. We do not wear rose-colored glasses and put positive spin on any decision or current state of the team.

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Why We Believe Matt Patricia is the Perfect Candidate to Become Giants Head Coach

So much for the no thanks we wrote about the other week regarding Gettleman. We move on and hope for the promise that Gettleman will learn from his past mistakes and experiences to move this organization back to relevance. It is a major positive to see Hart jettisoned as well as Marc Ross. We have our concerns about his insistence on running the draft room solo, which traces back to the sentiments of our December 13th post. Many of the same scouting faces and organizational structure remain. There is one prospect that will counterbalance and provide a fresh new approach to what we consider an old-school front office.

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Gettleman Effect – NYG 18, Washington 10

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Credit Gettleman. The Giants defeated the Redskins 18-10 because they have a new sheriff in town. Last Thursday, in order to quell the discord surrounding the Giants-Eli Apple gotta-take-a-shit fiasco, and the Landon Collins cancer comment when referring to Eli Apple, the Giants announced they had hired their man. What Mara did was copying something Don Draper would do. Draper, a fictional advertising executive on the television show Mad Men, had the philosophy that if you do not like what is being said, change the conversation. Indeed, Mara did this, and the focus shifted from a dysfunctional team to a new day in Giants’ history.

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Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Redskins Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It’s official! The 2017 New York Football Giants are the worst team in Giants’ history, going back to 1925. They have lost 13 games – the most in their history – and hopefully, 14, so they lock in the #2 pick in the 2018 draft.

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The Epitome of Lazy Journalism

There are many local and national so-called journalists that spew out fluff pieces on the teams they get access to. Most of the articles and reports we read are just, in essence, team marketing feeds. Go to any coach press conference, GM press conference and the majority of all player interviews, and they are 99% of the time filled with clichés and meaningless information. Sometimes, you feel for these beat reporters as they never get a meaningful answer to their questions and even if they ask a meaningful question, it never will be answered in an honest way. Answers are always shaped with clichés, which means the organization controls the information and media content.

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Written by: Glenn Warciski

On Christmas Eve, the New York Giants did show up to play the Arizona Cardinals; however, they showed no signs of life. A listless 23-0 loss to a mediocre Cardinals team plunged the Giants into further chaos. With this latest loss, the Giants overall record stands at 2-13 ( 13 losses a franchise record), 0-11 in the NFC Conference and with the spirit of zeroes, the Giants are 0-5 in the NFC East. But, it gets worse. Throwing in this scoreless effort by the Giants, going back to 2012, the Giants have been shut out FIVE times. This is the fifth time they have been shut out in the last six years. Another ignominious statistic in the team’s 93-year storied history.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-Christmas Edition-NYG vs ARZ Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all the Giants fans everywhere and my followers. Christmas came early to all Gmen fans when Ben & Jerry were let go. Now after the initial euphoria the most important decisions have to be made. They have to hire the right GM who will hire a good coach. Both will have to turn around the Giants after their worst season in their 93 year history.

The Giants came back from the dead last week, and played well vs the Eagles. They scored the most points they scored all year, 29. In week 3 at Philadelphia the Gmen also played well. They lost 27 to 24 in a competitive game. Eli always plays well vs the Eagles. Eli’s only 2 300 yards games have come vs the Eagles. It was the first start for Foles since Wentz went down. He started off slowly but had 4 TD’s vs a depleted Giants secondary. Sheppard shined with 11 catches for 139 yards and a TD. Engram had 8 catches for 87 yards. The only weakness of the Eagles is their secondary. Now that Wentz is gone with that secondary, the Prophet predicts that the Eagles will not win the Super Bowl. They will be formidable next year with a healthy Wentz and a fortified secondary. Eli was able to throw for 434 yards 3 TD’s and of course the obligatory interception. The Giants only had 75 yards rushing vs the tough Eagles front seven. Foles started off slowly but once he brushed off the rust by the second half he was cooking and threw for 4 TD’s and pulled the game out for the Eagles. That is OK. We want the Giants to continue to lose to get a franchise QB for the future. We just need a little more cooperation from the Browns and Colts to win. The 49ers are helping us by going on a win streak.

Looking to this week’s game, the Gmen return to the site of Super Bowl 42. A glorious day as the Giants beat the undefeated 18-0 Patriots as a 12 point underdog. It was “the Tyree Helmet Catch”, Spags “NASCAR package” pass rush up the A gap (the main way to beat both Brady and Peyton Manning), the Strahan speech with 2 minutes remaining, and the final catch to win 17-14 by Plaxico Burress.

The deciding factor in this week’s game is the fact that the Giants are 32nd in defense and the Cardinals are 7th. They are 6th vs the run and 14th vs the pass. So the Giants are going to pass like last week. The only problem is that the Cardinals have one of the best cover corners in Patrick Peterson. He usually doesn’t cover the slot, but I think he will this week vs Sheppard. Then they can put Mathieu vs Engram. They have to put their best 2 player’s vs the best 2 Giant receivers. That would put King, who may not play, and Lewis in play.

The Cardinals have their own problems. They are replacing Gabbert this week with Stanton. Their run game is decimated. AP has been out. Williams is hurting and may not play. That would leave a time share between Penny and Foster. Of course their best weapon is the ageless wonder, Fitzgerald. He should draw DRC but would normally be covered by Jenkins who is on IR. So he will be their main weapon. We all know the Giants are always vulnerable vs the TE. So expect Ricky Seals-Jones to be in play and also a TD threat.

The game flow for this game suggests that it will be an ugly lower scoring game. The Cardinals defense should keep the Giants in check. The Giants will have to throw and be leery of turnovers. But in the end the Gmen travelling across country keep their losing streak intact and the Cardinals win 23 to 17 out in the desert.

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Eagles 34, NYG 29 – Tom Quinn’s Folly

Written by: Glenn Warciski and Paul Burke

Another Sunday and another miserable Giants loss!  Eagles 34, lowly Giants 29! Due to the Giants ineptitude on special teams (extra point, field goal and punt blocked), the Giants overall record fell to 2-12, 0-10 in the NFC Conference and 0-5 in the NFC East. On top of this disgusting season, what is even more insulting is the Eagles’ fans took over MetLife Stadium. Based on reporting from the New York Daily News, there were more Eagles fans in attendance than Giants fans. The storyline in this contest is meager special teams coordinator Tom Quinn.

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