Prophet’s Point After-Bears 17 Giants 13

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The real Giants team never got off the bus in the week 2 matchup vs the Bears. I’m sure it took an expletive deleted Joe Judge halftime speech to shake this team out of their coma and start to play in the second half. 

The first quarter was abysmal for the Giants. To start the game, the Bears score on a 13 play seven-and-a-half-minute drive. When the Giants get the ball. On third down and 6 from their own 25, Jones get hit by Robert Quinn, and Jones fumbles the ball recovered by Khalil Mack on the Giants 20. Luckily for the Giants, Bears WR Anthony Miller dropped a 3rd and 6 pass and the Bears settled for a 34-yard field goal. 

I was never a Daniel Jones fan! He is and has been a turnover machine. In 15 games (3 wins, 12 losses) he has fumbled the ball 19 times and lost 12 and has thrown 15 interceptions. This is a total of 27 turnovers in 15 games. You cannot win games like this. This is not what you get when you make a 6th pick overall. Yes, he is still young and the team has not been great but it is no excuse for such bad ball security. He cannot feel the pressure. For example, he got sacked in week 17 by the Eagles at the end of the game to cement the loss when they were driving. He never saw Quinn coming until it was too late. Joe Judge and the coaches have not coached the turnovers out of him in the off-season. If I was Dave Gettleman, I would consider drafting Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or Tray Lance. They are going to be at the top of the draft again. There are not that many teams looking for quarterbacks now. The Jaguars may keep Gardner Minshew. Gettleman will never do it and admit his mistake. The jury is still out and the final answer will come by the end of 2021. We shall see. The results are not good so far. I know Giants Nation still thinks he is next Dan Marino, so I am going against the grain here!

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Bears 17 NYG 13

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

Another Sunday. Another Giant loss. Under GM Dave Gettleman’s watch, the Giants have a dreadful record of 12-38. Rather than ascending on the right track, the Giants are on the road to perdition. Although we foresee 2020 becoming a complete unraveling for our beloved Giants, this is our major takeaway.

A major positive from the first two games is a character stamp. This is head coach Joe Judge’s mark on his team.  In both contests, the Giants did not give up or mail it in. Over the last three seasons, a majority of these players have been mired in a losing culture.  Judge’s intentions is to get them to commit to his way of doing things. A buy in. In his introduction press conference, Judge shared this: What I’m about is an old school physical mentality. We’re going to put a product on the field that the people of this city and region are going to be proud of because this team will represent this area. We will play fast, we will play downhill, we will play aggressive. We will punch you in the nose for 60 minutes, we will play every play like it has a history and a life of its own, with a relentless, competitive attitude. We will play fundamentally sound, we will not beat ourselves. That is our mission right here. I’m about caring for the players in the locker room. Let’s not forget there’s a human element to this game. Let’s not think that in professional sports that paying a pay check to somebody makes it absent of empathy. We need to make sure that we take care of the players in our locker room, that we treat them the right way, that we teach them the correct techniques, and that we put them in the right situations to be successful. We’re going to ask these men to come in and give everything they have every day. We’re going to demand it, and we appreciate everything they give us. It’s our responsibility to take care of them on a daily basis and make sure that when they are done with our game, they are better furthered for the rest of their career as a father, a husband, and a professional in whatever avenue they take.  Additionally, the devastation of losing your best player running back Saquon Barkley is enough to severely dent a team’s confidence. Couple this with the Bears complete dominance in the 1st half, things were very bleak for the Giants. To the Giants and Judge’s credit, they battled back and almost won this game. Even though, it is very early on- 2 games into this season, it is too early to jump to conclusions about how long a character stamp on a team will last. Every coach has a shelf life. If a coach does not accumulate wins, and the avalanche of losses pile up, this character stamp will evaporate very quickly.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Bears: Preview and Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Prophet gave you one of his “Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks” last week predicting that the Giants would lose by more than 6 at home to the Steelers. The Giants were coming off a preseason with no OTA’s or preseason games with a totally new coaching staff. They had to play one of the top 3 defenses in the league (the most sacks in 2019) with a newly revamped offensive line that only spelled trouble with a capital T. 

However, there were some bright spots for the Giants:

  • The team looked crisper with Joe Judge as the coach and there was good effort even though they lost. 
  • You could tell immediately that the special teams looked much better than under the McAdoo and Shurmur administrations. It makes sense as Judge was a previous special teams coach. Peppers had 3 punt returns for 39 yards with a long return of 20 yards. I can’t remember the last time this happened. 
  • I am not a Gettleman fan, but his pick of Darius Slayton in the 5th round last year was brilliant! Since week 5 of last year, he has the most touchdowns receiving at 10. He added 2 against a tough Steeler defense. Since the start of last year, Slayton has three games of 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns. The only other player to achieve that is Chris Godwin of the Buccaneers. Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins have not achieved this. 
  • Daniel Jones has thrown at least 1 touchdown pass in 13 straight games. That is the 4th longest streak ever. The leader is Kurt Warner at 23, Baker Mayfield at 17 and Brad Johnson at 15. However, Jones had 2 more interceptions. Jones has had 25 turnovers in his first 13 games! If you are only -2 in turnover ratio, you only have a 20% chance to win. 
  • Blake Martinez continues to do what he has done at the Packers at that is be a tackling machine. He had 12 tackles with 8 solo tackles vs the Steelers. Since 2017 he leads the NFL in tackles with 453. 
  • Stop the presses, Leonard Williams got a sack matching his total from last year!!! He had 5 tackles (4 solo), 2 tackles for loss and 2 quarterback hits. I think all the negative press and pressure from Giants Nation is finally making him perform.
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Prophet’s Point After-Steelers 26 Giants 16

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I told you in the Prophet’s Pulpit the Giants had 2 chances to win vs the Steelers, slim and none. I said I was betting on the latter. Slim took the bus out of New York headed to Chicago at 3:25 of the third quarter when Danny Dimes threw his second pick. It was a horrible throw just as he was getting hit that should have never been made or he should have threw it out of bounds. It was second and 3 yards to go from the Steelers 4-yard line. He had another down to get a touchdown! Jones had an Eli moment!

Let’s recap what else the Prophet said about the game in my Pulpit post:

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Steelers 26 Giants 16

Written by: Glenn Warciski

In a surreal and empty MetLife Stadium-(Covid America), the Giants, under new head coach Joe Judge, could not get a win. The losing, unfortunately, has become a Giant Pandemic. Since 2017, the Giants have a 12-37 record. Go back to 2013, the Giants have a record of 42-70. Since Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was unceremoniously fired, the Giants have become a huge dumpster fire. Unquestionably, the worst team in the NFL. The shit show continues.

What continues is the lack of execution. Needless to say, they had chances to win this game. Early in the first quarter, the Giants recovered a fumble on the Pittsburgh 3 yard line, but could not take advantage of Pittsburgh’s miscue. Instead of scoring a touchdown, the Giants settled for a measly field goal. Keep in mind, this team built by Dave Gettleman is designed to run the ball. It is unacceptable, especially with Saquon Barkley as your franchise running back, not to get a touchdown in this spot. One run by Barkley and two incomplete passes. Extremely disappointing.

Then later in the 3rd quarter, trailing 16-10, the Giants offense put together an impressive 19 play 87 yard drive which culminated, unfortunately, with a Daniel Jones blunder. Inexplicably, Jones threw up a duck which was intercepted in the end zone. This was the turning point of the game. After this deflating interception, the Steelers scored two more times to put the game away.

Other Observations:

Giants WR Darius Slayton is an emerging star. As pointed out in my prediction post, he is the real deal. Slayton finished the evening with 6 catches for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Hog Mollies? This Giants offensive line sucks. Pittsburgh’s defensive front dominated the line of scrimmage. With all the hoopla about this new improved line and Gettleman is a good drafter, well, the Giants rushed for an anemic 29 yards. In addition to the piss poor run blocking, the pass blocking was crappy too. The Steelers sacked Jones THREE times.

Barkley had 15 rushing attempts for SIX yards. This is embarrassing. His average per attempt is 0.4 yards per rush. Giants are not going to win many games if the line cannot open up holes for Barkley.

Daniel Jones did not fumble! This is an uptick. But the interception bugaboo continues to be problematic. Jones threw two picks. This Giants team does not have enough talent to win many games. They cannot lose the turnover battle (Minus 1 in turnover differential) and expect to win.

Over his three years as GM, Gettleman has collected run stuffing defensive lineman. With all these big bodies along the defensive line, the Giants allowed the Steelers to rush for 141 yards. Unbelievable! Gettleman’s mantra of running the football and stopping the run? The Giants were awful.

Leonard Williams- He had a good game and was “buzzing” around Big Ben. 5 tackles, 2 tackles for a loss, 2 quarterback hits, and one sack. The sack was on Big Ben. He held onto the ball too long. And Williams took advantage of Ben’s mistake.

The Joe Judge era begins with a loss. Can he get his team to execute better next week?

Tony will have a more comprehensive review in his Prophet’s Point After.

Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Steelers Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

This is my 6th year of writing my Prophet’s Pulpit on the NYGunderground. Takeaway, the 2016 season, the Giants have had too many lean years. But the “Decade of Malaise” for the Giants which I coined in my 2020 Preseason Manifesto is over. The Giants have hit bottom and they are on the way up! They have had the worst record over the last 3 years, it is putrid 12-36. They may have to wait one more year as the schedule is brutal and the team still has holes. I predicted in my manifesto that they would win 6 games. There were no OTA’s or preseason games. You have a completely new coaching staff that communicated only through Zoom for months. They are at a major disadvantage vs teams that have coaching and veteran continuity, 

Here are the major factors for 2020 for the Giants as we enter this unique season:

The Giants have a new coach, Joe Judge. I like the coach. He brings “The Patriot’s Way”. That is everyone is accountable, no days off, create competition and “Do Your Job!” He had no names on the uniforms in camp. He had players and coaches doing laps for mistakes and mental errors in camp. Just this past Thursday he restarted practice after 30 minutes because he was not happy with the effort of the team. The last coaches like this Parcells and Coughlin. We all know what the results were with these two coaches. 

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Giants 2020 Predictions.

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Will the 2020 Giants take one step forward or two steps back? With the NFL season underway, the Giants open their 2020 campaign on Monday Night Football hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nevertheless, the Giants have disciplinarian head coach Joe Judge at the helm along with some new faces, and at this moment, there is optimism around this new and improved Giants team. Although GM Dave Gettleman made changes to the roster, will the new players plus a new coaching staff bring more wins?



  hours  minutes  seconds


Gettlewatch: Black Monday

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Cruel Blue Summer

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Waricski

Covid-19, civil unrest, and hurricanes have made the summer of 2020 a disconsolate chapter in American history. Meanwhile, with all the upheaval, professional football is still operational. Although limited in scope due to Covid-19 restrictions, the NFL plans to play a complete season in 2020. As of the writing of this post, fans will not be able to attend games. For the countless fans around the country, this upcoming season will provide a respite from the current dour situation. Let us take a moment to delve into the truncated offseason preparation.

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Prophet’s 2020 Giants Manifesto- Part Two

Written by:  Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

So now we have to look at the draft. This is the first year in probably the last 12 years that I was not driven mental by the Giants picks. I don’t know how the Giants paid managers and scouts thousands of dollars to make some abysmal picks over the years. I have documented these picks immediately on the draft night on Twitter. You can go back and see my Tweets. They are posted for history and all to see. How is that I can see the obvious at 50,000 feet while the Giants brass with all their field data, scouting reports, analytical data, and film study cannot see the forest because of the trees! I can write a Whitepaper on blown draft picks but here are some of the highlights.   Continue reading

Prophet’s Giants 2020 Manifesto- Part One

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

This is part one of a two-part comprehensive review on the state of the New York Football Giants.

This is my annual preseason look into the 2020 Giants. After the decade long malaise since Super Bowl 46, finally, it looks like there is hope and the team is finally coming together. This is not your pom-pom waving review. However, it is a fair and the non-sugar-coated truth of what has transpired to this point and how this year looks.