Giants Summer Roundup

Written by: Glenn Warciski


So far all quiet on the Giants front……. a few items to catch up on.  First, Ben Speaks.

Yes.  Former disgraced Giants head coach Ben McAdoo or McAclueless as I referred to him on the; threw some verbal grenades.    Continue reading


United We Stand? & Eli Fifth Tier?

Written by: Glenn Warciski


Danger-prone NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cannot get out of his own way.  In his latest and most outrageous decree, Goodgrief announced, “We want people to be respectful of the national anthem,” commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We want people to stand — that’s all personnel — and make sure they treat this moment in a respectful fashion. That’s something we think we owe. [But] we were also very sensitive to give players choices.”  Bullshit!

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Giants Free Agency Assessment

Written by: Paul Burke

Offense :

Nate Solder – LT (Patriots ) 4 yrs $62M

They soooo over paid for Solder but their hand was forced.

Patrick Omameh – G (Jags) 3 yrs  $15M

Reasonable contract.  He will likely start but certainly adds depth to a paper thin unit for waaaaay too long.  Fills a hole but they still must draft draft draft early and often over next few years.

Jonathan Stewart – RB (Panthers) 2 yrs $6.9M

Not a fan of this contract.  It’s a little heavy for a 30+ back with a lot of mileage on his treads.  This is the endowment bias of Gettleman as he knows Stewart well and very likely overvalues him.  A lot of RBs in draft there will be some decent ones in the middle rounds.

Cody Latimer – WR (Broncos) 1 yr  $2.5M

Got him on the cheap.  His production was minimal for Donkeys.  He has injury issues that weren’t glaring just nagging.  Also, you need to take into account who was the QB when he was healthy.  Low risk possible high reward.

Defense :

Michael Thomas – S : (Dolphins) 2 yrs $4M

Teddy Williams – CB (Panthers) 1yr $880k

Curtis Riley- DB/CB (Titans) 1yr $630k

B.W. Webb – DB (Saints) 1 yr $815k.

Thomas, Riley, Webb, and Williams are all depth signings that are filling the holes of Reese’s pathetic drafting.  They are more for shoring up ST but will be depth in nickel packages etc.  Thomas will compete for starter role as he is captain material.

Kareem Martin – LB/DE (Cards) 3yrs  $15M

Josh Mauro – DE (Cardinals) 1yr $880k

Martin and Mauro:  Bettcher written all over it.  He wants guys who know his system and fills the needs they lack on their roster.  Obviously Martin will have more snaps and Mauro is a back up/role player.

Alec Ogletree- LB (Rams) : Trade – NYG give up 4th and 6th picks in 2018; get 7th pick in 2019 draft. (4yrs,  $42M Rams contract. In 2nd year of Contract)

Ogletree:  Is a little steep but again fills a need that Reese avoided every year in his tenure.  We wonder if Reese just hates LBs.  He will be the center of the D based on Bettcher philosophy.  He will be a great mentor for Goodson.

Traded JPP to BUCS for 3rd Round pick (69th Overall) and swaped 4th Round picks with Bucs.

JPP trade:  Giant fans should be sending thank you notes for taking that contract off their books.  JPP did, and will, not live up to that contract based on production.  He plays great vs. lesser competition and is a ghost vs better competition.  This really opens up salary cap for Collins extension.  I am not going to touch OBJ extension as we have no idea where this is headed.  Any of the talking heads out there about trades etc, are all click and bait BS.  No one knows where this is headed.

The two biggest needs headed into the

draft based on the weakest units are obviously OL and LBs.  The LBs are critical for Bettcher’s system.  Expect them to draft one in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Giants Trade for Alec Ogletree

Written by: Glenn Warciski

The New York Football Giants made their first move of the 2018 season. GM Dave Gettleman, pulled the trigger on a trade, acquiring linebacker Alec Ogletree, a seventh round pick in exchange for the Giants 4th and 6th round draft selections this year.

Ogletree, a former 1st round pick of the Rams in 2013, will add a dimension the Giants have not had at the linebacker position in a long time. He can tackle well, blitz, and cover.

Indeed, this is exciting news.

About the upcoming draft, the Giants have 6 draft picks. What do they do?

I believe the Giants will draft a QB with their 1st round selection or trade down. The latter seems more conceivable. By trading down, this is a prudent way of collecting more picks. This is if you believe the Giants are telling you the truth about Eli Manning having “more” years left. In addition, the Giants heir apparent at quarterback is Davis Webb.

Nonetheless, the Giants do not need to draft a quarterback because they have their guy on the roster.

I had the pleasure to discuss Ogletree and the Giants on the Sidelines podcast. Please listen and enjoy.

Gettleman, Rev up your engine!

dave g.

The NFL offseason is here.   The 2018 NFL season does not officially begin until March 14th.  In the meantime, let us pick up where we left off.

As many of you who read our blog,  we were pining for Matt Patricia to get the New York Football Giants head coaching job.  Although we were not too thrilled about the Pat Shurmur hire and the way the Vikings non-existent offense played vs the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, in order to be fair,  I want to inform you of my thoughts about Patricia.  Let me tell you, after watching Super Bowl 52,  I came away unimpressed with the play of his defense.  His defense gave up 41 points and 538 total yards.  The pathetic play of his defense casts a dark shadow over him as he begins his job as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

Let us dig into the Giants.  First as I mentioned the new league year begins March 14th.  And on this date the Giants are expected to retain the services of their beloved quarterback Eli Manning.  Manning, who turned 37 years old in January, will be entering his 15th year in the NFL.  It is my belief, Manning will be brought back for several reasons.

Reason 1:  Mara is still spooked from the botched benching fall out.  Eli is revered as the best Giants quarterback in their storied history and the fans including myself were angered by the execution.

Reason 2: Eli sells tickets.   Number 10 is a fan favorite (who is scheduled to make 10.5 million dollar base salary, 5 million dollar roster bonus, and 500,000 dollar work out bonus), and the NFL is a business.  So this symbiotic relationship works well as both parties will get paid.

Reason 3: The quarterback the Giants will select with their first round pick is not NFL ready.  In addition,  with an offensive line still in tatters, there is no need to expose the new franchise quarterback an unwarranted injury.

Meanwhile, former moron of Giants player personnel Marc Ross shared this about Eli Manning: “He’s a two-time Super Bowl MVP, his pictures are all throughout the building, everybody loves the guy. We saw what happened last year when it didn’t go his way,” Ross said via the New York Daily News. “And it’s gonna at some point have to happen again. Now how will it be handled the next time? But he can’t play forever. So we’ll see what happens next time.”

Even though Ross is a schmuck,  he affirms our belief Manning is on his last leg.  Once Gettlelman bolsters the offensive line and the receivers improve on their pass catching skills,  it will be obvious for the obtuse Giants fans.  2018 will be Eli Manning’s last season as a Giant.

There is no secret Giants GM Dave “Kick Ass” Gettleman will use free agency to improve a sub standard offensive line.  Before free agency begins on March 14th, Gettleman will be making decisions on the fate of current Giants players.  Here is my wish list of players I DO NOT want on the Giants 2018 roster:

  1.  JPP
  2. Olivier Vernon
  3. DRC
  4. John Jerry
  5. Brad Wing
  6. Aldrick Rosas
  7. Janoris Jenkins
  8. Brandon Marshall
  9. Dwayne Harris

The toughest one on this list to move is JPP.  According to Spotrac,  the out of JPP’s nightmare contract is 2020 in which the salary cap hit would be 5 million dollars.  After watching the 2018 tape of JPP,  I am sure Gettleman will cajole Mara to eat a huge part of his contract and ship him off somewhere to get a draft pick in return.  This would be the smart move.  But the contract may be impossible for the Giants to swallow.  JPP has almost 23 million dollars of dead money for 2018 season.  The likelihood of him moving on is remote.

As for Olivier Vernon, as reported by Sports Illustrated in 2016, his mega deal is a two year deal.  In all, the Giants’ final offer is a $20 million signing bonus, a guaranteed salary of $1.75 million in 2016, and a $7 million roster bonus effective March 13 (this Sunday), along with a guaranteed salary of $11.25 million in 2017, with workout bonuses of $250,000 each year, which Vernon plans to earn. His $12 million salary in 2018 is injury-guaranteed. Early in the league year of 2018, it will be fully guaranteed unless the Giants choose to cut Vernon. Effectively, this is a two-year, $41 million deal, with the Giants able to keep or cut Vernon in each of the last three years.

Bye Vernon.

DRC:  Recall, the Giants were attempting to move him two years ago.  Giants’ brass was upset with him taking himself out of games.  When the Giants cut him, they will save 6.5 million dollars.

John Jerry:  He is a turd that does not flush.  After Gettleman plunges the toilet, the Giants will save 2.5 million dollars in cap space.

Brad Wing:  Two shit kicks which cost NYG games.  (Eagles and Tampa Bay).  Cap savings 1 million dollars.

Aldrick Rosas:  Bottom half of the NFL in FG accuracy.  Gettleman kicks his ass and saves 555,000 dollars.

Janoris Jenkins:  After watching the San Francisco game, Gettleman grabbed a barf bag.  Jenkins disgraced the uniform by giving up.  Gettleman takes the correct angle and shoves a football up his ass.   Giants save 6 million dollars.

Brandon Marshall:  This invisible player dropped a key pass in the second game of the season versus Detroit.  This is unacceptable.  Gettleman sends him packing and saves 5.2 million dollars.

Dwayne Harris:  Had one good year with the Giants.  That was in 2015.  This is 2018.  Gettleman pushes him out-of-the-way.  The Giants save 2.4 million dollars.