Prophet’s Point After-NYJ 34 NYG 27

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Jets was called the Snoopy Bowl, the Landfill Bowl, but for the Giants it was the Toilet Bowl. Like in the Vikings, Patriots, Cardinals and Lions games, the Giants got down big. It was 14 -0 Jets at the 1:35 mark in the first period. The stats against the Giants in the first quarter were staggering! Yards; Jets 121 to Giants 2 (Rush 5, Pass-3), Time of Possession, Jets 11:44, Giants 3:16, Plays Jets 22, Giants 6, and first downs, Jets 9, Giants 1. How do you come out flat week after week especially in your own building, even though you were the visitor?

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Monday Morning Giants-A New Low! Giants Lose to Jets in Landfill Bowl.

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

New York Giants since 2012.

Dear John:

As of 2012, there has always been an allegory of where Giant fans are becoming.  Enough losing! Yesterday’s game against the lowly Jets is a watershed moment in Giants lore. It can be characterized as dreadful loss to a team which scored a record low 96 points coming into this game. With such impotent offensive firepower, the Jets had a 1-7 record entering what we called the Landfill Bowl. Ahem, it was the Jets and not the Giants who prevailed 34-27. These two teams who occupy the same building, now both share a common thread. Losing. Takeaway 1968, the Jets have been synonymous with losing. Sure, they have had winning seasons over the years, but only one championship. Conversely, the Giants were an iconic franchise accumulating FOUR Super Bowl Championships and FOUR NFL Titles. Since 2012, the Giants have played 123 games which includes the one playoff game- a loss versus the Green Bay Packers. They have amassed a wretched 49-74 record.  Progress? The last 42 games a 10-32 record. Worst record in the league over this span. What does this mean, John? The putrid Jets and pitiful Cleveland Browns have posted better records than your Giants. Where are we headed? Another SIX game losing streak. Your team is now 2-8. And since 2012, a six game losing streak to begin the 2013 season. A SEVEN game losing streak in 2014. After allowing the Jaguars to make an improbable comeback, you thought about blowing things up. But you did not. In 2017, the Giants had FIVE straight losses to start the season and another 5 consecutive losses toward the end of the season. Culminating with an abysmal 3-13 record and the dismissal of the head coach and general manager. You made changes but half measures. You did coin it as wholesale changes. Despite some gussy upped changes, (the Shurmur and Gettleman hires), unfortunately, the Giants have a dismal 7-19 record. The common denominator in this mess is you.

John, do you remember when your Dad fretted about those dark years in the late 70s when it peaked with a plane flying over Giants Stadium, “15 years of lousy football- We have had enough.”  We are at that point Johnny boy.  We are at that point when you storm off from a simple question from a reporter.

Face the music, John. We want you to own it.  Your team blows.  You need an intervention.  You have no clue how to run it.  You possess an endowment bias the size of Mars.  Your culture is outdated.  Besides the seismic shift to analytics in the league, you keep going back to the old well of who you know.  Why is your brother still in the front office?   Who is going to challenge him in your stodgy culture?  Who are we kidding?  What current successful money making organization runs this way?

The old tired mantra of the Giants organization is patient and methodical in decision-making is frankly bullshit.  What process are you following?  What proof  do we have about your management process is logical?  Your Dad was bailed out by Rozelle in hiring George Young.  Accorsi was a disciple of Young and even worked with him in Baltimore.  Reese failed yet you go back to the well with “Trust me” Gettleman.  Again, your Endowment Bias is glaring.

Sincerely from all Giants fans, who really enjoy winning and competitive football: Please consult with someone who knows what the fuck they are doing, and you have to get the fuck out of the way.

This is an intervention.  It has gotten to this point.


The NYGunderground

Prophet’s Pulpit-NYJ vs NYG Preview & Prediction (Landfill Bowl)

Landfill Bowl

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Week 10 brings the Landfill Bowl for New York with the matchup of the Jets vs. the Giants. Here we have 2 of the worst 6 teams in the league. The Jets are 1-7 while the Giants are 2-7. The Giants should be 1-8. Matt Gay of Tampa Bay missed a 34 yard chip shot PAT distance field goal vs. the Giants in week 3.They would have won 34-32 but lost to New York 32-31. The only other team that the Giants beat were the hapless Redskins. Keenum got hurt in that game and Washington put in Haskins for his first appearance. Obviously, he was not ready for the bright lights of NFL play yet and made victory easy for the Gmen. 

In this matchup you have the Jets who have scored the least amount of points in the league at 96 vs. the Giants who have given up 255 points this year to the opposition. The only team that has given up more points has been the Miami Dolphins at 1 point more at 256. However, they gave up half those points, 133, in the first 3 weeks. The Jets have only 16 plays of 20 yards or more. The Giants on the other hand have given up 46 plays of 20 yards or more. 11 of those plays have gone for 40 yards or more including 2 last week vs. the Cowboys. The Jets red zone defense is very bad allowing touchdowns to the opposition 65.4% of the time in the red zone which ranks 29th

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Prophet’s Pulpit-Point After-Cowboys vs NYG

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I retired last Friday so now that I have more time. Glenn asked me to separate the Prophet’s Pulpit. So I am doing Prophet’s Point After postgame report and the Pulpit will become a true preview.

The Giants game vs. the Cowboys was another disgrace. This was a game that they had multiple chances to win vs. a Dallas team that had a slow start coming off their bye. The Giants got a gift on the first play with a Dak interception by Bethea at the 15 yard line. He ran it back to the 8 yard line. First down was a Barkley run up the middle for 4 yards. The 2nd down was a Barkley run to the left for 1 yard. Now everybody in the free world knows that the next play is going to be a pass. It was an incomplete pass to Ellison. Then they kick the chip shot field goal. I said right then with less than 2 minutes elapsed that the Giants are going to lose this game!

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Monday Morning Giants- Cowboys 37 NYG 18- aka Black Cat Game

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Where do you start? The Giants lose again. This is five in a row. Remember when they defeated Washington back in September. September 29th is the last time this sorry franchise won a game. They got to 2-2 and were feeling confident. Well, now, with FIVE consecutive losses, ( 3 of them in front of the Giants faithful-now a record at home of 5-16 over their last 21 games.) Ouch. Are you paying attention Giants owner John Kevin Mara?

Your new regime which was brought in here to change the culture of losing, well continues to lose. After 25 games, a dismal 7-18 record. Even with the recent acquisition of DL Leonard Williams, the defense continues to give up big plays. The sad part about Monday night’s game: It was winnable. The Giants had opportunities to get a quick TD early and, unfortunately had to settle for a field goal. ( Four field goals in five red zone attempts.) This team continues to make the same mistakes. This all falls on embattled head coach Pat Shurmur.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Cowboys Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I was right on with my call of last week’s game. I called it Detroit 33 and the Giants 24. The real score was Detroit 31-26. Daniel Jones had the pleasure of playing against the worst pass defense in the league. He had his best game and it made him look like Dan Marino but the Giants still lost. Slay was out along with 2 other starters. Danny Dimes was 28 of 41 for 322 with 4 TD’s and no picks. It was his best game. He is probably better than expected but he still has a lot to learn. He had 2 nice throws to Slayton for his only 2 catches and both were for TD’s. The Giants are still only 2-6 and should be 1-7 because Tampa Bay missed a chip shot field goal that would have given them the win at the end of the game. 

The Giants couldn’t run the ball thanks to Snacks Harrison. I would not have let him go last year during the season. At the worst case, I would have kept him for all last year. Then you can see where you stand with him with the draft coming up and free agency. The Giants had only 80 yards rushing. They were getting so many passing yards, they didn’t have to force it. Barkley did catch 8 of 10 targets for 79 yards. 

Dave Gettleman in an inexplicable move gave up a 3rd and a 5th round pick for Leonard Williams this week from the rival Jets. There is no need for this trade. If the Giants need help it is at edge rusher and linebacker more than they need another defensive lineman. Williams’s career has been far from stellar. Let’s face it, Williams was the 6th overall pick in the 2015 draft. This is the infamous draft that Jerry “Reach” picked Ereck Flowers with the 9th pick. He was one of the biggest busts in Giant’s history. Williams has been a disappointment. He has 17 sacks in 5 years with none this year. You have to consider him a bust given that he was drafted so high. Now he is our problem. Gettleman wants to transform him into our run stopper. The 5th round pick that we gave up turns into a 4th if they sign him for 2020. If they cut him they can get a 3rd round compensatory pick back. He is a risky rental. I don’t know why you wouldn’t get one next year in free agency or in the draft. This team has at least 5 more pressing needs. It’s Gettleman being Gettleman because he is smarter than everyone else on the planet. 

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Monday Morning Giants-Lions 31 NYG 26

Written by: Paul Burke

I live in metro Detroit.  Every Sunday in the fall Lions games are on the television in our household. Although I am not from the Motor City, my wife is an ardent Lions fan. Fortunately, I brainwashed one of my kids to become a Giants fan. It is my opinion, without question, the Lions along with Cleveland are the worst NFL franchises. Needless to say, witnessing hundreds of Lions games, they seem to keep any opposing team in a game.  Today, it wasn’t any different.

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Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Lions Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants game vs the Cardinals last week was a disgrace. The Giants were playing one of the few beatable opponents on their schedule. They had 10 days rest from their last game. They were playing a Cardinals team that had to travel to the East Coast for a 10am PST game. The Cardinals were the 30th ranked defense giving up 414 yards/game. Before the late tailgaters got to their seats at MetLife Stadium, the Giants were down 14-0! The backup rookie running back, Chase Edmonds was running through the Gmen like a hot knife through butter. He scored those first 2 touchdowns from 20 yards out and had 3 for the day with 126 yards. He scored on the same type play all 3 times, and the Gmen couldn’t stop it. This allowed the Cardinals to take the ball out of Murray’s hands. He only threw for 104 yards on 21 attempts. 

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Monday Morning Giants- A Giant Dump! ARZ 27 NYG 21

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

Daniel Jones accuracy is a positive takeaway.

Where are we going with this team and organization? Another depressing loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, the Giants THIRD loss in a row, drops their overall record to 2-5. The hope and euphoria around Daniel Jones has waned. Despite putting up meager numbers, (233 yards passing, 1 TD and 1 INT, 3 fumbles and TWO lost) , under the circumstances, he played fairly well. Jones plays the game with aplomb. Yes, he holds onto the ball too long. This is engendering the fumbles. We have to focus on him learning the speed of the game. It is the mental side and experience is what is lacking.

This is a team game. We have to turn our focus back to the decision makers. Since 2018, we were sold a bunch of crap about a quest for another Super Bowl with Eli and drafting a positional player #2 overall.  Mr. Hog Mollie was going to work his magic and restructure the offensive line by DRAFTING ONE Guard in round #2, signing a cast off from the Pats Solder which equates to Belichick has no value in him anymore. Then signing a FA in Omameh who lasted 3 weeks? Then moving Reese’s trash to RT. How did that work out with your new coach?

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Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs ARZ Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Welcome Back! It has been awhile since the Giants played a game.

I had last week’s Giants/Patriots game called pretty well. I called it Patriots 34, Giants 0. I called it 5 touchdowns for the Patriots. I called a missed extra point by Nugent who had been missing 1 a game. He didn’t miss an extra point but he did miss a 40 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter. I couldn’t see how the Giants could score without Barkley, Gallman, Engram and Sheppard, who made up 80%+ of their offense. The game was weird given the fact that there were 2 fumble returns for touchdowns and a blocked punt for a touchdown. 

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