Rams 17 NYG 9

Written by: Glenn Warciski


It has been 8 quarters since the Giants last scored a touchdown. In a league where teams have been scoring points at a record pace, the Giants, under feckless OC Jason Garrett, are stuck in dry dock. Takeaway, the garbage touchdown against the Steelers, the Giants are averaging TEN points per game. This is nothing new for the NFL”s worst team. Since 2016, the Giants have had the same problem. Scoring points has been an exercise in futility. Why? It is the quarterback play. From Eli Manning to Daniel Jones, the Giants still do not have a quality quarterback.

As our Tony “The Prophet” has pointed out, Daniel Jones is not a starting quarterback in the NFL. In addition, Paul and myself were skeptical about Jones the day he was drafted. With 16 games played as a starter, Jones has a putrid 3-13 record. More importantly, Danger Prone Danny turns the ball over each and every game. Yesterday against the Rams, he threw a terrible telegraphed interception at the end of the game. With the Giants trailing 17-9, having a chance to tie this game, Danger Prone inexplicably makes a critical error. His ill advised throw was intercepted at the Rams 7 yard line ending any hope of a potential comeback.

Falling short once again and the losses piling up, the Giants are 0-4 and in last place in the worst division in the NFL.

NFC East

Eagles 1-2-1

Cowboys 1-3

Redskins 1-3

Pathetic Giants 0-4

Other Obervations:

The Giants defense improved their play. Quite frankly, the Rams were sleepwalking through this game. So was it the Giants defense? Or the Rams playing uninspired football? I think it was a combination of both.

The Giants found a cornerback. Austin Johnson. Wow! A major positive. Johnson forced a fumble and had a sack.

Before the season started, I created a poll.

We are a quarter through the 2020 season. After much optimism before this Covid affected season, some fans believed this team can win EIGHT games. With 12 games left, the Giants would have to post an EIGHT and four record. This is not happening. Right now, the Giants are lucky to record a win. Again, some fans bought into the shit sandwich Gettleman was peddling. This team needs a major overhaul. It starts with the feckless owner John Mara.

Tony will have a more detailed post on the latest Giants debacle.

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