Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Rams Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


The Giants had a golden opportunity to beat a 49ers team that was decimated by injury with 9 starters out and 11 players overall. They lost Jordan Reed, the starting TE, during the game making it 12 players. It didn’t matter. The Giants season is over. We found out what we already knew about Daniel Jones that he is a bust and a turnover machine. In a season that Washington is rebuilding, the Eagles are looking like a disaster and Dallas has a quarterback that is throwing for 450 yards/game and should be 0-3, the Giants could have a chance at the division championship. It doesn’t matter. Looking at the schedule, their only chances for future victory may be vs Washington twice and the Bengals. Burrow is the real deal. Both teams are getting better especially the Washington front 7 before they play them. We may be staring at the 0-16 Matt Millen Lions. 

It’s still early, but Joe Judge has been a fraud so far. All we heard from Joe Judge is that we are going to teach the fundamentals, tackling, blocking and ball security. Everyone is held accountable, and it is blue collar values for this team. This team will resemble the hard-working people in this area and this will be a team who they can be proud of. Nothing could be further from the truth. The effort vs the 49ers was pathetic. Backups were running free with tons of missed tackles. The 49ers used rub routes like every other team has used vs the Giants to turn back up Mullens into Dan Marino! He threw for 343 yards, 9.5 YPA and a 108.9 quarterback rating! The exceptions were Blake Martinez, Williams (Yes he got his second sack, His Sack-O-Meter is now at $8.05M/sack), Tomlinson and Bradberry.

Judge seems to have lost the team. The problem with all the Belichick assistants is they think they are Bill Belichick but have no track record of success. They have no gravitas and the Draconian measures result in rebellion by the team. Belichick can get away with it because he has 275 coaching wins in 30 years. He’s been to 11 Super Bowls. He can get veterans like Cam to come there at a bargain and buy into the Patriot Way. Here are his assistants as head coaches:

Bill O’Brien 52-47, He’s 0-3 this year, will finish at .500 or below.

Matt Patricia 10-24-1 Will probably be fired this year. 

Romeo Crennel 28-55

Josh McDaniels 11-17

Eric Mangini 23-25

Nick Saban 15-17

Al Groh 9-7 

As you can see the only winning record is Al Groh albeit on a small sample size. Bill O’Brien is headed for a losing record by the end of this year. He is also a horrible GM who may be looking for a job at the end of the year. 

On that depressing note, let’s look at this week’s matchup. The Rams are a juggernaut on both sides of the ball. They should be 3-0. They got robbed on a 4th down phantom pass interference call last week that resulted in the Buffalo win. The refs continue to make horrific game changing calls. The Rams are 2nd in the NFL in yards per play, 6.58 and 3rd in yards per game, 449.7. The Rams are tied for third in rushing and are 7th in passing. They are number 1 in yards per attempt at 9.6, an elite level. The Rams average 7.55 yards/play on first down. This sets them up with tremendous options. The Rams third down conversion is 54.6% which is second only to the Chiefs. The Giants have allowed the most third down conversions at 58.1%. Do you think the Giants have any chance to win this game? Maybe slim and none, and slim has both feet outside the door. 

On passing downs, the Rams have great weapons. They have strong wide receivers, Kupp, Woods, Reynolds and promising rookie Van Johnson. They have a top 5 tight end in Higbee and also have Reynolds. They can run 12 personnel with these two. In the run game Henderson has been lighting it up. They have Malcolm Brown to spell him. Cam Akers is hurt but he is a future star in the league. They even use Robert Woods on jet sweeps. He has 65 yards on 7 runs so far this year. 

The Rams use pre snap shifts and motion on 57% of the plays. The Rams use play action more than any team in the league. They disguise the play with play action. The Giants defense will have trouble figuring out if the play is a pass or run until maybe it is too late.  I am sure McVay is smacking his lips when he saw the tape this week of all the rub plays that have worked against this Giants defense since week 1. One thing I will add is that the Giants’ weakness coming into the season was pass rush. They have 8 sacks which is a huge surprise.

The Giants game plan is to establish the run to keep the Rams offense off the field. It is also important to establish the run so the Giants are not in 2nd and 3rd down and long where the Rams can wind up their elite pass rush talent. Aaron Donald, 1st ballot hall of famer, 6 Pro Bowls, 5 All Pro Selections, 2 NFL Defensive Players of the Year will be like a heat seeking missile after Daniel Jones. They also have Michael Brockers and Leonard Floyd who can wreak havoc. Floyd was drafted 9th overall right in front of the Giants, picking 10th, in the 2016 draft. Jerry “Reach” was a deer in the highlights when he got scooped at 9 and at 8 by Conklin being taken. 

But I digress. They will all be after “Danny Turnover”. In 15 starts, Jones has lost 13 fumbles (6 others were recovered, total of 19) and 16 interceptions. In 2020 “Danny Half a Cent” has 6 turnovers in 3 games. I guarantee that he will have a minimum of 3 turnovers vs this Rams defense. This will help bury the Giants. 

The Giants must run the ball with the committee of Freeman, Lewis and Gallman. The run game has been anemic and is 32nd dead last in the league. The Giants have only averaged 57 yards a game. Jones is the leading runner for the team with 92 yards from taking off on busted plays. The offensive line has been bad even with 3 draft picks added in the 2020 draft.  Andrew Thomas was thrown to left tackle from game 1. He was not ready for primetime with no preseason and Solder opting out. He has been playing for his life against more seasoned defenders. Nick Gates has also been bad at center. He played guard and tackle last year. The Giants need more trips to the red zone. They were tied for last with the Jets (pre-Thursday night-through week 3) with only 6 red zone trips. 

But after that if they are to win, they will have to throw to Slayton, Tate and Engram, who has been in the Witness Protection Program. I have more faith in Smith than Engram! They will have to keep up with the Rams scoring. The Giants are anemic there also only averaging 13 points/game. The Rams got in a big hole last week with the Bills throwing against them, but they came all the way back with good McVay half time adjustments. It looks adjustments are foreign to Judge so far, as he is still on the learning curve. The Giants will have to do the same if Jones has some time. 

But in the final analysis, the Rams are just too good for the Giants. This game is another blowout. I am calling this game Los Angeles Rams 38 and the New York Giants 16. I am 3-0 picking the winner of the Giants games year to date which I admit is an easy task. I am 2-1 vs the spread. I though they would lose and cover last week because the 49ers were so beat up. It didn’t matter in this LOST SEASON, where 2 wins will be a major accomplishment!

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