Giants 2020 Draft Recap

Per Jordan Raanan of No trade: The Giants might have wanted to move down. It’s just not so easy. As Gettleman noted, there weren’t a lot of trades at the top of this year’s draft. He received a lot of touchy-feely conversations but “no firm offers.” Nothing serious. “Really not much there,” he said. At least nothing he felt was good enough to present to owner John Mara and Judge. So the streak lives on. Gettleman has never traded back in any draft as a general manager. There is always a tomorrow.

Before recapping day 3 a brief recap of day one.  Stop with the BS that he had no firm offers.  They could have moved down for a 3rd round pick versus taking an overvalued pick at 4.  I love Thomas but justify your analysis of the top 4 tackles and where they landed?  DG was not taking a chance.  He was the safest pick, period.  

Last year they landed a surprise in Slayton from Auburn.  We were excited about him from the get go.  What sleeper did they possibly snag this year?

This was a theme of the draft and especially in day 3.  Pick number one on day three was Darnay Holmes a CB with NFL pedigree from UCLA.  He graduated in 3.5 years, primarily a ST pick but will provide slot secondary depth with high end speed.  Leadership skills and intelligence.  Overall, investment in secondary is future of NFL.  

Lemieux Is another building block to an OL that has always needed depth. He was the 2nd best OL in PAC-12.  Yet he has limited flexibility, or in other words athleticism.  He has great hands with punch or as the football people would say, “win a battle in a phone booth,”   

The rest:

Anytime you go from 5th round on you cannot objectively give any reasonable content much less prior:

Cameron Brown ILB from PSU. (Skinny but may be more of a hybrid OLB/S)

Carter Coughlin DE? From Minny.  He’s an LB and ST player.

TJ Brunson LB….ST

Chris Williamson CB………he is the most rooted for rookie.  Mr Irrelevant.

Overall, a solid draft. I give accolades to the Front Office on the quality of the picks. One of the few drafts where you can’t criticize a pick for quality of the player. Team is still depleted at defense up front. Anyone who will deny is delusional. Speed at LB and DE is sorely lacking. Love the DB drafting investment but they have a lot to cover.

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