Giant Additions-NFL Draft 2020 Rounds 2 & 3

Written by: Glenn Warciski and Paul Burke

Paul and I have talked at length publicly and privately about the state of our New York Football Giants. After the 2011 season which culminated with a Lombardi Trophy, except for a few seasons , the Giants have been a bottom feeder NFL franchise. And the last three seasons have been the nadir. With 12 wins over the last three seasons, our beloved team appears to be on a collision course to future dismal campaigns. As we have pointed out, over and over again, the Giants organization has failed to keep up with the modern trends- analytics on how to develop a team through value and method. As a result of not having a long term plan or as Bill Walsh coined it A Standard of Performance, regrettably, the Giants have been mired in a muck of lousy football. Although we have been pointing out the shortcomings of the Giants decision making, after three rounds of this 2020 Draft, there is a ray of hope.

Notice the above tweet, Paul and I believe to succeed in today’s NFL a team has to have a top notch quarterback, protect your major asset-QB with controllable assets, have controllable assets in your secondary, and finally have DE to leverage your secondary. Well, with three rounds completed in this draft, the Giants have checked all of the boxes. What is going on? Why do we feel cautiously optimistic?

Thinking back on how 2019 ended on such a sour note, at the time we were livid and perplexed, John Mara fired then head coach Pat Shurmur but kept the bombastic Dave Gettleman as the GM. Indeed, we were outraged. Because in the past, Mara made the same mistake by firing Tom Coughlin and allowing GM Jerry Reese to hang around. History told us it is going to be a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, we believe the wave of losing will continue. Now, we can sense a plot twist developing. On the cusp of being dismissed, Dave Gettleman had a mea culpa. He decided in order to keep his job, he has to change the way he operates. In turn, Mara believes Gettleman is deft on acquiring talent but missing the mark on the big picture. The big picture is how a GM oversees the entire operation. Gettleman’s dumb ass decision making has put the Giants in this precarious situation. However, as we stated, these three draft picks speak volumes. Meaning Gettleman is setting up the Giants for prosperity. To reiterate our belief on the why of Gettleman was retained, the Giants had a coaching problem not a talent problem. It will now be up to the coaching staff to produce wins on the field.

We are not getting too giddy yet. The Giants will have another losing season in 2020. The current course correction is refreshing and a sparkle of hope in which there is more winning in years to come.

Round 2 selection: Safety Xavier McKinney. I knew the Giants would select a safety but got the wrong guy. On the other hand, Paul loved McKinney. In fact, according to Paul, McKinney is an outstanding selection who will help the Giants immediately. On Prophet’s Top 50 Big Board, he was placed as the 16th top player in this draft. So with Gettleman nabbing him at 204= 36th pick, quite frankly it is a steal.

Round 3 selection: Another tackle. We cannot quibble with this selection either. Matt Peart. If you are reader/follower of this blog, Tony has been banging the drum. Each year the Giants lose 2 or 3 offensive linemen and they do not have adequate replacements. This pick indicates Gettleman has sobered up. With the two offensive linemen selected thus far and throw in Will Hernandez, the Giants have three controllable assets on a premium position group. Amen. He will not have to be forced to drink heavy free agency to get an overvalued and overpriced mediocre player who is past his prime.

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