Dear John Mara

Written by: Paul Burke

Dear John:

I hope you enjoyed the end of another losing season ( three straight double digit losing seasons) in the comfort of your own home while your nemesis rival, and their world renowned classless fans were re-soundly heard cheering them on.

Your team hung on, quite heroically, for 3 quarters vs a seriously compromised roster with, as your HC stated, players who would be backups and much less practice squad players but, oh wait, they were.

John, we are sure you were in your luxury box booth with your Dad when the infamous “miracle in the Meadowlands” occurred. It was very poetic when Fox re-lived that moment only to almost re-live that.

That appeared to be the first time we witnessed your sub sub below .500 winning coach curse on national T.V. as it was the dagger in heart of the incompetence of your NY Football Giants. It was a sign of the dysfunction we have grown accustomed to, like fungus on our feet. It is reflection of, hmmmmmm……trying to put a finger on it?….oh yes the infamous Pisarcik fumble. Oh how history has it’s way of catching up. John, you resemble your Dad. You need a Rozelle intervention. Your Grandmother and Uncle Timmy are not to blame as your Dad ran the show (Good grief are we family counseling versus company counseling?).

John, we are wondering if you were sold on your in-house candidate GM regarding the importance of the 1950s-1970’s era of run dominance offense and stopping run defense GM? It is remarkable that your #2 overall pick RB last year had a 5.4 yard carry but had 68 yard run mixed in. Your QB had a better yard per carry average. Mathematically is doesn’t add up as one play of 68 yards does not excuse the other 54 yards of futility you invested in a number 2 overall pick. We live in year 2019 and you live in Wellington’s game.
We also must be well assured that every team you faced above .500 you lost to by 15+ points. You lost to a team that was 1 game above .500 by 17 and the 2nd place team in your division won 44-17, versus team you beat in OT, and they finished 1 game above .500.
We cannot wait to hear your justifications for bringing all or part of the dysfuntion back.
Good Luck listening to more Eagles, Redskins, and Cowboys fans next season in your drab home.

Best Regards,

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