A Giant Hollow Win! NYG 41 Washington 35 in OT

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Giants survived.

While having a commanding 14 point lead multiple times against a lowly Redskins team, the Giants squeaked by with an impressive overtime touchdown drive. Yes, they won and one cannot takeaway the performances of Giants QB Daniel Jones 5 TD passes and RB Saquon Barkley’s stellar effort 189 rushing yards and 2 TDs. ( one rushing and one receiving). Let us put this in proper context. They allowed a dog shit team engineer a 99 yard drive which tied the game with 29 seconds left. More importantly, they allowed a washed up Case Keenum look like Joe Theismann.

Now the Giants have ruined their chances of selecting 2nd overall with this ahem win over the Redskins. Unfortunately, there will be some fans and media sycophants pushing a bullshit narrative about momentum. The Giants are ending the season on a positive note. Two wins in a row. The sky is the limit. We heard this drivel last year when they finished with a 4-4 record in the second half of their 2018 campaign. How did this turn out?

4-11 after 15 games.

I am sorry for being pessimistic. I would have had some optimism if they would have won by 14 points. Here comes the blood sucking melons praising fight and momentum building bullshit. Put it into perspective, your team gave up a 99 yard drive to tie by Casey Fucking Keenum. Who does that? No amount of lipstick can cover up a pig, it’s still a pig. Team blows and it starts with their culture This Giants team is going nowhere in 2020. Even if they fire GM Dave Gettleman, a new GM has a lot of work to do in creating a culture of winning.

Tony will have more tomorrow on his Prophet’s Point After.

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