Prophet’s Point After- GB 31 NYG 13

Gettleman”s Plan? A lot of empty seats.

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

What we saw in week 13 from the Giants was just more of the same that we have seen all year. The Giants have lost their 8th game in a row. Just as I said in my Pulpit piece from this week, the Packers after getting toasted by 29 points the week before were going to have a big game vs the Giants “get well” defense. I said Davante Adams was going to have 100 yards and at least 1 touchdown. He had only 64 yards but he had 2 touchdowns. Lazard had over 100 yards receiving and it only took him 3 plays to achieve it. The Packers were so efficient in scoring that the Giants had more time of possession than the Packers, 31:17 vs 28:43. The Giants who lead the league in giving up big pass plays continued the trend in this game. There was a 43-yard pass to Lazard in first quarter followed by a 37-yard touchdown to Lazard. Adams had a 25-yard pass and Lazard had a 23-yard catch in the third quarter. On 4 pass plays they got 40% of their total yards, 128 of 322. Last week Trubisky picked on Ballentine making him look like Dan Marino in the process. This week he left the game early with ba concussion. So, the Packers found this week’s patsy in Grant Haley. 

The Giants did keep this game close for the first half. The same defensive breakdowns ended up hurting the Giants again. Looking at the game flow, The Giants get the ball to start the game and they go 3 and out. The Packers start from their own 28-yard line. It takes them less than 4 minutes to score with the touchdown pass to Adams. 

The Giants have a good drive and score in less than 5 minutes with an 18-yard touchdown to Sheppard. It takes Rodgers less than 2 minutes to answer with a 66-yard drive culminating with a 37-yard touchdown pass to Lazard. The Packers are up 14 to 7. So, with less than a quarter elapsed it looked like the game was going over with 21 points scored in less than a quarter. The game ended up going under by 0.5 points with only 44 points scored. 

Danny Dimes was intercepted on the 3rd play of the second quarter. Rodgers turned that into a field goal less than 3 minutes later with the score now 17-7 Packers. The Giants have a long drive and kick a field goal at 2:34 making it 17-10 at the half. 

The Packers get the ball at the start of the third quarter and stall. The Giants get it and kick a field goal at 6:41 making it Packers 17-13. So, the first time in the game, I’m saying that maybe the Gmen have a chance. The Packers then get the ball and go on a 75-yard drive. When the Packers get to the 2-yard line there was defensive holding on Bethea putting it at the 1. Jones runs in for a touchdown but it was nullified by offensive holding. Now the ball is on the 14 and the Packers lose 3 yards on second down. It is now 3rd and 17 and the Giants are thinking they can hold them to a field goal and keep this a one possession play. But no, Rodgers calls a quick play from no huddle. He then throws a 17-yard touchdown to Adams, his second of the game. The Giants were called for too many men on the field. The quick snap caused confusion for the Giants defense and even with 12 men on the field they couldn’t stop the Packers on a low percentage success play. 

On the next series we get the obligatory Daniel Jones fumble on the hand off but luckily it was recovered by the Giants. It was credited it to Scott. However, Jones has 10 fumbles and 11 interceptions so far this season. You cannot win with a turnover machine. I believe the stat is that with -2 turnover ratio in the game, you have less than a 20% chance to win. On the very next play Jones turns into “Danny Dime a Dozen” and throws an interception directly to Savage. The closest Giants receiver was 9 yards away. It may be his worst of the 11 thrown this year. Rodgers make the Gmen pay as they take over at the Giants 38. Rodgers throws his 4th touchdown of the day less than 4 minutes later putting the game away, 31-13. 

Jones got to pad his stats in garbage time against a soft zone prevent defense. Jones completed 4 of 8 more passes accounting for 67 yards which was 28% of his passing yards for the day. He would have ended with 16 for 33 for 173 yards, 1 TD and 3 interceptions. 

So, in summary, it is the same old losing Giants. We see no adjustments week to week. Opposing teams love to play against this get-well defense. They were 29th in points allowed and they are keeping that average up by giving up 31. There is no one on the defense that the opposition has to game plan for. You are seeing rookies making the same mistakes week to week. The Giants cannot get pressure on opposing quarterbacks. They had 0 sacks today! We are seeing the offensive line regress. They can’t get any push to make 3rd and 1 play. The line cannot get Barkley going. He did get 83 yards rushing. But 43 yards came on 2 plays in the 4th quarter with 7 men in coverage. The Giants are in shotgun too much during the game. They are doing it to give Jones more time. However, it is killing Barkley who has less options because by the time he can get a quick hitter to the hole, the defense is already in the backfield. 

It really bugs the hell out of me that the Giants could have drafted Josh Allen at 6 and waited on a quarterback until 2020. Then they could have gotten one of the three top franchise QB prospects. This was a dead year anyway and you knew they would be at the top of the draft again. I think Jones is better than expected but is not a talent worthy of those that have been drafted as high as 6th. In 2020 the mission is to get Chase Young no matter what it takes. The Giants right now should only have 1 win as Tampa Bay missed a chip shot field goal as time expired. 

So, it is off to Philadelphia where the Giants will lose again for the 10-straight time. Shurmur should be dead man walking for a coach but you never know what management will do based on their moves of the past. Shurmur is 7-21 since he came to the Giants. By the way he was 9-23 at Cleveland before they threw him out of there after 2 years. I hope David Gettleman is really proud as the architect of this dumpster fire! He smarter than everybody in the room according to himself. The King of Dead Money has regressed this team to the worst team in the league under his watch!

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