Eight is Enough? Packers 31 NYG 13 Monday Morning Giants

Written by: Glenn Warciski

EIGHT consecutive losses. FOUR consecutive losses at home. The hapless New York Football Giants continue to lose football games. In front of a sparse crowd at a frigid and snowy MetLife Stadium, the Giants lost to the Packers 31-13. With the loss to the Packers, the Giants fall to 2-10; they are the second worst team in the NFL. The worst team? The 1-11 Cincinnati Bengals.

Meanwhile, rebuild while winning? I think not bombastic General Manager Dave “Check the Resume” Gettleman. Losing has become the norm for the Giants. It has gotten so bleak, I do not foresee this team winning another game this year. A loss next week to the Eagles would make NINE in a row. When they do lose, this will tie a franchise mark shared by the 1976 and 2003 teams.

This epidemic of losing will engender changes in 2020.

  1. A home crowd devoid of Giants fans in December. This is a tell tale or measuring stick for the Maras.
  2. The aforementioned losing streaks in 1976 and 2003. As a result of deplorable football, changes were made. Bill Arnsparger was replaced by John McVay. And Tom Coughlin took over for Jim Fassel.

As John Mara begins to dissect his team, nothing has improved. Offensive line, the quarterback, running back, the entire defense, and the kicker. The only bright spot has been the punting of Riley Dixon. This is a call back to the 1970s when punter Dave Jennings was the best player on the team.

In addition to nothing has improved, collateral damage has surfaced. This is due to the frustration with avalanche of losses. Veteran defensive back Janoris Jenkins is fed up with the losing.

This is the start of the dissension. As more losses pile up, more players will get frustrated. Then, they will not listen to their coaches. The only cure for the frustration is winning football games. Will Shurmur be able to win another game this year? We shall see. According to Peter King as of last week’s FMIA column: Pat Shurmur, N.Y. Giants. He probably returns, but John Mara’s angry at the development of his team, and New York has lost seven in a row. Merits watching.

As a blogger, I have seen enough. It is time to make changes.

Note: Tony will provide a recap tomorrow. His Point After.