Prophet’s Point After-Bears 19 NYG 14

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

After yesterday’s brutal loss, I may ask Glenn to change the title from the Point After to What is the point?

The Giants lost to a team in the Chicago Bears that tried to give the Giants the game multiple times. However, the Giants were not able to capitalize on their opportunities which has been the-theme all year. I said in my Pulpit piece this week that the Giants have to do a few things to win. They had to establish the running game so it would open up big plays later in the day. The Giants did run for 109 yards but Barkley was basically taken out of the game by the Bears defense. He only ran for 59 yards on 17 carries. The other yards came from Jones with 27 yards on busted plays and a reverse for Sheppard that went for 22 yards. I also said that they have to get off to a fast start. The Giants have only scored 27 points in the first quarter in 11 games! They have been outscored in the first quarter 81 to 27. The Bears also have only given up 18 points in the first quarter all year. They had 0 points in the first quarter. Jones only threw for 150 yards and had 4.2 YPA which is horrible. He did have the 2 TD’s.

I had said that the Giants pass defense is a get-well defense for opposing teams and that is how the Bears won the game. They had individual pass plays of 49, 32 (TD), 23 yards to Robinson, 22 yards to Miller and 19 yards to Gabriel. Rookie cornerback Ballentine was getting beat like a drum on all the Robinson catches. Bettcher did nothing to get him some help with Robinson who had 131 yards receiving. He could have had 191yards. There was a 60-yard pass to Robinson at the beginning of the second quarter that was called back for an illegal use of hands penalty. 

The Giants lost this game at the end of the first half and the first 10 minutes of the third quarter. At 6:54 of the second quarter Peppers had a 40-yard punt return. The Giants had the ball on the Chicago 29 with a 7-0 lead! They stalled at the 24, and Rosas missed a 42-yard field goal. The snap was bad but Dixon did get the ball up so it could be kicked. The Bears go 3 and out and the Giants get then ball back at 4:18. The Giants have a 3 and 1 at 2:18 at the Chicago 21 and Barkley gets stuffed for a four-yard loss. This is a microcosm of their entire season. When they need a key play even a 1 yard one, they have not been able to deliver! So, Rosas tries a 43-yard field goal that he misses. With less than 2 minutes the Bears drive from their own 33 to the Giants 8-yard line. They couldn’t punch it in but settle for a 26-yard field goal that they make. So instead of the score being 13-3 Giants it is only 7-3. They did have the potential to be up 21-3 if they could have converted those drives. 

The Bears get the ball to start the first half. Rosas kicks the ball out of bounds at the 6 and the Bears get great field position at their own 40. They drive the ball to the Giants 32 and Trubisky throws a 32-yard touchdown to Robinson. Of course, Ballentine got beat for the touchdown. He was also beat on a 23-yard pass vs Robinson earlier in the drive. Chicago saw him as the weak link all day and exploited it to victory. So, the Bears are up 10-7. The Giants go 3 and out. The Bears get the ball back on their own 6-yard line and drive the length of the field to the Giants 6-yard line. They stall and kick a field goal making it 13 to 7. At this point the Bears are keeping the Giants in the game. 

On the very next play, Mack blows by Shitty Solder and sacks Jones who fumbles and loses his 10th fumble of the year. Jones has no pocket presence yet. He cannot sense when there is pressure nearby. He was just looking down the field. You would think that as a constantly pressured quarterback at Duke he could have developed a sense of the pressure. So far in the big leagues he has no sense for it and hence the cause of many of his 10 fumbles.

In the 4th quarter the Giants got the ball back at 9:05 at their own 3-yard line after failed drives by both teams. They made the drive of the game. Jones was in shotgun the whole drive and in no huddle at the beginning of the drive. Jones threw a 23-yardtouchdown to Tate. Prior to this drive, Trubisky threw up a wounded duck pass on the first play of the 4th quarter that was intercepted at the New York 20. Love ran it back to midfield. It was a pass that should have never been thrown. This was another great missed opportunity in the game because they went for it on 4th and 4 at the Chicago 44 and the dump off to Sheppard went for 1 yard. 

The Bears got the ball after the touchdown and Shurmur used all 3 timeouts. It was a bit early but it worked because the Giants got the ball back at 3:37 at their own 6-yard line. They died on 4th down on their own 35 and the Bears got the ball with 1:43 left and ran the victory formation 3 times in a row and the game was over. 

So, the Giants lose 7 in a row. The last time was 2014. This season is a total loss. Based on the way the Redskins are playing the Giants may only win 3 games. I can’t believe that the Giants are only a 6.5-point underdog vs the Packers next week. I can see them losing by 17-21 points against this porous pass defense and Peppers is going to be out for a while. 

Dave Gettleman is responsible for this mess. Shurmur may not survive because at the best, the Giants will be 12-36 over the past 3 seasons. Jones shows some promise, but he has been a turnover machine. Our future is tied to him. Hopefully he can get better over time. I wonder how it would be if we had Sam Darnold, who is finally showing what he can do now that they are putting some pieces around him. He will be better with another draft next year. Or how the Giants could be with one of these 2020 franchise quarterback prospects, now that they will be at the top of the draft (3rd or 4tgh pick likely). We will never know. 

Also, we are hearing rumors about Garrett from Dallas being the next coach if Shurmur is launched. That’s all we need is another coach that can’t beat a team with a winning record! There are certainly better options out there. 

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