Prophet’s Point After-NYJ 34 NYG 27

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Jets was called the Snoopy Bowl, the Landfill Bowl, but for the Giants it was the Toilet Bowl. Like in the Vikings, Patriots, Cardinals and Lions games, the Giants got down big. It was 14 -0 Jets at the 1:35 mark in the first period. The stats against the Giants in the first quarter were staggering! Yards; Jets 121 to Giants 2 (Rush 5, Pass-3), Time of Possession, Jets 11:44, Giants 3:16, Plays Jets 22, Giants 6, and first downs, Jets 9, Giants 1. How do you come out flat week after week especially in your own building, even though you were the visitor?

I have been saying for the past 6 years: the Giants have no depth on the offensive line. The Giants were lucky this year for the first 9 weeks with all 5 starters playing every game. This week Halapio was out, and he was replaced by Pulley. Remmers was also out and he was replaced by Gates, who is a rookie with 15 previous snaps all year. When Solder got hurt, Eric Smith came in and it was his first game.

Because of this, the Giants could not run the football. The Giants ran for 10 yards in this game! Barkley ONE yard rushing for the game! Besides the inferior line play, I think Barkley came back too early from his high ankle sprain. He just is not as explosive. Also he was bad in pass protection in this game. Jets defensive coordinator Greg Williams sensed the line was beatable and he blitzed all day.

Giants QB Daniel Jones and the Giants did rally back. Jones threw a 5 yard touchdown to Slayton at the 12:33 mark. Then at the 5:33 mark of the second period Jones threw another pass to Slayton. There wasn’t a Jet defender within 9 yards of him and he was able to outrace Jets defenders to the end zone. However, the snap was botched on the extra point attempt and Dixon tried to be a quarterback and threw an incomplete pass on the conversion. At this point, the Jets still lead 14-13. The Giants also dodged a bullet before the half. On a 4th and 1 , Shurmur went for it and Jones tried to sneak for it. He did not make it and the Jets got the ball on the Giants 39 yard line. It was really a stupid and risky call when you consider they were down by one point. The Jets only made 3 yards and Ficken missed a 54 yard field goal.

The Giants get the ball to start the second half. Only 37 seconds into the half on 3rd and 1, Jamal Adams comes on a blitz, and tosses Barkley aside and takes the ball out of Jones’ hands and runs for a 25 yard touchdown. This really turned the game around. Jones had 3 fumbles and only lost 1, but it was a big one! Jones and the Giants continue to turn the ball over, and it is a big reason why they are 2-8. The Giants have 22 turnovers for a -12 turnover ratio. Jones has 10 Fumbles lost now and 8 interceptions. The Giants are tied for last in the league in turnover margin at -12 along with the Dolphins and Falcons who are both 2-7.

The Jets were 24th on pass defense coming into the game and you could see why. They fell to 26th after this game. At 5:26 of the third quarter, Jones found Tate for a touchdown as he was just in front of the defender. The Giants went for 2 and made it giving them the lead 27-21.

Before the end of the third quarter Jets kicker Ficken hits a 53 yard field goal to make it Giants 27-24. Just before the 3rd quarter ends, the Jets mount a drive from their own 30 yard line. The key play within the first minute of the 4th quarter is a defensive pass interference call on Baker which puts the ball on the 1 yard line and Bell punched it in from there. Gettleman’s first round pick who he moved back into the first round to pick, has been getting toasted this year. The Jets add another Ficken field goal at 7:34 to get the final score 34-27.

On the drive after this field goal, Jones was sacked for 10 yards and on 4th down they had to punt. They used their 3 timeouts on the next 3 plays and got the ball back at 4:17 on their own 12. Usually to use your timeouts there is early but I didn’t have a problem with it. On 3rd and 12 due to a false start penalty, Jones was sacked for 7 yards back to their own 3. Yes, they did get the ball back with 18 seconds on their own 18 , but the game was over. Greg Williams was smelling the blood and was bringing blitzes against a team that had to throw. Jones was sacked 6 times.

John Mara stormed off yesterday and would not talk to reporters. Hey John, it’s your own goddamn fault! If you were a CEO of a public company, you would have been fired years ago! He was embarrassed in 6 days in his own stadium. The Cowboys smoked them on Monday night with plenty of Dallas fans in the stands and, then he lost to the lowly Jets who score 34 points against the Giants ”get well” defense. Keep in mind that the Jets had only scored 96 points coming into the season and only 33 in the past 3 weeks!

So we hit the bye this week for the Giants. Usually later is better , but the Giants could of used it earlier to make some changes. However, I don’t know how much will change. We do not see many adjustments by Shurmur at all. He cannot take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. His play calling is predictable like McAdoo. He doesn’t get Jones rolling out. He does not know how to get the most out of Barkley. Since drafting Barkley, they are 7-19. Engram should be more of a weapon when he is not hurt. Shurmur’s time management is bad and he makes challenges where the play has 0% of being overturned.

Realistically, the Giants can only win 2 more games vs. Miami and Washington. However, the way Miami is playing, even that game is in doubt. So if there are 3-13, we will see chips fly. This is 3 horrible seasons in a row. So far in these 3 years they are 10-32.


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