Monday Morning Giants- Cowboys 37 NYG 18- aka Black Cat Game

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Where do you start? The Giants lose again. This is five in a row. Remember when they defeated Washington back in September. September 29th is the last time this sorry franchise won a game. They got to 2-2 and were feeling confident. Well, now, with FIVE consecutive losses, ( 3 of them in front of the Giants faithful-now a record at home of 5-16 over their last 21 games.) Ouch. Are you paying attention Giants owner John Kevin Mara?

Your new regime which was brought in here to change the culture of losing, well continues to lose. After 25 games, a dismal 7-18 record. Even with the recent acquisition of DL Leonard Williams, the defense continues to give up big plays. The sad part about Monday night’s game: It was winnable. The Giants had opportunities to get a quick TD early and, unfortunately had to settle for a field goal. ( Four field goals in five red zone attempts.) This team continues to make the same mistakes. This all falls on embattled head coach Pat Shurmur.

Shurmur was brought in here to be a quarterback whisperer and jump start the offense. He has failed on both. He could not rejuvenate Eli Manning. And now his offense with rookie quarterback Danger-Prone Danny Jones ( 16 turnovers which is tied for the league lead. SEVEN FUMBLES and NINE INTERCEPTIONS). In addition, Jones took another beating last night. Cowboys sacked him FIVE times. Indeed, Jones is making mistakes, but it is up to the coach to get this corrected. As we move forward, is Jones the quarterback of the future? Take for example, Bucs first round pick Jameis Winston. Winston was selected number one overall in 2015. Since he has come into the league, he has been a turnover machine too. Coincidentally, Jones is tied with Winston with 16 turnovers. My point is the Bucs have changed regimes three times since 2015. The one constant is Winston continuing to turn the ball over. Like Winstson, Jones could be the same type of player. Meaning talented but has ball security issues which cannot be corrected. As Tony pointed out in his preview, the turnovers are killing the Giants. They have 22 on the season. Another ignominious statistic because it leads the NFL.

More on Shurmur: Giants red zone malfeasance. One TD in five trips to the Red Zone. Again, he inexplicably challenged another pass interference call. Shurmur is ZERO for the season. When he is going to learn. Unless a player is tackled, officials will not change the call on the field.

Giants running back Saquon Barkley is having a sophomore slump. As we reported, after suffering a high ankle sprain on September 29th, the Giants brought him back prematurely. Indeed, they rushed him back for the Cardinals game.

Except for the catch and scamper of 65 yards, he was invisible. Barkley shut down with only 28 yards on 14 carries. What is concerning is the Giants were in this game for the first 3 quarters. Barkley, undoubtedly, the Giants best offensive weapon could not jump start the offense. In fact, Daniel Jones was the Giants leading rusher with 54 yards.

Jerry Reese days are over. No more blame can be directed toward him. It is on this current regime. It is probable this team does not win another game this year. If this is the case, a true, meaningful rebuild must happen. No more half measures by Giants owner John Kevin Mara.

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