Monday Morning Giants-Vikings 28 NYG 10

Written by: Paul Burke

Daniel Jones, Barkley, Engram, Shepard, Hernandez, Lawrence and even possibly Baker are the cornerstone of the future.  After watching the Giants against the Vikings, clearly, this roster is riddled with holes. And we were wrong on the young talent in the secondary.
Giants GM Dave Gettleman laid blame at the feet of the defense for last years failures.  A team which finished 5-11 but was 1-7 at the halfway point of the 2018 campaign. As reported here on the NYGunderground, we believe it was the offense not the defense being the culprit. Especially, after Gettleman traded Snacks Harrison and Eli Apple. As we are in week 5 of the 2019 season, Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher deserves criticism, but a coach can only take so much blame.  This defense is a shallow pool.  It starts with the LB unit.  The Vikes constantly attacked the shallow to middle of the field.  Cook ravaged them on screens. (86 yards receiving)  Missed tackles by secondary or unwillingness to sacrifice for a tackle because your LB unit cannot get there.  Speed is killing this team and no matter what assignment discipline they have they cannot sustain any positives.  On the other hand, the defensive gets some slack as the offense gave them no breaks with time of possession in the 1st half which was more than 2 to 1.  Unfortunately we cannot foresee any hope for playoffs this season and making Kirk Cousins look all pro does is proof. Brutal honesty.

The offense:  DJ, not Danny Dimes, was not Dimes.  Many missed throws for scores and poor decisions.  He’s a rookie, period.  The OL was dreadful.  Hog Mollies were heard from Gettleman.  Solder is getting paid.  Please name me a NE Patriot performed at a high level after leaving NE? There is a reason they let them go.  The OL gave up 4 sacks plus numerous hits,  Not good for a rookie QB.  Gettleman, why did you cut Perkins? What do you have left as veteran back ups? Hilliman from Rutgers? 

We worry we are creating PTSD II as the OL play yesterday and RB depth neglect by your GM is, well, neglect.  Put it on the GM for either not cutting Perkins or signing a veteran RB versus bringing up a practice squad RB.  Vikes had no respect for the Giants running game.  In today’s NFL, you use the run to set up the pass.

I am still vexed with head coach Pat Shurmur. What was the thought process of feeding it to your practice squad RB at your own end zone? As a result, a safety for the Vikings.   Now with Gallman out with a concussion, it’s imperative to cut Hilliman. Please sign a vet RB backup regardless if Barkley is cleared to play as you can bet Belichick will throw the kitchen sing at the rookie QB on Thursday night.

Where we go from here.  We need to see meaningful progress from the foundation of the roster.  We need to see progress and playing time for the youth that will be here in 2020 and beyond.  We like what we see in Slayton and only hope his role increases.  We need to see more of what Ballentine and Love can do.  We need to see Shurmur protect their future in Daniel Jones if and when Solder is getting beat like a drum

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