Monday Morning Giants-NYG 24 Deathly Deadskins 3

Written by: Glenn Warciski and Paul Burke

What a difference in 14 days. After 2 miserable games, both resulting in ugly losses, this 2019 Giants team was foundering. Then, finally, the decision was made to pull the plug on the aging and unproductive Eli Manning. As a coincidence, the Giants, with Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback, has won two consecutive games. Now, the Giants have a 2-2 record, more importantly, they are tied for second in the NFC East. This means, as we head into October, this team still has meaningful games to play.

An ugly win, without question, but this was for the Giants fans. Justin Penik and David Powis of the Bleeding Blue Podcast was at the game. MetLife Stadium was packed and excited to watch their team play. As we pointed out two weeks ago, over the last two plus seasons, the Giants have been atrocious in front of their loyal fan base, posting a record of 4-13, ; but now 5-13 at MetLife Stadium. Indeed, it was an uplifting win because they defeated a division rival and are 1-1 in their division-NFC East.

This game came be characterized as a slop fest. Both teams had ball security issues but the Deadskins are an awful team. Each team combined for EIGHT turnovers ( Four Interceptions thrown by Deadskins quarterbacks, TWO Interceptions thrown by Giants QB Daniel Jones, and two fumbles by Giants running backs. In addition, Giants punt returner TJ Jones muffed two punts. Thankfully, for the Giants, both were recovered by the Giants. ) With all the turnovers, each time a play was completed, laundry was on the field. Seventeen penalties were accepted which 12 of them were committed by the lowly Deadskins. And unofficially, I counted 2 more Deadskins penalties which were declined. So the Deadskins were flagged 14 times. The Giants had a total of 68 plays which means about one-fifth of their plays, an infraction was committed by the Skins. This is a bad team. In fact, in our opinion, the second worst team in the NFL.

Other Observations:

Giants RB Wayne Gallman, starting in place of the injured All-World Barkley, was serviceable. He scored two of the Giants three touchdowns,(one rushing and one receiving) gained 63 yards on the ground while catching 6 passes for 55 yards. His fumble lost was the only blemish on his productive day.

Redskins starter now benched QB Case Keenum missed two wide open receivers in the first half. If these balls were not overthrown, perhaps the Deadskins had a chance to win this game. Some of their starting WRs were out. An excuse of injuries cannot be taken seriously.

Giants Special Teams: This area of the team has been under the careful eye of the NYGunderground. For years under the lack of leadership under Tom Quinn, this unit has been maligned especially by the NYGunderground and deservedly so. But last year and so far this year, they have performed very well.

Giants punter Riley Dixon had a punt average of 55 yards. All of his 3 punts were inside the Deadskins 20 yard line. As a result of his outstanding punts, the Deadskins started drives on their 13, 15, and 3 yard line respectively. Undoubtedly, Dixon’s punting put the Skins in unfavorable starting field position.

We will be reading about the obituary of Jay Gruden as former HC of the Deadkins. Their organization is officially a dumpster fire. Haskins could not have looked worse. Bad mechanics, inability to read the field, and poor accuracy are all the tools of a bust at QB. Team is undisciplined and disjointed.
Daniel Jones showed us what we expected after his coming out party last weekend. Name me a rookie QB that does NOT take his lumps and show he’s human. We are okay with this. It is going to take time. We are grateful his first 2 games were vs. garbage teams. It builds confidence. This latest game will provide for lessons and tape review sessions with Eli to show him what he did wrong. We were questioning why Shurmur was putting him into situations to make bad rookie mistakes when you are up by 14 vs a dreadful Deadskins. Those 2 picks were telegraphed with the first more so than the 2nd. He should have had a 3rd but Norman couldn’t hold on which was telegraphed as well. Eli in his first 2 seasons was very guilty of telegraphing his receivers. Yes, remember we have seen this before. What is encouraging is in the 2nd half he made some better decisions. On a roll out he didn’t force a throw but instead tucked it in for a 7 yard scramble. The more he plays the more he learns from his mistakes of which we expected vs the hype train of Danny Dimes. The true tests are coming up over the next 2 weeks versus legit defenses.
You can recap how the D performance was an illusion. Their issues haven’t gone away and secondary is still a major concern. The plus is Lawrence looks very promising as a bull up the middle to open up opportunities for his edge rushers. Bettcher needs to start designing his DL scheme around him. It looks likely Connelly will be out for a while leaving more holes in the unit the Giants haven’t seen since the days of Antonio Pierce.

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