Prophet’s Pulpit-Redskins vs Giants Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Wow what a shock! Daniel Jones exceeded every Giant’s fan wildest dreams, with a come from behind miracle win by 1 point 32-31. He did have a perfect storm that brought him the victory. The thing that you noticed right away that the team had a new energy that just was not evident with Eli. 

Let’s not rain on his parade but they should have lost the game. The new karma from Jones willed the game winning 34 yard, tantamount to an extra point, chip-shot field goal to go wide right. We haven’t seen such a famous “wide right” since Norwood missed his career changing 47 yard FG in Super Bowl 25 in 1991. Last year they lost 4 games in two last 2 minutes, and you would expect it here again. 

The pass coverage was abysmal! I’m sorry but Jenkins is done. The Giants generated a real pass rush this game but the pass coverage was bad. I can’t believe Bettcher didn’t have a safety over the top to double Evans, who had one of his best game ever, 8 catches on 15 targets for 190 and 3 TD’s. Evans had 146 yards in the first half alone! I was surprised Ariens went away from him in the second half but when they need to get a FG with 1:16 to play on first down, Winston threw a bomb to Evan for 44 yards that put them in instant FG range. The karma was so good that on second down Tampa Bay made a penalty and lost 5 yards. Gay missed the 34 yard FG and the Giants finally won a game. Last year that FG would have been right down the middle. 

There was nothing in Jones’ career at Duke that would let you believe that he was as good as top QB’s in the previous draft classes nor did he have the potential of the 2020 draft class. He was the consensus 4th quarterback in the 2019 draft behind Murray, Haskins and Lock. He completed less than 60%, 59.9%, of his career passes. His YPA is 6.4 which is very low for college. He also had 52 TD’s to 29 interceptions. His pro day was good but how much can you tell from a pro day. Johnny Manziel had one of the best pro days and we know how that turned out! If he is this good, he would have gone in the top 3 picks and multiple teams would have moved up to get him!

As Bill Parcells always says, “Let’s not put him in Canton after one game!” The road is easy this week, but he will face a gauntlet of the Vikings, Patriots on Thursday, short week on the road, the Lions, Cowboys, Bears, Packers and the Eagles twice. They will have tape on him and he will be going against strong defenses and coordinators. If he passes that test, then he is the real deal! 

The last note I will make on Daniel Jones is that he is the first player since the merger to have 2 passing TD’s, 2 running TD’s and throw for over 300 yards. He is a pleasant surprise. Time will tell as defensive coordinators get tape on him when he meets much better defenses than Tampa Bay, how great he will be. On the last 4th down touchdown, all the defenders ran by Jones and he had an easy jog to the end zone. Like I said the perfect storm, but we’ll take it.

The defense last week was a good news and bad news story. The good news is that Giants finally had a pass rush. They had 4 sacks, 10 quarterback hurries and 1 interception. You are starting to see the draft picks come through. 5th round pick Connelly had an interception and was all over the field 3rd round pick Ximines had a sack and free agent Golden had 2 sacks. 

The bad news is that the Giants are 31st on defense giving up 460 yards/game. They would be last if it was not for the #TankingforTua Dolphins at 499 yards/game. They are not going to win many games with this secondary. This secondary gave up 380 yards passing. 


Turning to this week’s game, the Gmen are looking for their 101st win vs the Redskins. You need go no further than looking at the Redskins in the Monday night game. Case Keenum is a turnover machine. He holds onto the ball too long. He does not get rid of it when he is pressured. He threw 3 interceptions and had 3 fumbles and lost 2 as well as being sacked 4 times. That is the game plan for the Giants, create pressure up front on Keenum. However, if he has time, he can get chunk plays passing. He has the number 2 rookie passing weapon, McLaurin, who has a TD reception in all 3 games and 257 yards receiving. Richardson also emerged last week as a downfield threat for the Redskins. He caught 8 of his 9 targets for 83 yards and a touchdown. If Winston threw for 380, you can guarantee that Keenum can throw for 300+ yards vs the Giants secondary that is being roasted and toasted. Bettcher needs to do more here. He should use Baker in more press coverage and dress Love who did not play last week. Giants also have to watch out for the tight end Davis who could be open underneath because Olgetree is out. The Redskins only had 69 yards rushing last week. If they can increase that they will keep the Gmen pass rush honest.

When the Giants get the ball, they will be looking to throw down the field. Yes they will run some with Gallman, but that will be to set up the pass. They only had 72 yard rushing vs the Buccaneers. The Redskins made Gabriel of the Bears look like Jerry Rice for his only game in his career with 3 TD’s.  The Giants want to throw the ball like they did last week and get some of that action. Sheppard had 100 yards and a TD, Engram had a career game with 113 yards and a touchdown and the longest TE touchdown of 75 yards in the 95 years of Giants history. Jones is mobile and he gets rid of the ball quickly, so he should be able to avoid most of the rush. Jones will enjoy another warm up game, before he goes to the deep end of the pool the next 2 weeks and faces the Vikings and the Patriots. I still think this is a 6-7 win team. 

This game smells with the spread only at 3, which is all a home team gets if the teams are even. Teams do bounce back the next game after a bad beating so they may be factoring in this for the Redskins. Also as divisional rivals the teams know each other well. I expect a replay of last week where Jones can throw for 300 yards. Norman no longer looks like a premiere cornerback. The only thing that worries me is that the Giants have played better on the road than at home the past 2 years. However I am calling this one Giants 31 and the Redskins 21, and the total just goes over the 49. 

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