Monday Morning Giants-Daniel Jones 32 Bucs 31

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

We now have reason to be excited, engaged, and more hopeful for the future in watching our team.  It took one player at the most impactful position; quarterback which has the most value. It is our belief,  Daniel Jones had one of the all time great first career games as a Giants rookie QB which is an understatement.  His 4 TDs with 2 from his feet and 2 from his arm hasn’t been seen since the days of Francis Tarkenton.  The Giants O scored 32 points with their best offensive weapon, Barkley, out and limited to 37 total yards (more on that later)   The total rushing yards equated to 74.  His OL gave up FIVE sacks including 3 by his LT, Solder (more on that later).
These are remarkable individual stats and stats to overcome to lead a team to 32 points of offense but there are other intangibles that stick out that make us nerds on NYGunderground more encouraged.  Below is a footage of Jones feeling pressure, using his feet and delivering a deep pass in stride.  It’s the awareness, mobility and athleticism that gets you excited about the future.

The other intangible is leadership in the huddle.  His teammates were taken aback with his usage of the word fuck in the huddle.  Sorry but this is a little shot at Eli and his leadership skills.  He did it multiple times in the huddle and showed fire to his teammates.  Team showed a lot more energy and has his attention.
Now we can address the reality moving forward.  This defense is as bad as the 2009 Bill Sheridan defense( 40 points allowed FIVE times) with CC Brown and, how not to run to play pass coverage.  We all knew after Jones ran it in for the go ahead TD that there was waaaaaay too much time on the clock for that D.  It took no time for Bucs to get to their 10 yard line.  It is absolutely criminal for DC James Bettcher to allow Evans to be matched up with anyone one on one at that stage of the game.  Not to excuse Jenkins but it’s a physical mismatch.  Overall, we question whether Bettcher should be dumbing it down early and asking more as season progresses for his juvenile secondary.  This week we expect marked improvements or we are in a world of trouble for this D.  We shiver at the thought of facing legit offenses vs. what they have faced thus far in Bills and Bucs (Dallas smoked them).
The Barkley and Solder effect.

  Barkley is out for a while.  High ankle sprain is at least 3 weeks.  Gallman is short yardage back and you cut your shifty/cut back RB in Perkins who was quickly picked up.  Solder gave up THREE sacks on the blind side of a rookie QB.  We’ve seen QBs careers altered by poor OL play.  Carr in Houston, Eli developing PTSD, and even more recently Andrew Luck retiring abruptly after years of poor OL play.  Indeed, Shurmur and company have their work cut out with lack of depth at RB and shoring up blind side protection.
Let’s not get carried away with the Danny Dimes mania.  Teams will adjust to his skill set as film provide.  They will attack weaknesses of Gmen and will certainly adjust to Jones’ ability to run.  We are convinced the last TD run was a designed play.  It’s s progression.  He’s going to have real stinkers but in long run we are looking for more Ws than Ls.


“If you want to be a consistent championship contender, you need a great quarterback.”- Ernie Accorsi

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