Preseason Begins: Focus on Football

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Back to School.  Back to Football.

The New York Football Giants begin their preseason vs the New York Jets on Thursday night.   Finally, we can focus on football.  Needless to say, this has been a tumultuous off season for the Giants.   As of the writing of this post,  WFAN’s Mike Francesa will not broadcast from Giants camp.   This is unprecedented.  Francesa, a staunch Giants supporter, appears to be marginalized by the Giants.  This is as a result of his sharp criticism of the team.  Francesa claims embattled Giants GM David Gettleman refused to do an interview with him. 


Francesa,the doyen of Giants commentators, not being at Giants camp is bad optics. For Gettleman not wanting toappear on Francesa’s program, this shows us he is a coward.  This is nothing new.  When the Giants season was spiraling out of control  (1-7 record),  Gettleman went into hiding.  As a matter of fact, there was no public appearance or comments from him until the miserable 2018 season ended.  Gettleman’s bravado in 2018 was Kick Ass.   The only thing that got kicked was Gettleman’s and the Giants’ ass.  Seriously,  this sets up a dangerous precedent.  In the future,  are reporters who are critical of the Giants have their press credentials revoked or limited?  More will be revealed.

Speaking of revealed,  once again, another unfortunate incident has affected the Giants.  Newly acquired WR Golden Tate will be suspended four games for using a banned substance.

Gettleman’s replacement for Beckham is going to miss the first four games of the season.  It seems whatever the Giants attempt to do to change the conversation,  things backfire.  NBC Sports’ Peter King shared his thoughts about the Giants:  1. I think some franchises can look like they’re under black clouds. That’s how the Browns have looked for more than two decades, mostly; whatever can go wrong does—at least until about last November. As I watched the opening days of New York Giants training camp, I saw that black cloud. The top three receivers might be lost for between six weeks and the season. How amazing that GM Dave Gettleman might have to consider bringing in a player that brought him heartache in Carolina, Kelvin Benjamin, or a former Cowboy who is dying to get back, Dez Bryant, to scotch-tape the Giants at receiver. For King to share this,  he knows things will unfold unkindly for the Giants in 2019.  This term black cloud symbolizes doom and gloom.  Like King,  this is the same portent I see coming too. On the other hand,  Gettleman has exclaimed to “Trust me.” Finally,  I found a positive take on the Giants.


The hope for Thursday’s game is Daniel Jones plays lights out.  This would assuage the negativity or black cloud surrounding the Giants.


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