Prophet’s Pulpit-Bears vs NYG Preview & Prediction


Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

This Giants loss really hurts. It shows the ineptitude of Shurmur and Shula. The Giants dominated the first half. They had a 19-3 lead. The defense broke down in the second half. As far as I am concerned ShurmTer is dead man walking. He is in the deep end of the pool now as a head coach without a life vest. Maybe he is only a coordinator in this league. He is done in this town. Mara will keep him at least for another year because that is what they do. They could not unleash a passing attack in the 2nd half with the Eagles missing 4 starting DB’s! It’s just inexplicable.

Obviously this is not a bad a loss as say the January 2003 playoff game vs. the 49ers where the Giants had a 38-14 lead. They let Jeff Garcia torch them throwing to Terrell Owens for 177 yards and 2 TD’s. Jason Sehorn could not cover him one on one and he got no help. However, when they are having as bad a season as they have and they have the hated Eagles on the ropes; they have to put them away. I want them to get a high draft pick but when you have to win when you are dominating. In the midst of the game like this, you get your juices going watching it as a fan and it shouldn’t feel as devastating as it should in a nowhere season.
The first half stats are staggering when compared to the total game stats. The Giants had 236 passing yards, 110 rushing yards for 346 total yards. Eli was 19 for 25 for 236 yards with one TD and one pick. That is 9.4 yards per target which is in elite territory. Barkley was on fire with 9 rushes for 94 yards, 6 receptions for 37 yards and 2 TD’s. In fantasy PPR scoring that would be 31.1 points in a half! Shurmur explained that the penalties, 11 for 91 yards, and game flow took Barkley out of the game in the second half. I have not seen a coaching move like that since the Patriots played the Chargers in a January 2007 playoff game. The Patriots came back in the second half to win the game 24-21. Schottenheimer only rushed HOF RB Tomlinson only 4 times in the 4th quarter when they could have put the game away killing the clock. It cost Schottenheimer his job with an amazing 14-2 regular season record and took away Rivers best chance and maybe his last at a Super Bowl ring. It was one of Belichick’s top 3 coaching games in his history. Brady’s top 3 receivers were Gaffney, Caldwell and Brown!
The Giants did nothing in the second half last week. They only had 56 total yards! This game reminds me of recent playoff game vs the Packers. The Giants dominated for the first 27 minutes and then they fell apart on the road. Last Sunday’s game turned at the end of the 1st half. Eli forced a pass to OBJ where he was double covered and it was an interception. He had Barkley in the flat wide open. Eli has had lapses in judgment throughout his whole career. They had a chance to add-on at least a field goal that would have sent them to overtime if everything played out like it did.
It’s difficult to get up for the next game coming off such a choke performance. The Giants are likely to win 0 to 1 games for the rest of the year based on the schedule. The key this week is for them is to get 6-7 yards on the 1st and 2nd down. They cannot be in 3rd and long and at the mercy of the Bears pass rush. The Bears have 29 takeaways and 6 for touchdowns! This is first in the NFL. I hate to say it but I can see an Eli throwing a pick 6. It seems that now that the new look OL has 3 weeks of tape; they are having less success vs the rush. Khalil Mack will be licking his chops to create havoc. The Giants need to get Barkley in space. They need to be patient unlike the 2nd half last week. If they can get a run game going it can set up play action. Then they can take shots to OBJ and the other receivers.
Trubisky is out again. Chase Daniel did pretty well for his first start in a while. He threw for 230 with 2 TD’s completing 73% of his passes. He will throw to Gabriel and Robinson. The Giants are always vulnerable to the tight ends. So Burton should have a good game. The Giants are hard pressed to stop the 3rd down backs. I expect Cohen to do better than Howard, who has disappeared this year. The Bears are looking to get a lead and let the best unit on the field, their defense do the rest. They want to have the ball 35 minutes.
The Giants this year are playing better on the road than at home. The Bears are 8-3 and are the better team. It will be a major upset if the Giants can beat the Bears. Based on the evidence I am calling this game Chicago 27 and the Giants 16. It’s sad to say that this team’s final record may be no better than the 2017 McAdoo Giants.

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