Prophet’s Pulpit-Tampa Bay vs NYG Preview & Prediction


Written by:  Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca”

The Giants finally win a game vs a 49ers team that was decimated by injuries. Garoppolo, McKinnon, Tartt, Foster, Mostert, and Colbert were out. Goodwin and Ward left the game when they were injured. It was not easy but a lot of positive factors were responsible for the win. Eli was only sacked once. This was the big key to the game. The 49ers sacked Carr from the Raiders 8 times the previous week. Eli was also just hit 4 times. The 49ers just decided not to blitz and that was a mistake for them. The Giants had their starting field position at the 34 yard line. This was only the second game where they averaged over the 30 yard line. The Giants also scored all 27 points in the red zone.
The secret weapon was Jaron Brown, RG. He was a savior who came over from the Rams, who are used to winning. He replaces Omameh, who was horrible! This was a terrible addition by Gettleman. The one thing he does that Jerry wouldn’t is cut his mistakes. The Giants have an astounding $43M+ in dead money against the cap this year!

The 49ers were rolling out Mullens, who was the 3rd string QB, for only his second start. The 49ers still won the time of possession battle handily with 34:14. The Giants were efficient in their scoring. Eli just threw for just 188 yards but had 3 TD’s. The Giants rushed for only 97 yards. The other key in the game was the TWO BJ Goodson interceptions. The first one was at the San Francisco 12. It resulted in the first Giants score.
The Giants were the superior team here. I predicted the score San Francisco 23, Giants 21 which gives the Gmen the cover with the line being 3 points. The only factor I was worried about was the 8 sacks from the previous week. With the porous OL, especially the right side, I though Eli would be running for his life. The game was 23-20, 49ers, which was close to my prediction. What happened this week is the Giants got the go ahead score with 57 seconds left. That did not happen in the past. So they have some momentum and a positive feeling in the locker room.
Turning to this week the Giants are favored after Tampa Bay imploded last week and only scored 3 points. Their problem is turnovers. They are -19 in turnover margin and have 5 picks in the red zone. Last week the Bucs were the first team in NFL history to have more than 450 yards and score only 3 points! They had 501 yards. This made Tampa Bay the #1 offense in yards per game in the NFL at 453 yards/game after 10 weeks, over the potent Chiefs and Rams offenses. Dick Koetter took over the play calling from Todd Monken and that was a disaster. Maybe Todd is calling the game vs. the Gmen.
When Tampa has the ball it will be bombs away to Evans, Jackson, Howard, Godwin, Humphries and Rodgers. The Giants are 18th vs the pass, or only 244/yards a game. So the usual Tampa pass total should be down. If the Giants can get the turnovers, it will be easy for them. I expect a big game for OJ Howard. The Giants gave up 9 catches to TE Kittle last week on 10 targets for 83 yards. It could have been worse as they went away from him in the second half.
When the Giants have the ball they catch a break with Lavonte David and Vin Curry out. Kwon Alexander is on IR and CB Stewart is out. There are 4 lesser Buc defensive players on IR also. The Giants will try to run Barkley to set up the play action to OBJ, Stewart and Engram. I expect OBJ to have his 100+ yards and 1-2 TD’s .Barkley should have 125+ yards on at least 6 passes and his rushes. Eli has thrown for 280 yards in 4 of his last 5 games (the only one he didn’t was last week).
With a little momentum, being at home against a team that turns the ball over the most in the league, I am calling for the Giants second win in a row in a close game. Giants 31-Tampa Bay 27. The Giants are moving away from the Herbert sweepstakes win more wins. With the remaining schedule, they could win 5-6 games. To get Herbert, they would have to move to the top of the draft to get him.

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