Prophet’s Pulpit- Thursday Night Edition. Giants vs Eagles.

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I apologize that I don’t have time on the short week to do a full breakdown of last week’s game. There is a lot to talk about there especially incompetent officials. It was a bit of a turning point. As much as OBJ’s bus driving in public is inexcusable, the team showed a real spark for the first time all year. Eli attempted to throw deep to Beckham and he did with 14 targets. 

The Giants played the Eagles tough last year in both games, and had a chance to win both. Just like last week, they lost one of those games on a 61 yard field goal as time expired. It was real dejavu and just as tough to take. It will be bombs away again tonight. Eli was 35/47 366 yards, 3 TD’s, 2 picks in game 1 and in game 2 his stat line was 37/434, 3 TD’s, 1 pick. OBJ benefited from this as well as Sheppard who caught 18 passes in both games combined. 

So when the Giants have the ball, Eli will have to throw. Barkley, who only rushed for 50 yards last week, will not run for more against the Eagles wide 9. Eli will have to use the short passes to him like they did against the Jaguars when he had double digit receptions. I expect OBJ to have 100+ yards as the Eagle secondary is the Achilles Heel of that defense. Jalen Mills has been getting toasted like a S’more in a campfire. Latimer is back so Eli has a full complement of weapons, so lock in 300+ yards. 

When the Eagles have the ball, Wentz finds an offensive line that is not as efficient as last year, a receiving corps that is beat up, and running backs that are dwindling. Ajayi is now on IR and Sproles is out. That leaves the work split between Clement and Smallwood. Olivier Vernon is finally back after missing 5 games. For $85M he has had a big injury problem since he’s been with the Gmen. Jeffrey is back but has been struggling some. Jenkins will be on him. Jenkins did a good job vs Hopkins and Thomas. Rhodes took out Jeffrey last week. However Jenkins can be still be beat. Agholor has come back to earth since he was the lead dog in the first 2 weeks. The weapon they will use tonight is Ertz. He has the most all time targets for tight ends through the first 5 weeks at 58. I expect that he will have 10+ targets and catch at least 8 passes. The Eagles can also play 12 personnel with Goedert who can also create matchupproblems. The Giants are better covering over the middle but they are still vulnerable there. 

The Eagles have won 7 of the last 8 meetings. The home team on Thursday night wins 61% of the time. Both teams average less than 21 points a game this year. The over/under is low at 44.5 and the line has fallen from Philly -3 to 1.5. The Prophet agrees. I am calling for the upset based on the renewed effort displayed Sunday (albeit still with some errors). The division is up for grabs. The future games look more favorable with a Falcons team crumbling and a 49ers team without Jimmy G. So this is a must game. I am calling it Giants 27 and the Eagles 24 as they save their season, at least for now.

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