Solder-A Key Cog for 2018

New York Giants “Solder” – ing on in Free Agency – by Alexander George

Nate Solder

Left tackle Nate  Solder has signed a contract with the New York Giants organization for four years, sixty-two million dollars.

Solder is definitely an upgrade over former left tackle Ereck Flowers, and has the credentials to prove it. In college, Solder is part of the “First Team All – Big 12 Conference” in 2009 and 2010. He is also the “Big 12 Conference Offensive Lineman of the Year” in 2010.In Nate Solder’s first year in the NFL, the publications of Pro-Football Weekly and the Sporting News gave him the title of “All Rookie” in 2011.

Drafted by the New England Patriots in round one, seventh pick, Nate Solder has been one of the longest tenured offensive lineman in quarterback’s Tom Brady latter part of his career. With the exception of 2015, in which Solder suffered a season ending right bicep injury, he has started in nearly every single game of his career. During his time with the Patriots, he played in sixteen playoff games and was a part of two Superbowl winning teams.

Ereck Flowers on the other hand has only played in one playoff game showing his lack of playoff experience. Furthermore, Flowers has amassed a ton of penalties in the short three-year tenure with the New York Giants so far. In the forty-six games Flowers has started in, he was penalized twenty-six times for over two hundred and ten yards. The penalties came with the sudden change of positions of right to left tackle. Will Beatty was the starting left tackle for the Giants organization in 2015 until he tore his pectoral muscle in weight training during OTA’s thereby missing the entire season on injured reserve. With the sudden switching of positions for Flowers, his weakness as a pass protector ultimately showed. As indicated in draft reports, Flowers main strength is in his run blocking ability.  As a pro, he has failed to open up holes for our running backs. In my opinion, I think he is better suited to play guard in the NFL.

The New York Giants general manager, Dave Gettleman realize that a change in the left tackle position was not only necessary but critical to the projected Giants success this upcoming season. Luckily for the Giants, the New England Patriots two-year contract extension in 2015 came with a clause that prevented the Patriots to place the franchise tag on Solder after the extension was up. As a result of the clause, Gettlemen wasted no time in making Nate Solder a New York Giant and the highest paid left tackle in the NFL with a record annual salary of over 15.5 million dollars per year.

It is my belief, Solder is the linch pin of this newly built offensive line.  He has to stay healthy and perform up to his contract.  If he does, then the Giants will improve on scoring points in 2018.  Over the last two years, the Giants have averaged 16 points per game.  With Solder anchoring the offensive line, the Giants will improve their anemic run game which will enable Eli Manning to improve on his passing.  Consequently, my hope is this will correlate to scoring more points and winning more games in 2018.

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