Trainwreck Flowers: A Negative First Impression

flowers idiot

Back from vacation and I find out this mook did not show up to the Giants first workout.

Embattled and inept Giants tackle Ereck “Trainwreck” Flowers was a surprise no-show at the Meadowlands.   What is he and is agent thinking?   The last remnant of Reese’s high drafted offensive lineman is going to have to battle for a roster spot at right tackle.  After Giants GM David Gettleman viewed the film of Flowers,  a definite upgrade was needed at left tackle.  So Gettleman overpaid  for Nate Solder.  This forces Flowers to move to the right side of the line.  Knowing he has to win a roster spot, it does not make any sense for him to not show up.   So much for a good first impression.  An explanation for Flowers petulant behavior:  by moving to right tackle his earning power has decreased.  In the NFL,  a left tackle makes more than a right tackle.    

As of 2016, salaries show that, at present, left tackles are still valued more highly than right tackles. The annual salary cap hit for the top 10 tackles in the league for the 2016 season is just under $9.85 million. For right tackles based on the same criteria, it’s just over $6.5 million per year.

Clearly, he is inveighing his displeasure with management about the move to right tackle.  This is a plausible explanation because Flowers is in his last year of his rookie contract.  He signed a 4 year deal in 2015.   The question is what are the Giants going to do with this hump?  Gettleman is most likely not done rebuilding and repairing the Giants offensive line.  On the Giants depth chart at right tackle is Flowers and second year pro  Adam Bisnowaty.  Both guys are not quality starting right tackles.  Needless to say, Gettleman has to draft or acquire another right tackle.  In today’s game, defensive coordinators target a weak link on an opposing teams’ offensive line.  Indeed, if Flowers does win the job, he is the weak link.   Along with many Giants fans,  we have had enough of Flowers’ shoddy play.

One of the many sacks given up by Trainwreck:

Other observations:

Giants found their slot corner.   Veteran defensive back William Gay signed with the Giants.  This guy is durable too a fault.  He has played in 176 out of 176 games.  He never missed a game do to an injury.   Let us hope he continues his streak and is a marked improvement over the unemployed DRC.

OBJ:   Thankfully, he showed up to practice.  By doing so, this eschewed a media circus.  But is this a good faith effort because his side and the Giants will come together and get him signed to a long-term deal? Or is this a truce between OBJ and the Giants to keep the OBJ hysteria off the back pages?  At this point, the Giants have all the leverage.  If they plan on trading him, they have to pull the trigger prior to the draft or on draft day.  Otherwise, if OBJ’s camp and the Giants are still at an impasse, the story of him being unsigned will continue to be a talking point.  This is something the Giants do not want.

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