A Tale of Two JPPs!

jpp working out

Two time Pro-Bowler Jason Pierre Paul’s (J.P.P) tenure with the New York Giants is over. After nine seasons with the organization, J.P.P. is going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a trade. The Giants get an additional third round pick (69th overall) and swap their fourth round pick with the Bucs.

This trade orchestrated by the current general manager , Dave Gettleman, comes into play where JPP will only be entering only his second year of a new 4 year, 62 million dollar contract implemented by last year’s general manager, Jerry Reese. As a result of this trade, the Bucs pay JPP the remainder of his 3 year contract while the Giants still owe J.P.P. 15 million dollars but save 2.5 million dollars of cap money for the 2018 season.

Besides J.P.P. not fitting into the Giants new 3 – 4 defensive scheme, the organization traded the defensive end due to his deterioration in play the last three seasons caused by a fireworks accident on July 4, 2015. His sack total the past three seasons was 16.5 while having just as many sacks in the 2011 season alone. His current career total of 1 safety and 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns happened before the 2015 fireworks accident.

jpp club

The trading market for J.P.P. was not probably as high as it should have been due to the hand injury he sustained. Nonetheless, the Bucs, who are in desperate need for a pass rusher, settled on J.P.P. after they could not acquire Robert Quinn (Dolphins) or Michael Bennett (Seahawks) in free agency.

In Glenn’s post:  This was his thoughts on JPP:

The toughest one on this list to move is JPP.  According to Spotrac,  the out of JPP’s nightmare contract is 2020 in which the salary cap hit would be 5 million dollars.  After watching the 2018 tape of JPP,  I am sure Gettleman will cajole Mara to eat a huge part of his contract and ship him off somewhere to get a draft pick in return.  This would be the smart move.  But the contract may be impossible for the Giants to swallow.  JPP has almost 23 million dollars of dead money for 2018 season.  The likelihood of him moving on is remote.

Unlike Jerry Reese,  Dave Gettleman knew he had to move JPP because of his albatross of a contract as well as his underacheiveing performance on the field.  It is our belief, the tipping point for JPP’s departure had to be the Oakland Raiders game.  In this game,  former pathetic tackle Marhsall Newhouse dominated JPP.  After watching the film, we believe Gettleman grabbed a barf bag and then speed dialed John Mara.  Indeed, this guy has to go.  Plus,  JPP was very vocal about Giants fans not showing up to MetLife at the end of the season.

“Our fans are gonna be our fans. I feel like the true fans that’s really true to the New York Giants and organization and to the players, whoever they follow whatever, the true fans are gonna be there,” Pierre-Paul told the New York Daily News. “You don’t know how the season’s gonna go when you start. Injuries occur, and at the end of the day the true fans are gonna be there supporting — in the cold, it’s gonna be freezing. We already know that.

“I know one thing for sure: my son will be there supporting me. So the real fans there, I know I got one person supporting me. And that’s all that matters.”

Because of Reese’s pride,  JPP was on the Giants way too long.  In retrospect,  he had one outstanding year which was 2011.  Like any professional football player, the injuries start to affect one’s play.  Because of his back, shoulder, and hernia, and as well as him blowing off fingers,  he was a shell of himself.  Thankfully, Gettleman traded him and the Giants got something in return.  Giants fans: Rejoice.



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