“Getteling it right!”


Giants GM Dave Gettleman is making smart decisions in free agency.  This is the first step in getting the Giants back on track.


Okay.  Gettleman did not sign free agent guard Andrew Norwell in free agency.  Many Giants fans were apoplectic about being snubbed by Tom Coughlin and the Jaguars.   After missing out on Norwell, Gettleman signed free agent running back Jonathan Stewart.  Again, many Giants fans did not agree with signing a complimentary running back who is thirty years old.  I have two thoughts about both situations.  With regards to Norwell,  I would have liked him on the team.  However, the Giants did not have a competent tackle on their roster.  In the Giants case, how do you overpay for a guard when you have a dire need for tackles?   As for Stewart,  let us face the facts.  The Giants do not have proven running backs on their roster.  Darkwa?  Gallman? Perkins? All of these guys are question marks.  Darkwa is not a good pass catcher or blocker.  As for the other two, these are Jerry Reach draft picks.  This means we have to be cautious.  When has a Jerry Reese draft pick pay dividends over the last six years.  OBJ and Collins being the exceptions. So Stewart is a consummate professional who has had a very good NFL career.  He can run, block, and catch the ball out of the backfield. Having him on the team upgrades the Giants running back position.  Keep in mind,  Gettleman is not done with this position.  The Giants will add more running backs to their roster.

Day two of free agency quelled the outrage.  As I posted on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

Gettleman got it done.  He signed the best free agent tackle available.  Did he overpay for Solder?   Absolutely!  Solder, a veteran tackle drafted by New England, is the highest paid tackle in the NFL.  Contract details: 4 years 62 million dollars with 35 million guaranteed.  What does Solder bring?  Instant credibility.  Signing him is not a patch but a fix to a serious problem at the tackle position.  Is he up in age?  Yes.  He will turn 30 in April. But the same can be said of Andrew Whitworth.  Recall, last year, Whitworth was the best tackle in free agency.  Bird brain GM Jerry Reese decided not to sign him.

We want to be a younger football team,” Reese said.

“Everybody has an opinion about who was available and who wasn’t. To us, it didn’t make sense for us, and that’s what we went with. We want to be a younger offensive line. Again, do you want to try to develop a 23-year old guy, or do you want to bring in a 36-year old guy? We chose to go with the young guy. … We looked at all different situations with all the offensive linemen available. We stayed with what we have.”

Lemmings like Paul “The Simple Worm” Dottino parroted the Giants company line.  Telling fans the arrow is pointing up with Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart.  In other words, they got better in the offseason. Even former NJ.com Giants reporter James Kratch defended Reese.   Because of these lickspittle lemmings, fans got a negative impression of Whitworth.  And were mislead about the improvement of Hart and Flowers.  One year later,  Rams coach Sean McVay had this to share about Whitworth:

“He’s been a great leader. I think anytime that you’re able to get a player of his caliber, but also the type of person that he is, he makes a huge impact on the locker room. I think what says as much as anything is that he comes in here his first year, acclimates himself to the locker room, getting familiar with his teammates and is voted captain and it was almost unanimous for it. He’s influencing and affecting his teammates in the right way, he’s had a huge impact on really me as a coach as well where you know that he’s a veteran player that you can go to for perspective and advice to kind of get a feel and a pulse for the locker room in making sure that it’s always the players and coaches are on the same page and kind of in alignment with what we’re trying to get accomplished. He’s been a great player on the field, I think he’s helped really in addition to (Offensive Line) Coach (Aaron) Kromer’s guidance from that offensive line unit as a whole. You look at the way that (T) Rob Havenstein has played and I know those two spend a lot of time talking techniques, different things like that. So, Andrew’s value – you can’t really put a value on how important he’s been to us and we feel really fortunate to have gotten him this offseason.”

And our new GM Gettleman:  kicked Bobby Hart in the ass.  He is off the team.  And now tackle Ereck Flowers will be moved from left tackle to compete for a position at right tackle.  Message to Giants fans:  read between the lines when a crappy GM defends his awful draft picks and be skeptical of lemmings repeating the company line.

Other moves:

Giants signed OLB Kareem Martin.  Martin, a former Arizona Cardinal,  knows James Bettcher’s scheme.  This hire was stamped by Bettcher.  Immediately, the Giants get a guy who will be an impact player.  Martin had a monster game versus the Giants on Christmas eve.  In the 23-0 shutout of the Giants, Martin had three tackles, a sack,  and a forced fumble.  He has only 4.5 sacks in his career.  Not much to show over his entire career.  On the other hand, Martin, only 26 years old, will only get better.  A solid pick up.

Another Mollie:  Gettleman missed out on Norwell and he did sign a guard.  Gettleman poached Jaguar guard Patrick Omameh.  Omameh is better than any guard on the Giants roster.  Giants retained guards John Greco and Jon Halapio.  Both guys are serviceable players. Like the Stewart signing,  Omameh is an upgrade.

Teddy Williams:   A cornerback who guess what is a former Panther!  This move is to provide depth to the cornerback position as well as adding

Nate Solder
A proven mollie who can help the Giants get better.

much-needed help to the second worst special teams unit in the NFL.

Other thoughts:

No word on Eli Manning’s roster bonus.  The Giants have not announced it officially.  What is taking so long?

Waiting to hear about the fates of Brandon Marshall, John Jerry, Dwayne Harris, OV,  and Janoris Jenkins.  Will they be back in 2018?

From my partner Paul Burke on the Jets and Colts trade:  The New York Jets made a splash move trading their number one pick this year ( 6th overall) and three second round picks to the Colts in exchange for the THIRD overall selection in this years draft.

This gives a lot of leverage for the Giants.  So much it really makes sense for Gettleman to trade down.  They could reap big on picks.  It is my belief, the Giants are in love with Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen or they trade down. That is it.  In my opinion, Barkley is not valuable enough to overcome this scenario.  


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