Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Raiders Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants provided the wrong type of entertainment for a national turkey day audience in prime time. It was downright embarrassing. It was definitely one of the worst games of Eli’s career. He was 13 of 27 for 113 yards, 0 TDs and one interception. The team did not score an offensive TD, and the offense scored three points. The Gmen had just seven first downs, a 14% 3rd-down efficiency and 84 rushing yards. They lost the time of possession battle by nearly 10 minutes, 34:37 to 25:23.

This led to the benching of Eli Manning. At first, I was surprised, but the more you analyze it, it is a Belichickian move. The Patriots, if they had Eli, may have dealt him last year or the year before. They get rid of players before all the juice in the orange is squeezed out. His play would warrant a change. Eli missed receivers by 10-15 yards versus the Redskins. On one play in the red zone, all he had to do is throw a five-yard pass to Vereen, and he missed him! I don’t know if Vereen could have scored, but he certainly could have made it to the two-yard line.

On the surface, the Giants have nothing to lose by moving out Eli. It certainly is a slap in the face to a 14-year veteran who has been nothing but great representation for the franchise. He has been a model citizen in a league that has had its share of bad characters over the years. This is totally out of character for a stoic organization that is not known for rash and emotional decisions.

I think McAdoo is feeling the heat. Certainly, you do not make this move for Geno Smith. We all know who he is. He has a strong arm and is prone to turnovers. He basically is a bad QB, (he sucks). He is more mobile than Eli is. They will be changing away from him to Webb to see what they have in a week or two. They do not want to expose him to that horrific OL right away. They will get a top-three pick and have access to the best QBs coming out in years. I do not think he is the answer. There have been also theories that the Giants are tanking to maintain a high pick. I don’t know if I give them that much credit.

Turning to this week’s game, The Giants have 3 starters on the OL out!!! I have been screaming for over 5 years that the Giants will lose 3 starters like they do every year on the OL and there is NO DEPTH. Chad Wheeler at RT will be super overmatched vs. Mack and he will need help.

Let me paste my take in week 1 where I said that would happen AGAIN!

From the Week 1 Prophet’s Pulpit:

What have we learned about Jerry “Reach” after all these years?

He does not believe in the offensive line. He continues to ignore this position. The Giants always have at least three offensive linemen who will miss four to six games a year. But there is no depth. I’m glad he picked up Fluker, but they are not using him. I would replace Jerry with him or put him at left tackle to replace the bust, Flowers. Jerry is going to leave him at LT to prove he is right. The failure of this unit will keep the team from achieving any greatness this year. Look at the playoff teams last year: 90% had a top rated OL.

This is the Giants first visit back to Oakland’s “Black Hole since New Year’s Eve 2005. I remember four things from that Saturday night game. (It was a New Year’s Eve party at home that year.) First, before you sat down and had your first cocktail, Tiki Barber broke a 95-yard run, which may be the longest in Giants’ history. Second, Eli had a 78-yard bomb to Plaxico Burress that was the longest play for both at that time. Third, there was a Morton 58-yard punt return to the one-yard line. Last, a great four-down goal line stand at the one-yard line. They stopped Crockett three times and ironically, Kerry Collins, former Giant, on 4th down.

Not much to say about this game. The key for any hope is that Shepard plays, which is likely. That keeps Engram, who has done nothing in the last two games, from being double covered. The Raiders have allowed fewer than 100 yards rushing in five of their last six games. So, the run game will be limited. Their best chance is passing. The Raiders secondary is beatable, but will Geno have enough time to make some passes?

When the Raiders have the ball, their passing game is limited because Cooper is hurt and Crabtree got suspended for the fight with Talib. The next targets are Roberts, Patterson and of course the TE, Cook. Giants are 32nd versus TEs (well documented in these Pulpits over the weeks), so he should have a good day. Jenkins is on IR, which is a big blow, but it is “beastmode” time. Lynch will get the ball plenty and he should get over 100 yards and a TD or two.

Giants on the road, Geno starting, three starters out on the OL, plus no Jenkins spells disaster. The Raiders win this one comfortably 31-10. The Giants keep their top-draft status alive. The Geno move helps facilitate #FireJerry #FireMcAdoo.


One thought on “Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Raiders Preview & Prediction

  1. John F December 3, 2017 / 8:59 am

    Very good analysis. With all the discussion about the decision on Eli I have heard very few talk about the connection to the last game against the Redskins. I can imagine that as awful of a game that Eli had against Washington he was probably itching to get back out there and play well against the Raiders. And what happens? He gets benched and it is very possible his last game in a Giants uniform is that stinker against Washington. That is sickening to think about. I don’t know if I can even watch the Giants game on Sunday. Other than the attention of seeing a train wreck…..


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