Is Mara Capable?

Written by: Paul Burke

If you read his interview, you have to be shaking your head. The man comes off as so disingenuous. If he really wasn’t fully involved in this decision, and blindsided by the rashness of how it went down, then he should show some leadership. Good grief, this is not looking good for decision making, moving forward. This fiasco should never have evolved to such a level of stupidity. It is total and utter mismanagement from the top down.

The ultimate fall guy is Reese. He is unable to think proactively. Look no further than 2012 when the OL should have been a priority to rebuild, piece by piece. Never mind the reactive FA splurge to cover up the gigantic holes in the D last year. You could also argue that not only was it a product of poor drafting, but also a trickle down effect of allocating high draft picks on the OL. Again, that was a product of reactive management.

Yet another sign of poor management is the handling of OBJ. They should have been proactive internally in addressing some of the early signs of his behavior. Don’t tell me there weren’t incidents internally that demonstrated warning signs. The lack of accountability early on for his behavior, in essence, enabled him. It became a situation that once again got out of hand.

There are concerns about whether John Mara has the capability and skills to run this operation. The man has never had a true job. Yes, he has a law degree and worked for six years at two separate law firms, but he is not a self-made man. Wellington was not, either. They endured those dark years from 1966-1979 under Wellington’s watch until George Young was ushered in by Rozelle.

Detroit is another example. It is the worst sports franchise in history. They have one playoff victory in 50 years. A big part of that was obviously the incompetence of the William Clay Ford family. WCF never had a true job in his life. He was pushed out of Ford Motors and given the keys to the Lions. The man was extremely nice and loyal. All you need to know about his business acumen is the record of the Lions organization. I am still in awe of how such an incompetent organization still makes money hand over fist.  This is the most baffling case of economics in history.

The bottom line is Reese should be have been shown the door weeks ago, if not years ago. There are too many signs of poor management and no clear direction of the team. It is clearly obvious he has no system in place. No reason to not start the process now to find the best possible GM candidate moving forward. Again, this is a concern with ownership in not being proactive at this critical juncture. The next month will be extremely important for the future of this franchise as it relates to the business leadership skills of John Mara.

Coming soon, we will address what the future GM/front office should look like based on trends in not just the NFL but professional sports in general. We will also analyze and critique the current make up of the front office.


One thought on “Is Mara Capable?

  1. December 2, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Well written P.B.


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