Pinnacle of Ineptitude – Eli Manning Benched

Written by: Paul Burke

No, it is not the 2-9 record, the implosion of the defense that ranks at the bottom of the league in so many categories, the woeful OL or the locker room turmoil. This is the pinnacle. Whether Eli is washed up or just a bystander of a dysfunctional football team does not really matter. The man brought you two Super Bowls – one single-handedly – when he played the best stretch of his career. He’s handled himself with grace, class and put the team ahead of himself. This is purely about how this dysfunctional organization managed the situation, and how it never should have lead to this.

Davis Webb, as we all know, is the QB who needs to see minutes on the field, but it may as well be the distance from Earth to Mars. The team was headed nowhere, and anyone with a half a brain figured that out sometime in early October. A proactive front office would implore the coaching staff for the good of the organization to start getting Webb reps in practice. He should have been groomed at that point to be number two on the depth chart. But no, they were too busy being delusional and arrogant in the belief that they could turn things around.

It doesn’t take a degree in statistics from M.I.T. to figure out the probability of your team  making the playoffs was as great as getting struck by lightning. No, you continue to stash him deep on the depth chart, getting reps portraying your next opponent week in and week out. Back in October, when Webb was getting practice reps with the first- and second-string offense, it would have been a rather simple transition even prior to this upcoming game. When you were getting your head blown off by the Rams, that was the opportunity to insert Webb for mop up.

That is just one example where a seamless transition could have been made for Eli to step down instead of dropping a bomb of the fan base that Eli has been sent to the bench, and Geno “Freaking” Smith is the starter. Talk about an insult. Many Giants fans abhor the Jets and we have even mocked them in the past, rightfully so. How insulting is it to have a Jets castoff taking over for the QB who is perhaps the best in franchise history? Think about those optics, John Mara.

Good God, do we need to blow this thing up and rebuild in so many dire ways!

More to come about the new-age GM and what the organization should be modeling itself around.


2 thoughts on “Pinnacle of Ineptitude – Eli Manning Benched

  1. Michael November 29, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    You are SO correct-Webb should have been groomed as a back-up–you would see in practice if he has what it takes–could have split some actual playing time with Eli!! Now you are left with Geno and an untried rookie-no transistion now since Eli will not be on roster next year! Do you actually think Beckham will sign with no ELI-not really!!


  2. pandrea2 December 2, 2017 / 3:35 am

    It is past time to pay attention to an old adage “you can’t get blood from a stone”

    I am more surprised by the fans reaction than I am by one of the most banal organizations in football demeaning,betraying,abusing a man who “bled blue” for 14 years,was a role model where there are very few,was a guy who “showed up” for all the work,the practice and then worked more on his own time. Eli is a guy who would alter his contract to help the Giants “salary cap”. Eli was/is a man who “came to play” everyday,started 210 games no matter what,never took the easy way out and took a severe beating most of his years that he not only survived but won 2 Super Bowls when the odds were astronomical against. This guy Never embarrassed the game,his team,his fans,his family. He was/is almost a too good to be true” guy at a time where there are few.
    Oh,thank You John Mara,Tisch,Reese,the front office,the parade of pals.buddies,losers the Giants hired,allowed to stay,the guys who gave us this sieve of an offensive line,no running game,no solid “team” players,no different ideas,perhaps the worst G.M.,surely one of the worst ever as the Giant legacy is “toast.”

    There is much more but I will save it for another time,maybe when I am dead. Has anyone stopped to think why the Giants,year after year are at the top of the injury list? Most blame the trainer which is surely a part but check the record. How many Giant receivers,some great ended up seriously injured and out of the game so soon? The Giant tight ends who came from fairly land then proceeded to play very,very key roles in Super Bowl seasons,those who were great,really good for a few years then horribly injured and never the same,the entire 8 that Reese took in year one,the supposed “great” draft. Maybe it was,maybe it should have been but all of these guys were injured,OUT in a few years if that.

    The Giants quietly have run “suicide” routes vicious hits for it’s receivers,routes that dictate vicious hit after vicious hit with no concern for their men.They treat their players like yesterdays feces,flush the toilet and then do it again and again. That is just the “tip of the Iceberg” The Giants McAdoo said” we need to play these guys,pull Eli,humiliate him” as an obligation to the team and the future.

    Oh Bob,Jerry We are foolish but NOT stupid. You blew $200 million+ in free agency now this disgraceful,self serving act out of desperation to save you jobs! As everything else”two little” way too late as if justice is served you will be FIRED,Removed,hopefully unemployed as are those whose lives,jobs and legacy you have destroyed.


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