Thanksgiving Edition of Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Redskins Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the Giants two wins have come from the two most improbable matchups this year. However, the Denver win has lost its luster as we have seen the Denver Broncos implode. The Giants showed the best effort all year this past week. Jenkins got his act together and acted as a professional. The conditions with the high wind definitely helped the Giants.

The Chiefs couldn’t take their deep shots to Hill and Kelce. I think Andy Reid was equally responsible for the Giants’ win to go along with the Giants’ resurgence. He only ran Kareem Hunt six times in the first half when the conditions would warrant more runs. He also took one deep shot. Regardless of the wind, he had to take some shots to keep the defense from crowding the box. He had TE Kelce throw a long pass that was intercepted.

The three turnovers were the difference in the game. The Chiefs outgained the Gmen 363 to 313 yards, and they owned the time of possession 37 to 30 minutes. Andy was 16-2 coming off a bye, and he was flat using trick plays. Does he need to use trick plays to beat a one-win team? Alex Smith rarely creates turnovers as he is careful with the ball. The gift pick to Snacks was a horrible play call that often leads to a bad result. Smith also threw another interception.

I have been saying for years that Jerry “Reach’s biggest blind spot is that he has ignored offensive-line depth for years. Every year, the Giants have lost at least three starting linemen for at least four games and many times more than that. Alas, it has happened again as the Prophet had predicted: C Richburg is on IR. Pugh has been out the past few weeks, and Fluker is in a walking boot 48 hours before the early week game and will be out. This has caused the demise this year. Rookie Wheeler did a respectable job in his first big game, but can he keep it up?

The tight-end streak of giving up a touchdown to the opponent’s TEs for the past 10 weeks is over. Kelce had 109 yards on eight receptions, but he didn’t get a TD nor did anyone else. So, it was a combination of the Giants being embarrassed from coming off a loss to an 0-9 team that caused a negative media storm, and Andy Reid’s brain freeze in coaching this game that inspired the win. Eli, who was 19 for 35, had Engram doubled all game. He had to find other receivers like Lewis, King, Rudolph and Vereen, who all had three catches each.

I also hope that just because the Giants won another game, Mara and Tisch don’t get dissuaded from doing what is necessary in draining the Giants swamp and getting rid of Reese and McAdoo.

I fear that with the Turkey Day matchup, the clock struck will strike 12, and the Giants turn back into a pumpkin and get back on the losing skid. Having this game on Thursday is killing the Giants, who desperately need Shepard back. He would draw coverage from Fuller in the slot. They could move him to the X as they like to put Engram in the slot, also. King and Lewis are going to draw Norman and Breeland. All I can say is good luck to them. Engram is back in play this week, but if Shepard is out, he could draw more attention.

The Giants need to run the ball in this one to win. Once again, because this game is on Thursday, Darkwa has a hamstring problem and may be less effective or out. This leaves the running to Vereen and Gallman, and maybe one of Jerry’s reaches, Paul Perkins 5th-round pick, who is persona non grata, may be active, really? The Saints gashed the Redskins with Ingram and Kamara last week for that miracle finish. Without Shepard and Darkwa, this could get ugly on the road. Eli has been pedestrian the past few weeks without his targets. He threw for fewer than six yards an attempt last week.

For the Redskins, Kirk Cousins is the Timex watch that just keeps ticking no matter whom he has to throw to. He lost Garcon and DeSean Jackson before the season. Jordan Reed was born on IR and is never available. Pryor has been a bust of monumental proportions and is now on IR. They lost Thompson for the year during the game last week, and he was a deadly passing threat.

It doesn’t matter who Kirk throws to; Vernon Davis, Doctson, Crowder, and Grant plus the running backs. He put up 22 of 32 for 322 yards and three TDs last week in a game where they had a two-TD lead late. They will run Perrine who had over 100 yards last week. Hopefully Snacks can contain him like he did to Hunt in last week’s game. He is another Giant nursing an injury from last week’s game, and he could use some more rest. Of course, I am predicting a big day and a TD for Davis (or Reed if he can play) because the Giants are 31st against TEs, only bested by the lowly Browns.

You have to figure that Washington has the advantage of being home on a short week, and with the Giant injuries, including the OL. The Giants haven’t scored more than 24 points this season, and four times they were held to 12 or less. The Giants may keep it close, but I am predicting this one as a Redskins win, 24-19.

The Giants are 7-4-3 on Thanksgiving. The ties came in the early days before there was overtime.


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