Thoughts on New GM Search

Written by: Paul Burke

Just perusing the possible candidates..

Duke Tobin of Cinci I’ve mentioned before. Some believe he is the GM, just not in name.

Caserio of NE has been their player personnel guy for

DeCosta of Ravens has been there quite a while and turned down offers. Mystery man.

Wolf, but he is waiting for Thompson to retire and take over GB.

Ballard of KC. Player personnel. He gets the credit for their draft hits.

Fitterer of Seattle. Young guy who worked his way up.

Trey Brown of Eagles. He is outside the box. Young. Worked under Belichik. Computer guy.

I’ve heard Gettleman, Pioli and Chris Polian……….NO, NO and NO.

Mara also has to address an elephant in the room: Chris Mara. He’s been part of a failing front office. He’s got to go. Whomever they hire has to be given free reign on hiring and firing, or it will not work.

Other notes:

Giants fans disgusted: Selling their tickets.

CTE in living patient.

Jenkins claims he did not quit.

In my opinion, new GM’s first move is to cut Jenkins. You kidding me? Last thing any athlete should do is isolate fans. He’s great when the wins are there but me, me, me when things get tough. Not a guy you want in a battle. See ya!

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