A Day of Despair – Giants Sink to a New Low – Winless SF defeats Giants 31-21

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Incompetent Giants head coach Ben McAdoo will be dismissed from his role as head coach of the New York Football Giants. McAdoo’s record as an offensive coordinator is 12-20 and 12-14 as head coach, which includes the playoff loss to the Packers.  This last loss is the flash point. Giants owner John Mara has to stop the hemorrhaging. His team did not show any effort and passion against the then-worst team in the NFL: the San Francisco 49ers. This once-promising season has turned into a badly acted situational comedy. With a 31-21 unacceptable loss to the 49ers, the Giants are in the same classification as the Cleveland Browns: a futile organization.

Only one time in their storied history have the Giants fired their head coach in the middle of a season. It was back in 1976 when then-eminent owner Wellington Mara jettisoned upcoming defensive genius Bill Arnsparger. Like Arnsparger’s 1976 team, which went to 0-7 when the decision was made to cut ties with a coach who lost his team, the same is happening with Ben McAclueless’s  1-8 Giants.  Yes, that is correct: 1-8.  It is the lack of effort and the players having given up that is going to get McAdoo fired.

These blase performances CANNOT continue with SEVEN games left in this miserable season. More importantly, out of the seven games left, the Giants play FOUR of those seven games at home. Mara has to make a change in order for Giants fans show up to the remaining home games. Otherwise, as he witnessed first hand in consecutive weeks against the Seahawks and the Rams, this is what the stadium will look like: the opposing team’s jerseys occuping seats. In essence, the Giants will be playing on the road in their own stadium. This would be the ultimate embarrassment. Unless he begins a Giant purge by firing McAdoo, he will receive the wrath of his fans. No one is going to show up to watch this crappy football.

Speaking of crappy football, Giants defensive back Janoris Jenkins gave up. McAdoo should have kept him suspended indefinitely. He did not even attempt to tackle 49ers TE Garrett Celek as he was headed for a score. Then he looked like CC Brown covering no-name 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin, who burned him for an 83-yard touchdown.  After all his talk and his play when things were good last year, Jenkins played well.  However, this year when things started to spiral out of control, Jenkins mailed it in. Now we know why the Rams gave up on this guy. He is an overrated and overpaid bum. Mara should cut ties with him immediately. His time as a Giant is over.

Another Giant’s time is up: Eli Manning. The Giants gave us clues Manning was at the end. During this year’s draft, word spread the Giants were interested in trading up to get Pat Mahomes. They did not pull the trigger on nabbing Mahomes, but they did draft Davis Webb in the third round. As we saw firsthand against the 49ers, Eli Manning is not the same player anymore. He could not get the Giants a much-needed win and was outplayed by rookie C.J. Beathard (the grandson of former Redskins GM Bobby Beathard), who torched the Giants 19 of 25 for 288 yards and TWO touchdowns. What angers me is C.J. Beathard is not their quarterback of the future. The Giants let this guy who has looked awful all year beat them badly. A total disgrace!

As for Manning, he has given Giants’ fans fantastic memories with the Super Bowl championships. As of yesterday, it’s evident that it’s time to move on from Manning. His unspeakable errors at this point in his career are unacceptable. Some fans have made the case, his offensive line stinks, and he is playing with inferior receivers. I am not buying into that nonsense. His team did run the ball effectively. As a team, the Giants rushed for 114 yards. Manning had Shepard and Engram as receivers, and he could not deliver a victory.

With a new interim coach and a new quarterback in place for the Giants versus Kansas City, this will give Giants fans something to get excited about. We need to get excited about the future of this team. Manning, McAdoo and Jenkins are in the past. We know the future will be bright as it cannot get any worse than it is now.

Other observations:

JPP – Where is he? I heard his name called once.

Jerry Reese – Refused to speak with media after the game. I know this moron has a policy he only speaks at certain times of the year. This is ridiculous. Reporters should be able to have access to the idiot who has run this franchise into the ground.

Jenkins – This horse’s ass has a nickname: Jack Rabbit. He showed his true colors after the game. He ducked the media. Bounced out of Levi Stadium and got on the plane. A coward. He is the anonymous source who ripped McAdoo.

Rosas – He should be out of a job this week. He missed a 34 -yard field goal as well as kicked the ball out of bounds to start off the game.  The bone-headed kick out of bounds gave the 49ers an early lead 3-0.   Rosas has now missed a field goal in five consecutive games in which he has attempted one. (He did not have an attempt against the Chargers.) He hit from 47 and 42 yards against the 49ers but then could not make a 34-yard try.

Engram, Moss, Shepard – As I stated last week, the Giants can build around Engram and Moss, who both played well. Engram made a stellar nine-yard touchdown catch. Rookie DE Avery Moss was active. I heard his name called several times. He did not quit. Sterling Shepard had a good game, 11 catches for 142 yards.

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