Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. 49ers Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

What a complete beating the Giants suffered at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. The wheels have come off, and the fruits of bad labors of the GM, Jerry “Reach,” manifested themselves in the disgrace that we viewed in the last game. The defense that was the strong point of this team was torched for 51 points and 476 yards. It was the most points that they have given up at home since 1964! They had just two QB hurries all day as Goff sat there baking a cake and throwing for four TDs.

Ben McAdoo is not a very good coach. He is in the deep end of the pool now, and it looks like he can’t swim. It does not appear that he made any adjustments over the bye week. He is losing the team, and many players do not respect him. He’s had to suspend DRC and last week, it was Jenkins’s turn. They certainly could have used him. The Gmen gave up five passes of 30 yards or more. The most inexplicable one was the third and 33 for the Rams that turned out to be a 52-yard TD to Woods from Goff.

The amazing thing on this play is that it was a screen play with a ton of YAC and no tackling by those defenders who had a shot at him. It was the first time that has happened with any team since 1989. That is well over 7,000 games! They also gave up two rushes of 20 yards or more. You had the Eli fumble and an Eli who is off his game. He overthrew Sheppard for a 75-yard touchdown. He also missed King on a makeable throw before the half. Is his time at the helm coming to an end?

The Giants set a record by allowing a TD pass to an opposing TE for the 9th week in a row, which is a new NFL record. Higbee scored early in the game to keep that streak alive! The middle of the field is always uncovered for the Giants with their scheme and all the linebacker injuries. The bright spot is the Giants were able to run the ball for 111 yards. Darkwa amazingly has 5.15 yards per carry, which is fifth best in the NFL even with very poor OL play all year.

So this is the type of game where you bury the game ball and forget about it, and move on. This week it is the most important game of the year. It is a head-to-head matchup for 2018 draft supremacy. The loser gets a better shot of getting one of the two transcendent QBs coming out. It is probably the only game remaining on the schedule that the Giants can win.

Until this season, I have never hoped in my many years of watching the Giants that they lose games. I hope they lose all the rest. It needs to be a monumentally bad season so the Maras and Tisches give Jerry “Reach” and Ben the boot. We need some wins from the hapless Browns who may match the Lions as a 0-16 loser. It should be a changing of the guard there as Hue, Sashi and Paul will be gone after this year’s futility.

Turning to this week’s game, the Giants should have an easy time of it on the West coast. They should be able to run against the 49ers, which has the 32nd-ranked run defense. Darkwa should have close to 100 yards, and Gallman can get 50. This will open up the pass game to Sheppard and Engram, who both should have big games.

When the 49ers have the ball, they will rely mainly on Carlos Hyde to run it and keep the Giants’ offense off the field. Their best passing threat, Garcon, is on IR. Goodwin will be their main pass target, but he will draw Jenkins, who should limit him. Of course, their TE Celek is in play as for the 10th week in a row, he will try and keep the streak alive for a TE scoring against the Giants.

I can’t see how the Giants lose this game unless they turn the ball over multiple times. If Garoppolo was playing instead of Beathard, the 49ers would win this game. I’m calling for a Giants 27 to 17 win. Unfortunately, it is looking like the Gmen will end up with the third draft pick!

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