MetLife Mayhem: Giants Quit!

Written by: Glenn Warciski

A tale of two teams played at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.  One team, the upstart LA Rams, beat the snot out of the listless New York Football Giants, 51-17.  With this impressive win, the Rams improved their record to 6-2.

Yes. The Rams put up 51 points on the Giants. The last time I recall the Giants surrendering 50 points at home was back in 1999.  The Giants lost in week two versus the Redskins, 50-21. The other team the New York Giants are the doormat of  the NFL with a record of 1-7 and a laughingstock after their dreadful performance, versus the Rams.

Speaking of dreadful,  what happened on the THIRD AND A MILE is a microcosm of the ineptitude of the entire franchise.

Failed: John Mara for retaining GM Jerry Reese and promoting Ben McAdoo as head coach in 2015.  Meanwhile, keeping remnants of Coughlin’s regime on the coaching staff: Tom Quinn and Kevin Gilbride Jr.

Failed: Jerry Reach for his decision making and atrocius drafts that were on display from number one pick in 2016 Eli “Baked” Apple’s lack of effort on this play. This entire “vaunted” defense’s effort is unacceptable as well.

Failed: Head Coach Ben McAdoo having his team play so poorly coming out of a bye week. This play shows us the team has quit on him.

In an NFL season, each game is a chapter and in each game, there are defining moments.  In Giants history,  let us take for example, the 4th and 17 in 1986.  

With this incredible come from behind victory over the Vikings,  the Giants never lost another game in 1986.   

This THIRD AND A MILE play is paramount to the FUMBLE game versus the Eagles. This lack of effort and malaise on this particular play is the tipping point for Giants owner John Mara. His father Wellington’s hand was forced after the FUMBLE game to make changes. This play is analgous to the FUMBLE and the complete antithesis of the Giants 4th and 17. I do not see the Giants winning another game this season.

As Steve Politi at the Newark Star-Ledger reported,  John Mara left his seat with seven minutes in the game. This is an owner who sits in his chair until the clock is at zero. He could not stomach the lack of effort and crappy play, and as the picture above in this post shows, the fans have spoken. ENOUGH. As Mara stated, “I think it speaks for itself”.  It is time to focus on the future.

Other Observations:

Bright spots: Giants DE Avery Moss and TE Evan Engram. Both guys did not quit. These are the type of character guys you want on your team going forward.

FUMBLE game:  Although I was a kid, I was at the FUMBLE game. Takeaway: each person left in the stadium was in shock. Most people left, thinking the game was over. I beseeched my Dad to stay because I wanted to see the Giants play until the game ended.  Both he and I were looking at the scoreboard. If the Giants won the game versus the Eagles, the Packers would have made the playoffs. Next, I tugged on my Dad’s coat,  pointing to Herm Edwards. Edwards was in the endzone, celebrating with his teammates.  In my opinion, this was the saddest moment in Giants history.

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