Move the Chains? Unloading High-Priced Free Agents

Written by: Paul Burke

In the last post, I mentioned a third-down percentage of 16%, another statistic that Reese and company have their heads in the sand about. They were fifth from last in third-down percentage with 36% last year. Their TOP was fourth worst at 28 minutes per game.
It’s not much different this year with a third-down percentage of 33% to date and TOP of 27:30.

Read our friend Brian Burke on third-down conversion and the trap we get into on trying to get into third and manageable.

Third Down Conversion Rate Can Mislead Coaches and Fans

The Giants were fourth from last in first downs per game last year at 18.1 and are second to last this year at 16.6. McAdoo harped that they need to be more efficient on third down. Well, let’s try to think about getting first downs. His mindset is almost self defeating. Just look at his three-and-out percentage from last year at 29.53, which was third worst. I can’t find the stats for this year, but just by observation, we can easily deduct that it is in no way better.

These stats back up why we were not as optimistic versus the consensus on their prospects for this season. I certainly did not expect them to be 1-6 before the bye, but maybe it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. What did they really do to improve from last season? An aging WR, a blocking TE who really hasn’t played a big percentage of snaps per game, back up G in FA, fourth-round RB and a first-round TE who really is a WR masked as a big WR. This is equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig. The numero-uno problemo is their blocking. Their OL is without a doubt the issue, and they are the constant from last season to this season.

Glenn and I had a discussion offline about: Should the Giants begin the process of trading away bloated salary players to acquire draft picks?

New York Giants Cap 2018

I seriously doubt a team would be willing to take on the salaries of Snacks, JPP and OV.

Note that I don’t even mention Eli. NO ONE will take him unless they eat a huge portion of his contract and even then, Eli will very likely not agree to it.

Jenkins would be the most likely candidate given how lock-down corners are coveted. Cap hit is high but not outrageous for his production as he is 12.5 and 13 in the next two seasons.

Harrison would be a great addition for any team, but he is basically 10 in the next two seasons, which is a lot for a DT. Most teams don’t have that luxury and space.

I just DO NOT see a team being stupid enough to take on either JPP and OV. Their production does not warrant their contract numbers. Both are 17.5 and 19.5 in next two seasons. That blows.

Whomever is GM will have to convince owners to eat some of the three out of the four contracts in order to move them. I would certainly push for it and hit the reset button as quickly as possible. Obviously, the more you eat the better return in value of picks. This is complete conjecture as when has this ever happened in league history?

One thought on “Move the Chains? Unloading High-Priced Free Agents

  1. pandrea2 October 28, 2017 / 3:53 am

    Where were all of the suddenly prophetic talking heads,bloggers,supposed experts in the mass media and those with the balls to critique and condemn when it is old news,a metastasized cancer which is arguably stage 4 as these comments are shamefully written.
    I was “country” when it wasn’t cool and took a lot of heat for being proactive,”correct” while the disease was still treatable which it really isn’t anymore. Eli is Eli at the end of his career. His performance has eroded not because I say it has but because by any measure he has devolved for years. I spoke of the Coughlin,Reese issues when no one else was as the 2 Super Bowl wins hid the cancer growing,diagnosed,ignored until it was too late.

    The draft work I did here has been better than anyone else. ( Moderator note: Pete elected NOT to do any draft analysis in 2017. His draft record from 2014 to 2016 is found on ). The Giants,the N.F.L.,amateur and professional sports are beyond simple repair.There is NO simple fix so,be prepared to suffer as this team,this organization goes through what the Raiders did for a decade,the Cowboys,so many former dynasties have suffered for short sighted glory then year after year of pain,

    As a Giant fan for a lifetime UI have already suffered the bottom and the top was so fleeting it hardly seems real.I,just like you pray for a miracle but there are very few miracles in reality as miracles are fantasy by definition. The Giants have a long road to hoe and many changes must be made. I hope I am wrong,I hope those who falsely tell you ” I told you so” stop pontificating as if running for office and the game I love can be reborn as it was when “country was cool”.

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