Seattle 24, NYG 7

Written by: Motown Blue

Any rational person watching the first half yesterday would have concluded that the Giants were doomed and headed for an L. The Seahawks did everything they could to keep the Gmen in the game with red-zone penalties, penalties in Giants’ territory and the giftwrapped fumble that lead to the Giants only score.

Field possession was a glaring sign that they were doomed. Outside of the fumble by the Seahawks, the Gmen’s only possession outside of garbage time near the end was the missed FG by Rosas late in the 3rd quarter. That puts enormous pressure on the D, not to mention the special teams unit. This is not to take the D off the hook as the issue of giving up big plays reared its ugly head again.

How fugly is this offense? They had 177 of total offense. They reverted to their abysmal run de-attack with 46 yards with a whopping 2.7 yards per carry. Eli, with his cast of practice-squad receivers, accomplished a pittance of 3.3 yards per pass. More evidence of their burden on the defensive unit was their continued abysmal third-down completion rate of 16.6% (2 of 12). To demonstrate that they have zero identity on offense, look no further than the formations the last two weeks.

Last week they were in the 12 personnel package 72% of the time versus this week at 29%. They reverted back to their no-success offensive packages. All season, there has been a preponderance of evidence that the offensive scheme and personnel packages are futile. Why get away from what you had success with the prior week? Sure, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, but it was still worth a try.

Here we are at the bye week, staring at a 1-6 record and coming off perhaps the worst offensive performance since the grey days of the ’70s. Reese will come out of hiding this week and offer spin to gloss over this disastrous season. Expect to hear excuses with all the WRs and nagging injuries on the dysfunctional OL. Pugh went down with a bum back, Fluker had a balky ankle and Richburg with his concussion. Don’t buy into it. Buy into the fact that their 1+ point differential from last season was a warning sign of just how much they were living a lie.

It is EXTREMELY hard to win in the NFL, given the rules are set up to maximize scoring, and when your team is 30th in the league with an average of 16 points per game. It is REALLY, REALLY hard to accomplish with 3.3 yards per passing attempt. We do recall when Reese came out a couple of years ago and expected his offense to average 30+ points per game. Jerry take that number and divide it by 2. That’s the harsh reality you cannot hide from.

Good news. Unlike this, BBI rose-colored it great. That jackass in the owners suite heard it loud and clear. What next, Mara a banner flying over the stadium that your Dad witnessed in 79?

Forum thread

This is from a long time Giants fan. I have attended virtually all home games since the early 1960s. Something took place today I don’t every recall happening. With about five minutes left on the gameclock, and any chance at a Giants victory gone, the Seattle fans simply took over the entire stadium. The chant was very loud and came from every corner of the stadium. SEA followed by others shouting HAWKS. On and on it went.

Here we are in our home stadium, and the visiting teams fans have taken over the stadium. Every Giants fan still at the game had to listen to it. Every Giants player and coach had to listen to it. Every Giants Front Office staff and owners had to listen to it. Though it was five minutes on the game clock, the chants went on for about 15-20 minutes of actual time before the game clock reached zero.

It was embarrassing. It was humbling. It was gut wrenching. It hurt. It really hurt.

I forgot to add the abysmal offensive stats. They are 30th, with 16 points per game. The defense gives up an average of 22 points per game, which matches the middle of the pack of league offense with 22 points per game. The opponent average for the remaining schedule is as follows:

Rams: 30.3

SF: 17.6

KC: 29.6

Deadskins: 23.4

Oak: 22

Dallas: 27.5

Igles: 27.5

AZ: 17

2 thoughts on “Seattle 24, NYG 7

  1. pandrea2 October 24, 2017 / 4:19 am

    I would like to compliment Paul on his article as it represents the “in your face” facts,the stage 4 cancer that has been metastasizing within the N.Y. Football Giants for arguably most of the past decade disguised by the remission,the TWO count em TWO Super Bowls the Giants won as in the Spagnola miracle,the Year Of Eli which happened and shocked the world as the first was in a year that the Patriots were a game from a Perfect season. We had not and have not seen this for going on 1/2 a century so,the Red Sea parted and the long suffering Giants,the Giant faithful will NEVER forget.
    So much has happened sine the first and the second all of which has documented the evisceration of the miracle Parcells,his coaches,Wellington Mara and a “GREAT” g.m. gave us,the faithful who suffered for years,and years.A team was built the “right” way,coached by a great coach and left to evolve into the Miracle that Spags brought,created here.

    The building began to crumble when Parcells left,the organization devolved and Wellington “passed”. We have tried to take you and us step by step through the good and the bad always proactive,occasionally premature but not by much and never without a lot of thought,a lot of research,a lot of passion which in the end has arguably been the most accurate website,publication,reporter,purveyor of football news and ideas in our time.

    The Manning Era such as it was,has been is coming to an end which is akin to the demise we all face in the end. We were,are hoping that change would come sooner rather than later as ex-Giant coach and unarguably the most profound force in pro football,Billy B has done going on 2 decades,count em two decades with Kraft,an owner smart enough to stay out of it unless,until absolutely needed teaching a lesson the Giants have yet to learn.

    The reality,sad as it may be is that this team,this organization MUST now adapt a winning philosophy and provide the fans with a “winner” they can be proud of. Say what you will but the Facts show that since before the hiring of T.C.,before Eli was drafted,before the last 4 years of mostly misery the Giants have been on a losers path which hopefully ends this year.

    We will keep on Keeping on for now and in some form in the future and share what we hope will be the re-incarnation of the team,the game we love.


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  2. John Foster October 24, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    I could hear the Seahawks fans over the radio broadcast. And this is only October. What is it going to be like in December? Three dismal home games in December. If things like this don’t move ownership to make a chance I don’t know what will.


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