Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Seahawks Preview & Prediction 

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Last week’s Giant’s win was the most improbable outcome imaginable. There was a long list of rational reasons why the Giants would not win.

• Sports Authority field is one of the most difficult fields to visit in the NFL, definitely in the top-three hardest.

• The Giants had nine players out, including six starters.

• Denver had the #1 rush defense after five weeks, giving up an average of 50 yards per game. They held the Cowboys’ Elliott to just 19 yards.

• The Giants averaged only 64 yards per game rushing through the first six games.

• Melvin Gordon from the Chargers had 158 yards of offense the week before versus the Giants defense, including 102 yards rushing and two TDs.

• For the above reason, CJ Anderson should have had over 100 yards rushing, and together with Charles, they should have topped 150.

• Denver has one of the best pass rushes in the game. The Giants OL has been susceptible to elite pass rushers like Von Miller. Just look at what Ziggy Ansah did to them in week two. Also, Weston Richburg the starting center was out.

• The Giants were missing their top three wideouts, and the best target was Engram, so Eli was at a huge disadvantage because of his tendency of creating turnovers.

• DRC was suspended for his own stupidity, so that meant that Eli Apple, who struggles covering the longer passes, would be covering Sanders, who should have had a field day.

As you can see, the preponderance of evidence pointed to a Broncos rout. However, McAdoo gave up the play calling (which was huge) and was a pleasant surprise move that we learned at game time. Ben is 23-28 as a playcaller for the New York Giants. Lest you forget, he was 12-20 in his two years as the OC. In addition, D.J. Fluker, whom they brought in from the Chargers in the offseason, got the start and played well. I don’t know why he didn’t have more playing time based on how poorly the OL has performed so far.

The stats show that this game was much closer by the numbers than it was a Giants domination. The time of possession was even. The Giants were 30:36 to Denver’s 29:24. Eli was 11 of 19 for only 128 yards! The team rushed for 148 yards, which is the season high. The Broncos had 412 yards of offense and only scored 10 points.

Let’s look at this week’s game. Russell Wilson is 2-0 as a starter versus the Giants. The Seahawks have a .797 winning percentage at home under Pete Carroll. However, on the road under Carroll, they win at .469. This is another winnable game at home, but it will not be easy. Seattle will try to run the ball in this game to set up the pass. Their run game has been a mess. Rawls has been hurt, and is in and out. Lacy’s career is done. Carson, who showed great promise, is on IR. Prosise is probably their best runner, and he is good in the pass game, but he has been hurt most of the year, which means they may not have much patience running the ball.

Baldwin has been hurting with his hamstring the past two weeks but is supposed to be okay. They will try to get him the ball, and he plays the slot, meaning he will see DRC. That’s too bad, and that may be the matchup of the game. Jenkins has held all the number one receivers in check. Jimmy Graham has the best matchup here as the Giants are always open over the middle. Last week was the only week the opposing TE has not scored a TD versus the Giants. He should have at least 80 yards and a TD. Richardson and Lockett can be dangerous as the third and fourth options, if they can get open.

The Giants will want to do what they did the past two weeks, which is run the ball and play good defense. The Giants passing options will be limited against this strong secondary. Hopefully, Shepard can play, which will give them the only experienced WR option. Jeremy Lane is Seattle’s worst pass defender (hopefully he plays as he is questionable), and he covers the slot, so Shepard can be the key to a Giants’ victory. Engram should have another big game. Darkwa will be the lead back to control the game.

The Giants will have to contain Wilson who has played well the past two weeks. The key to the game is the Seahawks have an offensive line that is just as bad as the Giants’. If the Gmen can generate a pass rush, it will be huge. The Giants sorely miss Vernon, who played all last year hurt and missed the past few weeks. He will be out again Sunday.

This is a close game that the Giants can win. Last week, the Giants hit their 300 Spartans moment when they realized that they had nothing to lose and reached back and played out of their heads, the way they should have played all year. It was very disturbing to hear that Mara and Tisch were giving the coach and GM a vote of confidence after the win. All I can say is that these two are clueless. They are not interested in winning. They have the money from all the revenue streams and are fat, dumb and happy.

So, looking at the game prediction, this game will be close, but I think Eli and the offense will make some type of mistakes this week. Nothing has changed as far as the Giants third-down efficiency, which was 28% last week.

I am predicting a Seahawks win 23-20 over the Gmen.


One thought on “Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Seahawks Preview & Prediction 

  1. pandrea2 October 23, 2017 / 1:50 am

    I write for myself and those who like to read what I think.
    The Giants lost today after an interesting though misunderstood outcome against Denver.Those who have the conviction of a “fig newton” were shattered,confused by the outcome of this game. Those with a healthy Medulla Obbligato though a little surprised quickly realized the factors,not the ignorance that made this so.

    Denver has been called a very good team. They are NOT. There are no “very good” teams in today’s N.F.L. and after today still less.

    The Broncos had given up over 40 points before. They lived/died by their running game which is predicated on a very shaky o.l. The quarterback is a poor passer and for a guy like Spagnola it was easy. Stop the run,stop the run,stop the run and you can win! The Giants played this way last year,an entire year and won 11 games! A very poor offensive team with a very good D.C. and a few new faces.The Giants won on D,nothing else for a year until the league caught up to them and Spags was “outed”

    This year,after today’s adventure in infamy was hard to take but the 7 days of fantasy are over. The Sea Hawks are NOT a great team. They are Not a very good team. They were a great team for awhile but no more.The game was so boring,so poorly played,so empty that the 300+ yards the Giants gave up through the air and the abomination that was Eli barely 100 yards passing were the “highlight’s,low lights of the day. The Giant offense?(what offense)? managed less than 100 yards on the ground again and Eli,poor Eli had only Engram to throw to for 10 completions for 50 yards?

    I could dissect it in depth but why? I said last week you could not predict anything and this week spoke for itself . The $72 million dollar man(Vernon) D.N.P. He has been “out the better part of two years.The rejuvenated D gave up 300+ yards passing to a team with NO running game as the score could have been much worse spare us the fact that Seattle gave the Giants a score early,I mean “gave” them a score and Seattle gave up score after score i.e. unable to score from inside the Giant 5 on 4 downs for starters.

    The Giants are 1-6 now. Today is a nightmare but this team needs a lot of time and a lot of luck as the entire house is rotten to the core.

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