Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs. Denver Preview & Prediction 

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I told you the season was over before it began on September 10th for the Giants. Well, now it is really over at 0-5. The Giants blew last week’s game versus a winless Chargers team. Ben McAdoo is incompetent, if not an outright idiot. He is in the deep end of the pool without a life preserver. I cannot believe he won’t employ basic football strategy.

Go to the end of the game last week. The Giants had the ball at their own 20 with a two-point lead and with 4:50 left. The Chargers had three timeouts. The Giants had to run the ball there to kill some clock and force the Chargers to burn their timeouts. On first down, the Giants handed the ball off to Vereen for three yards. On second down, WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE RUN THE BALL AGAIN, Ben McCan’t did not.

He had Eli throw an incomplete pass. However, on this play, Beckham broke his ankle and was gone for the season. This was completely avoidable. Ben McAdoo is completely responsible for OBJ being gone for the year! Because they passed on second down, Ben felt compelled to pass again. The play was to run a draw and put the Chargers on a long field. Eli is in the shotgun and once again, the Swiss cheese offensive line collapses, and Eli is sacked by Ingram and fumbles. In two plays, OBJ was done, and the Chargers were set up for the game winning score. This is Football 101.

I have never seen four receivers get knocked out of a game since I have been watching football from age seven. The Giants did get the run game going, finally, with 152 yards, but the defense was torched, and Gordon went wild with 102 rushing yards and six catches for 58 yards and two TDs. Then Bad Eli showed up, and he threw a pick and had the game-ending fumble.

In another essay, I will point out why Eli is not a Hall of Fame QB. He has 59% lifetime passing completion percentage. He has one pick for every 1.5 TDs. He has only thrown for 4,000 yards six times in 14 years and in three of those, Eli barely eclipsed 4,000 by a few yards. Eli is 8-4 in the playoffs, but all eight wins came in the two Super Bowl years, and the four losses were all one and done, first-round playoff exits.

Looking to this week’s contest, the Giants have two chances to win: none and less than none. Sports Authority Field is one of the hardest opposing fields to play at in the NFL. This matchup could not be any worse and will be an embarrassment for all Giants fans in primetime. The team limps into Denver without OBJ, Marshall, Shepard, Harris, Richburg, (OL always has injured players every year with no depth, thanks Jerry!), Vernon, DRC, Casillas and Perkins. I am not a gambler, but you can go out, bet your mortgage on Denver -12 and sleep like a baby!

Looking at the game flow, the Giants will not be able to run the ball as Denver is number one versus the run, giving up 50 yards a game. The Cowboys’ Elliot ran for 19 yards against them. So, you say the Giants can pass, well, not so fast. The Giants are decimated at receiver. They are susceptible to a pass rush as you saw Flowers become the human turnstyle versus Ziggy Ansah of the Lions. Eli gets rid of the ball in 2.41 seconds, second fastest in the NFL. You may think that’s great but he turns into Captain Checkdown for a few yards. The longer routes do not have time to develop. Denver has the second-best pair of cornerbacks in the league. Some think they are the best, but I think Jacksonville has the best pair. Nonetheless, it spells trouble for the inexperienced receivers.

When Denver has the ball, they will run. Gordon torched the Giants last week. CJ Anderson should have 135 yards plus rushing, and I can see Charles with another 50+. Don’t worry about going to bed early to get up for work. This game will be over by 11pm, EDT. Jenkins will cover Thomas. With DRC suspended, what stupidity, Sanders will be against Apple, who gets targeted by the opposition because he can’t cover one-on-one. He looks like another Jerry “Reach” bust at pick 10 in the first round. Of course, AJ Derby, the Denver TE, will get a touchdown. The Giants are worst in the league versus TEs, and Derby will join the other TEs who have all scored against the Giants. The Giants have given up one TD to every team they played and two to Tampa Bay (six in five weeks) because Jerry “Reach” does not believe in drafting capable linebackers.

I am predicting an ugly game for Giants Nation. I call it Denver 31-6. It could even get higher but figure that they will run a lot of clock. The Giants will either get a defensive TD and not make the two-point conversion or they will have two FGs. You have to pray that the 49ers beat the Giants in a few weeks and the Browns can win a game or two. The Giants need to go 0-16, get the number one pick, draft Sam Darnold and start over. With it being so bad, Mara will finally fire the incompetent Jerry “Reach” and Ben McAdoo. The Giants can then get a real coach and GM.


2 thoughts on “Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs. Denver Preview & Prediction 

  1. pandrea2 October 15, 2017 / 11:49 pm

    Comment: I am a team player and try NEVER to disagree publicly with a fellow writer. We all have disagreements but here on the underground it doesn’t happen to extremes much.
    I think that Tony’s “blame game” is over the top and feel the need to say so.

    We meaning myself,Glenn and Paul have felt the Giants were eviscerating the organization from top to bottom. We have said so for years and backed it up with facts. These things do not always appear blatantly such as Jerry Reese sitting idle as the O.L. was imploding arguably obvious to people who objectively follow the game when Chris Snee was forced to retire due to injury. I said it,I stand by it.Period!

    O.B.J. was absolutely not injured because of what McAdoo may have done on ANY play. He was injured in preseason,he was injured against the Lions,he was seriously injured and could not,did not practice for weeks. The fact that he could not practice,his condition always “sugar coated” by the Giants and the N.F.L. was proof positive that this was “False News”.
    The brought O.B.J. back way too soon which was NOT McAdoo’s call. It was the call of the organization from owners,to medical staff to an N.F.L. that was,is in decline and has been for years.
    O.B.J. said when he returned that at best he was 80% meaning he,like all great players will play if they can,even injured which is what O.B.J. did. Note how many times after a catch he remained on the ground,writhing in pain and had a severe limp,obviously in pain EVERY game until the inevitable took place.

    I can not stay silent when someone,anyone starts pointing fingers and spewing hate when the FACT is that whether McAdoo is a poor choice as head coach which it seems he was/is he is NOT to be the scapegoat with hatred and prejudice.


  2. Jaiden Everett October 16, 2017 / 5:29 pm

    The post expresses an opinion. It is hardly a “spewing of hate.” Regardless of the OBJ situation, McAdoo has proven over and over again that he is not a good leader, and that is why he has to go.


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