The End. 2017 RIP

Written by: Peter Scott Furman

I don’t mind patting my own back as once again we at the were the one and only! We take enormous pride in our record, our reporting and our opinions, which are based on facts first, then many years of playing, watching, rooting and maturing, unlike the clueless stuff others force us to read.

We make mistakes! We are human, but if you have followed us since we began, you might find it incredible how prescient we have been. We have been unhappily describing in detail the evisceration of the Giants, the incredible incompetence of the ownership, including the majority of coaches, the GM and everyone involved.

Years back, we watched the Giants degraded and embarrassed, becoming a great team and an organization you could root for and believe in when the Giants hired Bill Parcells, a great GM and a mélange of extraordinary coaches. Many of those people went on to become outstanding head coaches led by Landry, Billy B. in New England and the current head coach of the Bears, who first made his mark building the Panthers into a contender. He has been “in it” for a very long time, having been mostly successful along the way.

Coughlin? I never like the guy, but he was also a Giants’ assistant coach, and the Giants were awful and miraculous, which led to two Super Bowls. The first happened when Spags rocked the world and the second when Eli had as good a season as anyone ever has.

I could and have gone on many times about this metastasizing cancer, but today we suffered our fifth consecutive loss to a winless Chargers team, at home. The Giants had a running game for the first time in memory as Darwka and Gallman led the way to 152 rushing yards. However, I want to point out something WE HERE at the Underground said that came to fruition today!!

We said the Giants should NOT play OBJ as his injury was serious and career threatening. The Giants were awful even then, and the chances of them having a playoff season were already remote. The team brought back their “best” player who like all great players wanted to play even though HE said himself he was only 80%. Factor in the bravado, the fire that all great players possess and the Giants, the organization, the coaches, the GM and the owners let their best guy play injured. Lo and behold, the Giants are now 0-5, and OBJ has a seriously fractured ankle, endangering his career. This franchise betrayed the fans, common sense, the “business”, intelligent thought and the future of the game as even the most rabid fan cannot forgive this.

The dreams and hopes of so many that support the game via buying tickets, equipment and everything they sell are dashed from WATCHING this “bad joke” expound the greed, the stupidity, the carnivorous immoral and disgraceful way they play games Monday, Sunday and Thursday in Europe and Mexico. This is exploitation of these men, the fans, the game, the legacy of true entrepreneurs; men, women of honor and pride who did it for the love of the game first and NEVER just for money, power or whatever else these sociopaths need.

You CANNOT play this game injured too badly on three-days rest or having to play in a foreign country, then play again here. You CANNOT!

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