Giants Fans: Time For Prozac

Written by: Motown Blue.

After the first Sunday in October, we are already at the point of discussing next season. No need to dissect the Chernobyl meltdown that occurred in East Rutherford yesterday. You have all suffered enough and surely would do anything to absolve yourself from revisiting the charred remains of the NY Giants.

We have already seen the hashtag #suckforsam associated with the Gmen. Yes, it is too early to to knowingly assert that Darnold will be the number one pick. One thing we would dread for sure is if the man who built this disaster is up there deciding who will be their 1st-round pick where it lands. His press conference is coming up, and hopefully the mainstream media will have the backbone to grill him on how he created this disaster. What does he see in Flowers? How is a 7th-round pick at RT part of his grand scheme to improve the OL? Why is he the only GM in the league who just hates LBs? Guess how many LBs are under contract next season? One. That sole player is Goodson.

Whomever takes over as GM next season has a very difficult path ahead. Reese’s cap toxicology is, well, toxic. Next season you will have five players that take up 54% of the cap, which includes $63 million in dead cap money ($2 million in DRC). It gets worse in 2019. Then, you will have six players who will take up 75% of the cap space, including a recently signed TE who plays only about 10 snaps per game? Of that, $33.9 million will account for dead cap money.

Next year you have two of your five OL up for free agency. Sadly, they are the only serviceable OL on your team. You want to go ahead and cut Flowers and Jerry to sign one or both of your serviceable OL. Well, it will cost you $6.1 million in dead cap money when you will have an estimated $19 million in cap space. Thanks Jerry for the cap purgatory you havv created with your cap toxicology formula. If I am Darnold, and I just read this, I am praying that the Gmen win some games. He doesn’t want to be in a body bag next year.

For those wishing to sign OBJ long term after next season, check those numbers above again. Yes his injury is a crippling blow, but how many points per game have they scored with him in the lineup? I don’t want to add more somber reality, but Collins is up in 2019 as well.

We are in for a lengthy ride of futility as the rebuild has begun. The new GM will enter the building with just $19 million in cap space. A total rebuild of OL is imminent with two of your adequate linemen entering free agency. You have one starting linebacker under contract with un-drafted free agent ST backups. Mara see it’s getting worse. You are on the clock, and that ticking sound can be heard across the Hudson river.


2 thoughts on “Giants Fans: Time For Prozac

  1. pandrea2 October 9, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    I am afraid there really is no way out of this. Motown did not mention Eli who is near the end,he did not mention that Vernon,the mega million contract that won’t go away for several years or the J.P.P. brain “fart” at $16.5 million per year. There is also the “New” defensive back we “bought from the Rams who has been injured(of course) and the degradation of defense after one very good year.
    As I was growing up the mantra in the N.F.L. was you “win on defense”! The offense was less important as it didn’t take much to beat a team unable to move the ball.One might argue the validity of that point as one only observe the Orange Crush”,the “Purple People Eaters”, The “Steel Curtain”,the “No Name” defense to mention a few and of course there was the “Great” Giant defense under Parcells. Even the 49ers with Montana et al had a very strong defense which the great “Bill Walsh” said was the most important part of that dynasty.

    Ladies and gentleman,there is “proof positive” that it was always about defense including the Great Bear and Packer teams and the Patriots when the Pats were arguably the most powerful,the best for the whole first decade of this century and “always” in the hunt!

    The N.F.L.,the owners in their unquenchable greed changed the game to make it “more exciting”. They crippled the defense in lieu of more potent offense by rule change which was in my opinion the “beginning” of the end.
    It has taken a little time but I would argue and ask all of you “Is the game better?,more exciting,worth watching?,paying to see? as the players,millionaires all mock the fans,the game,the traditions,even the flag of the country that enabled them complaining they are underpaid and threatening another strike!!


    There is NO easy way out and we know it!!


  2. John F October 10, 2017 / 12:50 pm

    If I wasn’t depressed enough about this team. the finances you laid out in this article finishes it off. I have no confidence the Giants will actually change GMs. And even if they do, at this point I have no confidence they will pick the right GM. I see years of futility ahead. how’s that for pessimism? The part that bothers me the most is that through Reese and McAdoo ineptness, they have wasted what was left of Eli’s career. What a shame this is becoming much like what Eli’s father went through in New Orleans.


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