Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. LA Chargers Preview & Prediction 

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I told you two weeks ago the season was over. Now, it is really over, and I hope it finally hastens the demise of Jerry “Reach” (and Ben McAdoo), who either has nine lives or has dirt on the Maras and Tisches. Jerry’s management of the team over the past decade has been pathetic. Ben McAdoo is swimming in the deep end of the pool as head coach and is really over his head. He is 11-10 as a coach and 12-20 as an offensive coordinator. His play calling is predictable, and his time management is horrific! All the defenses know his 15-play script to start the game.

As evidence, look at the slow starts in every game. He runs on first down for no yards, and then it is 2nd and 3rd and long, and the other teams wind up the pass rush. The Giants time of possession in the first four games in the first quarter is: 2:46, 5:12, 6:41 and 1:56 minutes. The Giants have trailed in 80.3% of their games. Only the hapless Browns have trailed for more time at 82%. This is a damning stat for Ben and a team that everyone had as a 10-game winner.

The last two weeks have had similar endings. When the Giants get desperate, they mount a comeback. Eli has been the best 4th-quarter QB in the league the last two weeks. However, the usually always-reliable Brad Wing shanked a 4th-quarter punt for the second week in a row, giving the Bucs life. They kicked a field goal on the last play and for the second week in a row, the Giants have tasted the agony of defeat on the last play.

The signature Giants defense has sprung leaks in the dyke the past several weeks. They couldn’t stop that last drive. Eli Apple couldn’t cover all game. He is the weak link in the Giants’ secondary. He cannot cover against the deep ball. He needs help. Apple is another big reach for Jerry as Apple was slated for the bottom picks of the 1st round, and Jerry picked Apple at the #10 pick. At 10, I want a Pro Bowl DB! Revis went at the 14th pick.

I tweeted on draft night that Jerry should have drafted Hargreaves whom Tampa Bay drafted one pick after the Giants at 11. He had nine solo tackles versus the Giants in that game. Talking about one pick away, in the 3rd round in the 2017 draft, Jerry dratted QB Webb, who is not going to play for 3 years. If he moved up a few spots, he could have drafted Kareem Hunt, who went one pick ahead of Webb. This Giants team would be headed to the playoffs with him despite the bad OL.

The rest of the game was more of what we have seen. So, let’s move on to week five where the Giants finally have a chance for a win as they are playing the 0-4 Chargers. Both teams are similar. They are 0-4. Both teams this year have struggled to get the run game going, and they also struggle in stopping the run. The Giants are 28th versus the run, and the Chargers are 31st. The Chargers give up 355 yards per game, and the Giants give up 359 yards per game. Both teams are losing the close games, and the Chargers have not won a game since 11/27/16- nine games in a row. Eli is 0-3 lifetime versus the Chargers, and Rivers is 2-0 versus the Giants.

The Giants should try to run the ball with Gallman. It remains to be seen if they can. The Giants will also try to air it out. Eli will have to get rid of the ball quickly like he did against the Eagles, getting the ball out in 1.86 seconds. The Chargers have Bosa and Ingram with a formidable pass rush. They will even line up both of them on the same side of the field, so watch for that. McCoy had a feast against the Giants Swiss cheese OL last week. Fluker should be in this week. Eli could be running for his life. I am looking for OBJ, Sheppard and Engram to have good days.

The Chargers will try and run Gordon because the Giants give only up 224 yards per game against the pass. Plus, he was bitching about nine carries last week, and the squeaky wheel will get greased. Hunter Henry and Gates are in play here as the Giants give up the most production to TEs in the NFL. Witten, Ebron, Ertz and last week, both TEs Brate and Howard, all scored TDs versus the Gmen. As everyone on the planet knows, the Giants cannot cover over the middle of the field. I expect both Charger TEs could get a TD. Allen will be on DRC, and Jenkins will be on Williams.

The Giants at home finally get off the snide against a winless team that always finds a way to lose a close game. I am calling for the Giants to win 24 to 21.

Addendum: ELI VS RIVERS: both drafted #1 and traded between these teams.

ELI: 205 games, Comp %, 59.9%, 49,327 yards (240.6 yards per game), 326 TDs, 219 Picks Ratio: 1.5 to 1

RIVERS: 184 games, Comp %, 64.4%, 46,940 yards (255.1 yards per game) 320 TDs, 160 Picks Ratio: 2 to 1

Rivers 1.74 TDs per game, Eli 1.59 TDs per game

Rivers has better stats, sans the two Super Bowl wins.


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