Random Thoughts & NYG vs. LA Chargers Prediction 

Written by: Peter Scott Furman

NY versus LA.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Is it the San Diego Chargers? The LA Chargers? The St. Louis Rams? The LA Rams? The Oakland Raiders? The LA Raiders? The Las Vegas Raiders? Who the hell is playing anyway?

This is my pre-game post for this Sunday’s brawl between the Giants and the Chargers in the Winless Bowl. A combined 0-8, we eagerly anticipate this contest where one will win the title of “Worst of the Worst” and the most hideous trophy we have ever seen.

It’s a toss up, fans.  It features two, count em, two of the most overpaid quarterbacks in the NFL, which is quite a statement as the competition is heated. Cutler, you say? The hapless Dolphins signed perhaps one of the biggest busts ever if you don’t count Dalton, the LSU “great” drafted by the then Oakland er.. L.A er.. Las Vegas Raiders that still play home games in Oakland but call Vegas home.

(We pray for all of those injured and killed in Las Vegas by yet another sociopath living among us, killing the innocent for reasons no one understands but society must deal with now!)

The game this weekend is fitting for an NFL that has exponentially destroyed itself and turned millions of diehard fans into zombies. These creatures have nothing to do or live for on Sunday, Thursday, Monday, occasionally Saturday other than seeing mighty Troy State beating LSU.

Oh right, the Giants game. I am predicting the Giants win but with NO reason to believe it other than they are playing at home. At the end of the day, that is all one can rationally consider as these teams are a combined 0-8. Yes, a perfect example of why we are broke, supporting failure as an institution and writing to tell you the obvious and mundane, the boring games like last nights Patriots-Bucs game, another snoozer played by two teams, one the reigning Super Bowl champ on three days rest.

Let’s see. Giants 24, Chargers 17. 😎😥

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