Is Jonathan Hankins a Major Reason Why NYG Rush Defense Stinks?

Written by: Motown Blue


She’s repeating the majority of insiders. I heard this two weeks ago.

A contradiction to this is they wouldn’t have the widespread shedding problem. It’s been exposed. Hanks and Snacks took up multiple blockers and hid LBs. Then LBs and Collins had the liberty to attack LOS vs “shedding” blocks. Also, do we have amnesia? This was a problem in 2015 with LBs primarily exposed.

DT is 2nd-hardest position to transition from college to pros. It’s both physically and technically a big switch. Tomlinson is green. Bromley sucks.

I would, however, concede that they are at times out of position, which can be attributed to a green MLB.

Reese had it backwards. Why did he make a Snacks one of his priorities after 2015? Then turn around and blindly ignore the priority in 2017? He chose to prioritize JPP and address need with 2nd-round pick on Tomlinson. Sure, maybe Tomlinson will turn out to be a sound pro, but it takes time for a DT. A DE relies more on athleticism and quickness. Yes, the top echelon incorporate technique and smarts. Not to say they should pick for need, which is yet another indictment of Reese.

Last season, their strength as a D was stopping the run because that limits the options for an O. Now they are paying the price.

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