John Mara’s Mess – His Winless Giants Are a Disgrace

Written by: Motown Blue

We started with blaming the offensive line for the horrid start to the season and tracing it back to Reese. Then we blamed McAdoo with his adjustments plus his direct reports, specifically Solari on the OL unit. Then it was the special teams debacles vs. the Lions, and Wing with last week’s shank. Kudos to NYG Underground for pointing out a trend and concerns regarding the D, specifically the run D. The snowball has turned into an avalanche as all phases of the team collectively contributed to the most recent loss.

Again, the D makes an average RB look like a pro-bowl candidate. Our new FA receiver had two more drops at a critical time, not to mention OBJ with his two drops. Again, ST reared their ugly heads. Lewis over ran a decent punt that went for a touchback. Wing had another shank at a critical juncture. By the way, Feagles mentioned last week that he believes Wing was told to angle his kick out of bounds, which is not a strength of his. Yes, this points a finger at a guy we love to bash, Quinn. They can’t tackle, they screw up assignments that lead to Howard being wide open for a long TD and their fundamentals are suddenly forgotten.

The team severely lacks leadership despite the locker room insisting how tight they were as a team. That was a distraction. Never get complacent. Everyone has a right to point fingers at McAdoo. He’s earned it. All the fundamentals, breakdowns, putting players in position to fail and lack of adjustments are on him. Yes, players have to execute, but it starts with leadership to address those issues.

Everyone has a right to call out Jerry Reese. He’s had years and a resume to earn it. Dark years of very poor drafting to gut a roster (2011-2014). Decision to kick can down the road on an aging OL. Poor personnel evaluation on OL, both in drafting and FA. The mismanagement of OBJ and his behavior from the first signs under TC. Neglecting a position and then reaching for that position in the draft. The injury plague with Palmieri and his archaic strength and conditioning program. Finally, the decision of hiring a hot OC (at the time) who is now clearly in over his head.

There is one major player in all this that no one has mentioned. John Mara, I’m calling you out. You called and met with OBJ about how upset you were with his dog-peeing charade. Sorry John, but this has been going on for a while. Your family has a tendency to be too loyal, which haunts the future progression of your business. Loyalty is often an admirable trait, but not when it hinders those within your business and the business as a whole. Your loyalty to Reese is that hindrance. His resume of neglect and failure is looming over your organization. You stuck with him for too long. You are creeping toward the territory of another poorly run organization, and that is Fred Wilpon’s Mets.

You really don’t want that sort of stigma hovering over you, John. Do you?

One thought on “John Mara’s Mess – His Winless Giants Are a Disgrace

  1. Michael October 13, 2017 / 11:24 pm

    Let’s not forget Reese’s poor negotiation skills–Jon Hankins, Linval Joseph, Barry Cofield and Marcellus Bennett-all gone!! Look where teams are running-where Hankins was!! Scared for Eli’s health against Denver. If he gets hurt, MacAdoo will probably blame him for that to.
    Can’t blame TC for not reacting to OBJ during Carolina game-his job was on the line. By the way, OBJ ran rings around Norman once you past the immaturity. Even when Giants had a poor record, players always played hard and respected TC–no problems in the locker room like now. By the way, didn’t anyone notice before MacAdoo was hired that McCarthy was still calling all the plays in Green Bay.


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