Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Tampa Bay

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants season is officially over, and it only took 14 days into the NFL season for Jerry “Reach” and the incompetent Ben McAdoo to blow the 2017 season. Since 1990, only two teams have made the playoffs after starting 0-3. Football Outsiders gives them a better chance at 4.4%. Only Cleveland and San Francisco have a worst chance.

The Philadelphia game was lost at the end of the first half. The Giants had a third and goal on the three- inch line. McAcan’t decides to throw a pass. It was a controversial play to Shepard. The pass was ruled incomplete. On fourth down, they try a rush to Perkins. The Swiss Cheese OL collapsed, and he was hit at the two-yard line. Hey Ben let’s try some Football 101. Why try a risky pass? You have Eli run a QB sneak twice.

In the Monday night game, old man Palmer for the Cardinals had a short-yardage situation, and he ran it successfully with a sneak. You just need Eli to stretch the ball forward. It was obvious that Ben had no faith in his run game and the OL to get 3 inches!!! The run game is averaging a pathetic 49 yards a game! In addition they have no real short yardage back. Somehow that did not cross Jerry’s mind in free agency and in the draft.

There are some disturbing facts that continue this year. The strong defense from last year has become terrible against the run. They are now last in the league, giving up 153 yards per game and 193 yards vs. the Eagles last week. Because of this, the Giants are getting killed every week in the time of possession. They only had the ball for 22:28 last week! The defense is getting worn out. It was a hot game with temperatures on the field close to 100 degrees.

That desperation that I talked about in last week’s write up showed in the fourth quarter. The Giants realized that their season was on the brink. They had 229 yards of offense and Eli threw for three TDs. He also had two interceptions, which is his lifetime ratio; two picks for every three TDs.

The incompetence of McAdoo’s horrific clock management showed up at end of the game. There were 51 seconds left on first down, and the Giants had three time outs. The game was tied at 24 all. Eli threw a complete pass to Engram. McAdoo had to call a time out there!!!!! That would have left 46 seconds. He did not. They ran a play, and received a penalty for an illegal shift, and the clock goes to 37 seconds. That would have never happened with a timeout!

They get another penalty for holding by Pugh, second and 18 now. On third and 15, they get a complete pass to Engram that was less than a yard short of the first down. If they had called a time out after the initial first down, they would have had another first down, and at the worst go to overtime. But no, Wing shanked the punt for 28 yards, and the Eagles kicked a nearly record-breaking 61-yard field goal with one second left. The Giants felt the Agony of Defeat again! McAdoo is a bone head and has not exemplified himself as a Giant. He is 12-20 as the OC and 11-9 as a coach. He is 23-29 since joining the Giants!

Looking to this week, believe it or no,t the Giants have a chance to win! Tampa’s front seven is hurting. Lavonte David is out and Kwon Alexander, one of the league’s best tackling machines, has missed the whole season so far and may not play. Gerald McCoy, pro bowler and one of the league’s best DTs, may also be out. I would say this would be good for the run game, but the Giants are pathetic here. To win they will have to do what they did last week with Eli taking only 1.86 seconds to get rid of the ball. The next closest QB took 2.25 seconds to get rid of the ball. The up-tempo offense has worked in the past, and it did last week.

The other reason the Giants can win is that Doug Martin is still out with the last game of his suspension. That means Jacqiuzz Rodgers will have to carry the load, and he has done very little this year. So, this bodes well for the Giants. It means Winston will have to win the game. He is prone to turnovers as he had two picks and two fumbles last week. Jenkins should handle Evans, but then you have to worry about Jackson. If he can get deep on Eli Apple, who has deep ball coverage issues, it could be a long day. They will have to move DRC over when they can.

As always, the Giants are vulnerable over the middle. Just as all other TEs feast against the Giants, Brate should have as productive a day as Witten, Ebron and Ertz already have with each scoring a TD. It will be poetic justice if OJ Howard gets a TD this week, just as Blount did last week against the Giants. I wanted Jerry “Reach” to pick up Blount, and I wanted him to move up five to six spots to draft the supreme talent of Howard.

I am crazy. I am going to say that the Giants will win this game because of the issues above. They can’t run, so Eli can throw for 270+ yards. The Bucs can’t run either, and we are looking for some turnovers that have been elusive. I am calling this a 24-21 win for the Giants as they get off the snide.

One thought on “Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Tampa Bay

  1. pandrea2 October 1, 2017 / 7:50 am

    I am going to say that this game is a toss up. I agree with Tony here. I,for one am in triage wondering if the game America loved will ever right itself and again become the game that it was.The quality of play,the money,the politics,the attitudes,the impotence of the league,the owners to save this sport occupy my thoughts,my pride as America’s game is no longer a game just a business so,who cares?

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