Giants vs Steelers. Preseason game 1. 

Written by: Peter Furman

I would imagine that many of you saw the Giants first preseason game. They lost to the Steelers, but it really wasn’t that meaningful because they sat out Eli, JPP and others to avoid the risk of injury and played many men they need to see and evaluate.

The game was really boring, awful and hard to watch. Geno Smith looked like he did as a JET, which is not a surprise but a let down for sure.

At the end of the day, the important thing to this analyst was the seven sacks the Giants gave up. The offensive line was/is offensive, and those claiming much improvement are either delusional, on meds or just being beat reporters who either fudge what they write or are unemployed.

We got to see the Giant #1 and #2 picks but learned little. Tomlinson had two tackles and did nothing to sicken me as opposed to the past. Our new tight end had one catch for 11 yards. Time will tell.

I am concerned once again about the offense even more than before as Eli is at the end of his career, is obviously slower at doing things and has lost some arm strength. The three guys the Giants have at backup, which is now not a luxury, are not looking like an answer. Eli will be rested, taken out of the game and spotted as it seems the Giants are finally aware that if he goes down, they are dead.

JPP has been rested a lot this preseason, which is probably wise, but they are paying this man $16 million+ for four years, and they have to rest him?

Stay tuned!!🤔


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